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Just bought a VW Tiguan 2017 push to start receive only oem key but discover that fortin remote start is installed. that

An electronic gadget is installed on windshield blue and red light blink and written evo on it. Can I link my oem key to 3x lock??


Windows wont work when started with remote start.

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Standard Key. Installed Evo All according to instructions and upated via flash link. When vehicle is started with key in ignition windows works fine. when vhicle is started with lock-lock-lock all windows do not fuction. power mirrors also dont work. I also get a "Error: start-stop system" on the dash when started with remote start only. Can someon pleas help.


Dcryptor Process just keeps spinning

when tryign to do the dcryptor process, the circle just keeps spinning. SN#001A07 283508


2010 Volkswagen Tiguan no heating with remote starter.

2010 Volkswagen Tiguan Evo-all stand alone wire by wire Remote starter work but no heating or climate control


17 Tiguan PTS no dcryptor option in flashlink programmer

Trying to get everything prepped before install, have evo-vwt1 with tb-vw and when trying to program the module, it auto-fills the "installation method" step with "key in a box" and says 1 sacrificed key no decryptor. I want to use the decryptor, but theres no combination of settings that enables it as an option. running newest software and firmware, do i need to start the install and try to pull key data first? i didnt want to continue because i wont use this kit if i need to burn a key for it to work


2010 VW Tiguan doesn't start.

Hi guys. Dereck could you check this out for me? All the wiring was correct, the programming was perfect, but when the car tries to start, it says, key not recognized and glitch twice when I try to start. I'm not sure if I'm using the correct diode. By the way, the red black wire (starter) is orange black, I'm not sure if this is the correct one either. The transponder wires, one is blue and the other is red, am I opening the blue, or does it not matter? Might you help me? Thank you very much in advance.     Best regards.  



VW Tiguan 2012 not pass key bypass programing.

2012 VW Tiguan, I installing EVO-ALL, used THAR-VW2 diagram, I start with prograning procedure, 1-6 pass, in stage 7 red light tree times flashing,I reconect wires on OBDII, now it flash twice. this problem in wiring or programing? thanks.


2010 VW Tiguan THAR-VW6 compatability?

Trying to install an EVO-ALL on a 2010 Tiguan with the THAR-VW6, but I am not seeing where I can add the connector "A" as indicated in the instructions. Does this T-harness work with this vehicle or should I be going wire-to-wire?


2016 Tiguan brake and accessories come on but does not turn over, cycles twice.

All lights check out to be correct. Car turns acessories on and applies brake then nothing, then it tries it again and stops for good after that. I have a keywrap right now. Do i the the TB-VW?


2014 VW Tiguan EVO-All EVO-VWT6 TB-VW Starts, and shuts down, shows no key.

2014 Tiguan, Standard Key, using EVO-All, Vwt6, and TB-VW along with THAR-TB-VW. The EVO-All programs fine and has been decrypted. Currently using the Factory FOB to 3x Lock to start. Vehicle starts and then shuts down displaying 'No Key'. No wires have been extended. Everything is connected and triple checked.


2010 Tiguan +evo All +TB-VW Not working

Hi I Installing evo all + tb-vw to 2010 Tiguan.All connected is correct ,but problem is programming step 1-6 is ok and when i hold programming button red light turn on and flash three times ( no blue ,red , yelow) whats wrong ?? firmware 75.39 and up this same efect.i try used .099 to fix red light on and nothing new evo all SN 001A07 013053


2012 VW Tiguan PTS - Heated Seats & Rear Defrost Question

I have an EVO-ALL using firmware 75.28 on a 2012 VW TIG PTS, and was wondering if this should / could allow for the heated seats and rear defrost to kick on in the winter? I see the option in the firware selections, but I had no success in the colder winter days we had here in Denver, CO a few months back. I saw some other info on a thread discussing to go back revisions to FW 61.11 to allow this to work via the CANBUS data (but not sure if that is actually NEWER or OLDER firmware)? If an EVOALL has no means to sense the coolant or cabin temp, and it would mean running the heated in the summer too, I guess I rather leave well enough alone given I would have to reprogram everything if I changed FW anyways. Thanks for any advice in advance, RW


VW THAR1 HARNESS Install With A Fortin RF Kit

for an EVO-ALL Standalone I am getting ready to add an 


series RF kit to a 2014 VW Tiguan that already has the THAR-VW1 harness installed.  Before ordering the parts, I am trying to figure out if I need the other small T-Harness for the RF Antenna you guys sell on the side (maybe called the RF-ALL?).  Does the main harness make this "plug and play" without an extra purchase?