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2010 Lexus RX 350 – EVO-ALL Stand Alone with ASCL6 CARLINK: Remote Start Not Working ( NO IGNITION, NO CRANK)

Issue: Remote start does not work when initiating the remote start command via factory remote (3X lock) and/or CARLINK App.

A few things that I noticed when trying to remote start the car:

    The transmitter and CARLINK app are communicating with the EVO-ALL - when the remote start is initiated, the blue LED on the EVO flashes once and a solid red light illuminates after.  During this time, no lights on the cluster/dash turns on and there is no crank.The EVO attempts this process again with the same results. After the second failed attempt, the red LED on the module and the car’s parking lights flashed 3 times.  Next, I tried remote starting the vehicle using the idle mode. 
      I started the car by stepping on the foot brake and pushing the START/STOP button.  Once the car was running, I activated the remote start with the CARLINK app.The remote start count-down timer appeared on the CARLINK app which tells me that the command was sent, and the module is in the remote start mode.I stepped out of the vehicle and the dash screen notified me there was no key (car remained idling)CARLINK app still showed the count-down timer for the run time.I deactivated the remote start using the CARLINK app and the vehicle turned off.

I also checked to see if all the other commands were working properly by using the CARLINK app.

    Lock/unlock doors – good.Open/close back trunk/door – goodParking lights – goodVehicle lock and unlock status - good, shows on the app when the doors are locked or unlocked. Battery voltage shows on app, (13V)

I’ve doubled and TRIPLE checked the wiring, making sure they were terminated as shown in the installation guide (GUIDE # 77041) and that all connections were secured.

I don’t know if I am having issues with the installation or programing. I tried resetting the evo and re-flashing it and also down-grading the firmware to 79.66 to match the firmware on the guide. I think I might have tried a different firmware version as well (in between 79.70 and 79.66) with no luck. I eventually got locked out of the EVO-ALL because the flash limit was reached. I ended up ordering a second EVO-ALL to started from scratch again and I encountered the same problem.

I confirmed that the car does not have a factory remote starter by pressing the factory remote Lock button 2X and holding it after;  the car did not start. Furthermore, I removed the glove box to check if a factory remote start was present, and as far as I can tell, I did not see one. The location of the factory remote starter was referenced from an Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (FLCAN and ALCA TL2) installation guide. If you have more details about where else this might be, please let me know and I can check again.

Please HELP! What should I check next?

Here are some details about the EVO-All that is currently installed.

     Manf Date: 04/2023  SN: 001A07499141Firmware Flashed: 79.70Hardware Inside 7.0 Setup Configuration
         *** SETTING PROTECTION = OFFA1-A11 = ONA12-A14 = OFF B1-B3 = OFFC1 = OND1 = ON
          D1.8 = ON D1.10 = ONAll other D1.X = OFF D2-D5 = OFF (Guide shows D4, Hybrid Mode- do I need to turn this on?)
    Wire Connection (connected according to diagram):
      A8: Not connected - vehicle is equipped with factory hood pin so that status is provided via can bus, correct?


pts wire connection


I'm installing evo all on a 2011 Lexus RX350. Its really hard to get to the wires behind push to start button. I'd like to know if I really need to connect this wire or the module works without it as a stand alone remote starter. I'm using this giud. is this latest version ?




EVO ALL won't start 2014 Lexus RX-350 PTS

EVO-ALL responds to LOCK-LOCK-LOCK from OEM remote, but doesn't start car. Unit cycles through some relay closures, but the car does not respond. Installed EVO-ALL using guide 76891. Hard wired to the connection points. Firmware updated to 79.51 Options D1.10 (Lock-lock-lock), C1 (OEM remote monitoring) C6 (PTS). Tried both D2 enabled and dis-enabled - same symptom Module programmed successfully. Parking lights respond to unit. After a remote start attempt while in the car, if you open the door, the alarm goes off. EVO-ALL S/N 001A07 000662 How should I troubleshoot what's wrong?


2009 Lexus RX350 door locks

I am having trouble with a 2009 Lexus RX350 door locks. I hardwired the locks with the purple and purple/white and I can hear the module click when I press lock or unlock but the doors don't lock or unlock. I know it's the right harness because the door locks didn't work at all when I unplugged the connector. I am using an EVO ONE and the firmware is 4.18 which tech support told me to use because otherwise the vehicle cranks but does not start.


2010 RX350 Evo-All PTS Will not program or start

Hello, I have the Evo-All for a 2010 Lexus RX350 PTS I wired the unit to guide 29991 It was programmed for me with the following oprions (I do not have a programmer): C1, D1, D1.6, D2, H2 When in programming mode, step 4, the blue light does not flash after pushing the PTS twice, I just get a flashing red light. If i then push the program button once, I get the flashing blue light Push it again, I get the blue and yellow flashing light. The car does not start but and the red light eventually flashes 3 times. I have checked my connections four tiems and tried the program mode many times. Than you for any help you can provide.


2012 rx 350 evoall + compustar remote doesnt start

2012 rx350 using evo all and compustar remote 2way regular install diagram without take over all wiring checked, programming checked door lock and trunk work fine remote start first couple times is fine when the dash light turn on Next day, when press remote start, car wont start, no dash light, no crank, only hear evo all clicking sound I need help thanks i did the same setup on 2010 rx350 pts and it work fine


2015 Lexus RX 350PTS - EVO all + Python 4706P Datalink protocol kept saving to F2 instead of F3 (D2D)

Hello all, Just recently trying to get the evo all + python 4706P remote starter installed in a 2015 Lexus Rx 350 PTS. i am using a Fortin regular install guide 3440. I am using datalink ( back 4 pin) to connect the Fortin to the Python. I retrace, double check all wirings. It's all good. Programing the Fortin was good. I notice, after a couple of reflashing the Evo all, as i go thru the evo all option, the Python 4706P requires the datalink to D2D protocol (F3 option) the moment i save the option, the program default to option F2 ( AP/OFA protocol) instead. does anybody know the fix for the error? more additional info: Locking and unlocking on the Pytthon works. when remote starting the vehicle, i heard a bunch of click. the LED on the fortin does lit up orange or red. I can't remember ( getting late) then the python starting error msg show up on the 2 way remote. Any help is greatly Thanks.... Python guide : http://www.pythoncarsecurity.com/documents/document.aspx?doc=http://www.directeddealers.com/manuals/OG/Python/G4706P 2016-02 web2.pdf


2013 Lexus Rx 350 remote start and GBS Solution.

I have a 2013 Lexus RX350 with a factory alarm, but no glass break module or remote start. Is there an easy way to retain the alarm and add the GBS and remote start without having to spend a ton of money on the factory units? Thanks Jay Washburn


Lexus t p (300Pts.)


2015 LEXUS RX 350 EVO-ALL Stand Alone with DSM200 setup


2015 Lexus RX350 to be used with EVO-ALL + DSM200 (SmartStart)

Would the options should be

A1 through A11 ------------------------------------------------> ON

B2 - Data-Link Remote Starter Mode --------------------> ON? (if connect SmartStart using data-link)

C1 - OEM Remote Monitoring -----------------------------> ON

D1 - OEM Remote Stand Alone Remote Starter ------> ON

              D1.6 - 15 minute runtime -------------------------> ON

D5 - Lock after start -------------------------------------------> ON

D6 - Push-to-start ---------------------------------------------> ON

H4 - AudioVox FLRF, DEI SmartStart --------------------> ON

Everything else is OFF?

Would the car status (door, alarm, armed, disarmed, trunk, ect.) be able to communicate from the EVO-ALL to the SmartStart via data-link, with this stand alone setup?


2013 RX350 WIRING GUIDE Not Up to Date

I tried to install a Fortin EVO ALL in a 2013 RX 350 F sport, but the wiring guide when downloaded was for a 2009 to 2011, which is different than a 2013. My 48 hour Pass Key will expire and I have no valid installation guide. It is too expensive of a vehicle to just guess on the wiring. Please advise.

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