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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee brake wire relay

What relay do I use to wire directly to my brake? My evo all is not shutting down when the brake is pressed and tech support said I need to wire directly to the brake with a relay to reverse polarity. Thank you.


How to re-engage remote start so I can keep car running

I have a 2021 Honda HR-V. Currently I have the Fortin Evo One installed in it with the cellular module added onto it. Everything works flawlessly, but I was wondering since I have the cellular add-on will I be able to reactivate the remote start and take the key out of the ignition so I can run into a convenience store and keep the vehicle running?


Car will not stay running when reservation mode is set

2011 mustang gt, option for manual transmission is selected. When performing reservation mode the relay clicks 3 times and flashes blue then red. When key is turned off the car shuts down and does not remain running. Seems to be the bypass is not working I tried both options. Two key programming and the decryptor option. Does anyone have any ideas why this would be? Using thar-for4 harness. Harness A door immobilizer is being used not b as the manual suggests


2006 Buick Rendezvous - Car stays running intermittently

Just finished installing a Compustar CS800s with a Fortin INT-SL. Everything was working good, but I started having issues where the car would not stay running when remote started. It will start, run for maybe 5 seconds, and then die. It will do that a total of 3 times before giving up. It doesn't always do it though. A lot of the time it will start and stay running on the first try. Not sure what the issue is here. I do not have a tach wire conencted since the Compustar claimed it was tachless sensing. Do I need one? If so, any clue where it is on my car?


2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Evo-One Keeps running with key removed

Issue developed recently. Jeep remote starts just fine. Sometimes it keeps running after the key has been removed. I think this happens when the Jeep has been remote started. When I am done driving and remove the key everything turns off, but the engine continues to run. It looks like there is a solid orange light on the device. If I disconnect the red connector the Jeep shuts off.


Toyota with pts how to keep engine run after door open?

2017 toyota rav4 with evo all and t harness... I want keep engine running with driver door open


Evo-Key: does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive or would a key that doesn't have a chip work?

We have a Toyota Matrix 2005 and it's transponder key only works intermitantly. I'm considering installing a tansponder bypass like this one (and maybe a remote start while i'm at it) with the hopes that it would fix this by sending a valid code to the immobilizer every time but I'm unclear how the module behaves once a key is placed in the ignition. If, for example, a key is placed in the ignition but it couldn't read a transponder code from it would it cut the engine? Could you still drive the car? Would installing a bypass potientionally solve our issue? After installing an Evo-Key/Evo-One and it is properly set up with a transponder code from a valid key, does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive the car or would a key that is cut properly but maybe doesn't have the transponder work as well?


2011 ford edg with crimstoper remote will not program car will remain running after key is out

the yellow/ black from t harness shows 12 volt with the key in but not on. is this correct that wire is to be connected to the ignition from car starter and the yellow from evo. has been flashed to harware 6 and firmware 71.28


Jeep J C (160Pts.)


While vehicle is already running can the Fortin remote start be used to keep it running after the key is removed?

While vehicle is already running can the Fortin remote start be used to keep it running after the key is removed? If so how can this be done?

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