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2023 chevorlet 3500 using evo all the doors lock after shutdown with key in ignition? any work around?

doors lock with keys in vehicle automatically when exiting?


Evo One LTE will not remote start, unlock and lock doors from phone.

Hello, I recently installed the Evo One LTE USA. The oem remote works fine to remote start the vehicle but anything to do with the evo start module won't work. It shows the doors being unlocked and opened, battery voltage, and temperature. I configured the RF kit as the Evo Start 2 when flashing my Evo One, could that be the issue? I also could not find a wiring diagram anywhere on either of your websites which would probably help me. I could only find the wiring diagram for the canadian version with the antenna. Vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Using Gm7 T-harness.


Lock door with not working

Hi, Can you please check this video link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd5qKrlF8so I have GMC Yukon 2006, I installed EVO all and excalibur X70-b, when start a vehicle by OEM remote or OMEGA remote all doors not locked when I shift a gear however when I start a vehicle by key as a normal starting all doors locked normally. Can you help me please.


Tundra Starts but door do not unlock with fob

2021 tundra Starts with oem fob and evo start2 but the fob doesn't unlock the doors


EVO-ONE + START-2 in 2012 Scion IQ app door locking does not work but unlock does

I have an EVO-ONE with T-Harness and EVO-START-2 RF kit installed. The door lock data is connected from EVO-ONE to vehicle harness. The Android app communicates with the car. Using the app to REMOTE UNLOCK the car works fine and flashes the parking lights The LOCK command from the app flashes the parking lights, but DOES NOT REMOTE LOCK the car. Any ideas?


Will not lock driver side door

When using auto start or just locking doors. The vehicle will not lock or unlock the driver side door. 2016l5 Toyota rav4.


EVO-One Unlocks and Starts Car but Doors do not lock after start

I recently installed a EVO-One in my 2011 Honda CRV using the T-Harness. It unlocks the doors and starts the car just fine using an RF kit. But it doesnt lock the doors after and once the engine is on the OEM fob and the RF kit doesnt lock or unlock the doors.


2014 tundra not locking or unlocking

My 2014 Tundra won’t lock or unlock with remote im using Evo- key. It does remote start no problem. And I have negative pulse coming out of the alarm system


Wrong lock status on app

Hi, I have and Mazda3 2019 (with push start and presence key) and installed an Evo One + Thar-One-Maz5 + Evo Start2. Everything works fine, except the lock status on the app is not correct - when I leave the car it auto-locks (because I'm taking the key with me), and if I check in the app it shows as unlocked. If i send a lock command, the command is sucessfull and the status changes to locked. Going back to the car, I'm able to unlock it by just touching the handle as usual. I'm not sure if this info is useful, but during the setup I first forgot to connect the yellow wire between Evo Start2 and Evo One and paired both like this. When I noticed it was not working, I've checked all again, found the error, connected the yellow wire and paired again. The remote start by the app worked then, just left with the issue in the lock status.


2017 subaru forester Doors unlock but do not lock

Vehicle: 2017 Subaru forester w/ standard key Equipment: evo-one + rfk442 + THAR-ONE-SUB1 Issue: rfk442 lock button chirps and gives a green light, but does not lock the doors. I can hear relays clicking from the evo-one during this. OEM remote lock button works. rfk442 unlock does work. When remote started, the doors unlock but do not re-lock despite remote start option 6 being set to 6.2.


locks do not work

having issue with door locks have all wires hooked up as per diagram and they do not work at all checked for pulse front starter and it is sending one. am i missing something or is there another way to wire door locks. can bus would not program either had to set tach to wirless there is no bypass in car. thanks


Door lock and unlock does not work on RF942

Jetta 2016 standard key With the RF942 remote: Remote Start & Stop works fine Door lock, module clicking once but nothing happens Door unlock, module clicking twice but nothing happens Also tried trigger wires, purple a2, purple/white a3 with same results as the rf remote, clicking but nothing. A5 is turned off and Green/Red wire(A18) is connected to Mux Lock/Unlock Blue/Red wire at BCM connector A (black) pin 24. Evo-vwt3 (evo-all, t-harness, vw-tb)


2012 Kia Soul standard key rf641w not unlocking and locking vehicle

2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. I am using the tachless mode. I have programmed 2 rf641w keys successfully, however they do not unlock and lock the vehicle properly. I even tested the wires to ground to verify ground control and that was better than the module was doing. So here's the behavior:

    Lock: will not work unless I lock the car with the oem remote period. making me think the evo module is storing status incorrectly or is unaware. Unlock. Works if I press the unlock button 3 times
      I have also tried adjusting option 8 for this with no luck. (unlock pulse adjustment)
    Kill start - I am unaware, but is there no feature to kill the remote start and turn the vehicle off via the remotes?

Thanks in advance.