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2016 Hybrid Camry PTS Installed Evo-All with Harness, 4 red flashes which means Ignition before start error

2016 Hybrid Camry PTS Installed Evo-All with T-Harness, 4 red flashes on module which means Ignition before start error. What is wrong? Last firmware installed and SN: 001A07 484579 Thanks Previously did the same installation of Evo-All on 2014, works fine.


I have 2016 toyota Hkey installed with Tharonetoy8 harness programmed module but will not remote start

blue light comes on when lock and unlock is presses. TPMS wire is bypassed as well instructions show with Tharone toy3 did i get wrong harness?


HEADLIGHTS FLASHING when entering vehicle AFTER 3xstart and 15min run time is met

2016 kia sedona ex push to start t-harness When entering the vehicle after using 3xstart and 15 min run time ends- OR starting using push to start button- the vehicle is flashing headlights/tails only. Vehicle will start- but the headlight indicator on insturment cluster lights in unison with the headlights/tails. The vehicle will start and have no flashing lights using the 3x press on remote. Is there a toggle that is active that should not be? I am current on software version. I did need to toggle 3x press on so the vehcle would use remote - folliwin the installation instructions .


2016 tundra autostart does not start

  2016 tundra, autorun stopped working. red on the block is constantly on. according to the instructions to reset it does not work, it still burns.


Which System setup do I choose when flashing my EVO-ALL

I have a 2016 Mazda 6 Automatic Push-to-start. My products I'm installing are EVO-ALL remote start, THAR-MAZ1 harness and 2 Fortin RF642W keys. Which system setup do I choose? 1. Standalone remote starter only 2. Standalone remote starter and EVO-alarm system 3. EVO-alarm system only 4. aftermarket remote starter only 5. aftermarket remote starter and aftermarket system 6. aftermarket alarm system only


2016 Ford F150 with Fort 3 harness not starting truck after first programming

Have installed the Fort 3 t harness , Evo all has been flashed with Flashlink 4. Firmware 4.02 A11 off and C1 selected. Completed module installation and truck starts when pressing lock 3 times.(when reprograming module the truck always starts on first test only) Upon an second attempt to press lock 3 times results in module goes red, orange and then blue, truck horn honks.(no start) it tries to do this two times and then 3 red lights blink on the unit. When opening door truck warns of alarm going off unless i insert key. Please can you advise. Thnak you very much


Evo all with t harness will remotely start 2016 rogue but climate control does not come on until I push start button

Remote start works with factory remote but ac/heat does not come on


Unreliable run time

I installed evo all thar6 into my 2016 Chrysler 200 limited. Flashed the module and decrypted it. Remote start works and everything comes on. My problem- the car inconsistently runs. One time it runs for 10 minutes. Next time it will run for 1 minute. Next time it runs for 5 minutes. Then 11 minutes. Very inconsistent. I sat out there and timed it 5 different times. Each was different. Is there a setting somewhere?


Evo-One + THAR-ONE-TOY8 - Corolla 2016 - Door Lock Intermitent & Lumières restent allumées.

Bonjour, Je viens d'installer un Evo-One avec T-Harness TOY8. Installation en quelques minutes. C'est fantastique. Par contre, Lorsque le véhicule n'était pas démarré, les doorlocks ne voulaient plus débarrer l'auto avec le Evo-One, j'ai du utiliser le unlock OEM et ensuite, le problème ne semble pas s'être répété. Pas d'alarme d'origine et pas d'alarme sélectionné sur le module. La cliente m'informe que ses lumières ne se sont jamais éteintes arrivée chez elle. (Elles étaient à OFF lors de l'installation et elle les a mises à AUTO. (Les Headlights et les Parkings. Pas informé si intérieur) Elle a due aller à l'intérieur de l'auto et mettre les lumières à OFF pour que le tout s'éteigne. Le fil vert-rouge est-il fonctionnel dans le T-HARNESS TOY8? Merci.


2016 F150 XLT Std Key EVO-ALL w/ Fort3 Standalone Mode C1 & D1 Options Good--No Start

I am in the process of installing an EVO-ALL device with a Fort3 cable into a 2016 F150 XLT with standard key.

    The module programmed correctly. The hood is definitely closed. When attempting to remote start using a LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK sequence the BLUE LED flashes once with each LOCK button press and twice with the UNLOCK button press. After the third (LOCK) button press the LEDs go through a flashing sequence that ends with a pause (no LEDs lit) followed by three quick flashes of the RED LED which I understand means NO TACH.

I verified that options C1 and D1 have been turned ON by doing the following:

    I grounded the A8 pin of the 20 pin connector.  The RED LED did NOT light so option D1 should be on. I momentarily grounded the A13 pin of the 20 pin connector.  The LEDs went through a flashing sequence very similar if not identical to the one that they go through when attempting a LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK type remote start.  The flashing sequence ended with the same pause (no LEDs lit) followed by three flashes of the RED LED which I understand means NO TACH.


Any ideas?



Scion D L2 (130Pts.)


Please help with installing EVO-All Kit for my 2016 Scion iA

I received the EVO-All KIT and already flashed the newest firmware. I just want it to be a standlone with 3 locks remote start function to work. I bought the THAR-MAZ1 to my life easier. I've read the diagram and my understanding is we have to do some wire tapping in order to make everything work. Is there a way for me to make it a standlone with 3 locks remote start to work without doing any wire tapping ?


Trouble with Programing 2016 Nissan rogue Evo All t harness PTS

I'm having trouble with my Evo All with T harness in my 2016 Rogue, I cant tell if i have the correct install guide for stand alone. I'm using #77691 and it does not show use of a fob in the installation but i can't get it to program correctly. In programming directions, I connect the first connector while holding the program button and relese on a solid blue light, then I plug the others in and turn the ignition on. The guide says to push the ignition button twice but my car only has on/ff there is no accesory postion, pushing the button twice tuns the igntion on the back off again. The light never flashes like it says it will in the guide. I have double checked all wire connections. Also, when I went to look for a troibleshooting guide i put my service number into the search engine and when I press search it redirects me to my account page. Does this mean I need a subscription to view this? Thanks, Theo Maston.


2016 Ford F150 doesn't display run time after vehicle starts.

A network error comes in after a minute or so, but the vehicle is running ?