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Trying to add RF kit RK441 to EVO ALL 2015 Infiniti Q50

Trying to add RF kit RFK441 to my remote start using EVO ALL and T harness. I flashed it and the remote start is working great using OEM remote. I have the option selected for RF Kit -Fortin 2. I setup EVO ALL to receive the RF kit programming and the red, yellow and blue stay solid during the process and dont flash after pressing the program button listed on instructions. The antenna blink once when I press buttons to program it, but the car doesnt respond to key presses on the RF remote. Any suggestions? 2015 Infiniti Q50, push button start.


Help with Omega RF install

I bought two of these.  One for an EVO-ONE, one for EVO-ALL.  I managed to get the EVO-ONE working on a 2020 Hyundai Kona.  I cannot get it  to work on EVO-ALL with multiple vehicles (2010 Ford Fusion, 7.71.52 and 2014 Chrysler Town and Country, 7.58.01)

The instructions both in the box and on the Fortin website did not work.  Here is what I figured out to get the antenna into pairing mode:

Unplug antenna if you already connected it

Unplug data link (black connector) from EVO-ALL

Hold programming button

Insert data link

Release button when lights are blue and red

Connect antenna (On this antenna, it flashes once.  If I hook up the antenna from the EVO-ONE install, it flashes 6 times)

Ignition on

Ignition off

Ignition on

Antenna is lit up solid

Within 5ish seconds, press the brake pedal 4 times (antenna should flash with each press)

After the 4th press, it should be flashing rapidly

At this point I was hoping I could program the remotes but they still did not respond.

So far, when I asked Omega support they responded with "Was the evo-all set for Omegalink/Crimstopper rf kit and did the box for the olrf15sst have the white label stating it was compatible?" which is Yes and Yes.  They then followed up with "Just the RF kit protocol and the adapter should be fine. Try holding the start button for 3-5 seconds when you program it."

I get the same behavior with either their adapter or the RF-A2A

Any other ideas from Fortin?  Hopefully my new steps will help.  I reached out to Omega also for clarification about the antenna blinks

EDIT: Omega has been more responsive but no luck so far.  I did try updating the firmware on the Chrysler to 7.74.39 with no luck.  I flashed back to 7.58.02.  Now I no longer get 1 blink when I plug in the antenna in any scenario, only 6 blinks.  (5 blinks is a 1 way antenna, 6 blinks is 2-way according to Omega).  I also am no longer able to replicate my steps above because of this.  One thing is they were not sure if the antenna is supposed to light up when programming an EVO-ALL.  It sometimes does for the EVO-ONE.


How to reprogram Fortin RF 411 to new EVO-ALL

Hello, I started having an issue 2 year after installing the evo-all unit where it would not respond using the oem remote or the Fortin 411 remote. The unit work perfectly for 2 years before this and what i noticed is that i could remove the fuse in the T-Harness and put it back in and the unit would work fine for a few days and then would stop responding again. I had a spare EVO-ALL unit laying around, so i flashed it to the vehicle, programmed it to the vehicle and then tried reprograming the previously installed Fortin 411 RF KIT to the new EVO-ALL unit and i can get the module into program mode and the light on the antenna will flash rapidly but the remotes will not re-pair to the antenna. The light on the remotes flash as normal, the lights on the antenna continue to flash and the lights on the module continue to flash waiting for the remotes to be paired. Is there any way around this or am i stuck having to get new remotes and/or RF kit? Vehicle: 2014 Chrysler 200 Fortin EVO-All SN: 001A07 471052 Fortin 411 RF KIT Using T-Harness


Evo All and RF Kit with Aftermarket Power Locks

Hey guys I got another quick question, I purchased the EVO All, THAR-FOR1 T-Harness and RFK442 RF Kit which I will be installing soon for remote start functionality. So my 2011 F-150 did not come with power locks so I wired up a relay with a momentary switch a few days ago which is working well so far (see link for wiring diagram below). https://www.caraudioforumz.com/attachments/car-alarm-mobile-security-85/14792-wiring-diagram-aftermarket-door-locks-trim.jpg My question was, would it be ok to hook up the lock pin A19 and unlock pin A5 on the EVO All (see Fortin wiring diagram below) to pin 85 and 86 which go to the momentary switch (see other wiring diagram). https://fortin.ca/download/94891/EVO-ALL_IG_RTS_BI_FOR-FSERIES-2011-2016_KEY80bits_D_94891.pdf My thought process here was that say for example, I click lock on the RF Kit which would send the command to the EVO All and then the EVO ALL would send voltage to the relay and finally the door will lock? Did I get this right? What's confusing me is why a diode is needed in that orientation, seems like it will be blocking the lock signal? Thank you so much!


Omega RF Kit Install Question

I'm about to install some Omega kits and came across this discussion from a few months ago:

Earlier in that thread it was stated "...the blue connector on the Fortin AUD1 harness is only for Fortin RF-KITs."  But the current instructions on page 3 state to use the RF-A2A. Doesn't that provide the same functionality?

Unless the splices go to different wires under the tape for some reason, the wire scheme on the Omega adapter is the same as the RF-A2A.  The Omega antenna cable switches the blue and green wires on each end but I thought the Fortin also did that?


Fortin RM422 Kit - Can the beeps on the remote be enabled or disabled?

I just added the Fortin RM422 kit to my EVO-ONE on my 2009 Honda Civic. Everything is working as expected except for 1 of the remotes (it comes with 2 remotes) does not beep/chime at all when used. However, it does appear to function properly and starts the car. The other remote works as expected and does chime/beep when the car is started. My question... is there a sequence of buttons that I need to push on the remote to enable or disable the chime? Not sure if I hit some button by mistake and disabled the beeping on the remote. Is the remote defective and I need to get it exchanged? Thanks, Jason


Rf kit not working

Hey guys, So I just installed evo all on a 2018 rav4 push to start with a t harness. 3x lock is working but when I try the rf kit (rfk942) i dont get any response. I paired the remotes correctly…I got the 1x blue light flash confirmation while pairing. Is there something I need to do in the evo all program options? Also, if I change the options, do I need to program the evo all to the vehicle again?


How do I connect rfk442 to the flashlink?

I’m trying to connect rfk442 to the flashlink but it’s not detecting it. Is there a procedure to follow when connecting the wire to the flashlink?


rf942 kit pair with evo antenna led

when i lock the car i would see the blue led flash about half of the day. when i return from work night the led is not flashing. is this normal? i know the alarm is on because of the shock sensor is working. i have to relock to see the led.


Other RF123 (130Pts.)


Omega OL-RF RF Kit not working with EVO-ALL



I was just wondering if you can help me troubleshoot connecting my Omegalink OL-RF-42-SST to my EVO-ALL. I am using this guide here to help me program it: https://fortin.ca/download/107781/omega-ol-rf-42-sst-install-guide-107781.pdf

I made sure that the Omegalink kit says "Compatible with EVO-ALL" in the big white sticker as previous versions were only compatbile with the EVO-ONE.


I used FLASHLINK to enable H (Supported RF Kits) and H3 (Crimestopper, Omega OL-RF). 


I connected the Omegalink antenna to the blue female connector of my THAR-AUD1 T-Harness. 


Used the programming guide, got the EVO-ALL to the stage where red/blue programming light is on, turned on ACC and got all red/blue/yellow lights on and the unit into programming mode. 

But when I press lock on the OMEGA RF remotes, nothing happens - no lights flash on the EVO-ALL unit. 

I've tried a few times but it's still not going.

I noticed that there is no blue light on the omegalink antenna - it only flashes 6 blue pulses when first plugged into the blue female harness but after that the lights remain off even in programming mode.  


I have also tried toggling on/off B2 Extended unit’s inputs/outputs for RF kit (Datalink Remote starter) in the options list with no success. 

Do you have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Is it possible to get a DCRYPTOR reset on my EVO-ALL as I have also tried resetting the device with no luck and now it says: Dcryptor limit for my EVO-ALL has been reached, the serial is: 001A07470256




RF642W - Two way communication not working

In order to have a remote with each physical key, I purchased a 2nd RF642W kit. After pairing the remotes from the 2nd kit to the vehicle the remotes work in that they are able to preform all the functions. However, they don't appear to recieve 2 way confirmation. The most annoying part of this is when I press lock/unlock on one of the 2nd kit's remotes the vehicle locks/unlocks 3x before the remote says it did not work (even though it did). Is there a way to get the remotes from the 2nd kit to recieve the 2 way confirmations?


How to connect Third Party RF Kits to EVO One

Currently using EVO One MAZ3 with THAR One MAZ3 and would like to use a third party 2way LED RF kit like the T13 or T11/12 Compustar or a mobile app. Appreciate any insights on the matter. Is this even possible? Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Cheers! Car model and Make: Mazda CX5 2019 4DR GS Push to start Automatic


OL-RF-42-SST on Honda accord 2013 push to start.

i have problem with OL-RF-42-SST first time woked very well but when i unpluged the the wire and then i plug the wire again with evo one not working i try to program the kit again nothing happend the red led in the evo one flash but the antenna not flashing just when i plug the antenna flash 5 times then stope flashing i I tried every thing and every way possible but now the evo one not working i cant start the engine or any thing and red led under the yellow wires still going on not flashing but stay work please some help with this problem i reset the evo one same thing and now i am waiting for rest limit for the flash limet reset to program again and realy it's too much pain and time lost so please help me with fixing this problem