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2014 Honda Civic - Vehicle shutsdown when door opens

I was just wondering if it is possible for the car to remain on when the door is opened. D3 is currently greyed out for me, but not sure if I would need to reflash the module to select the option


Flash has reached limit please reset, thank you Service #002505 116168

after few attempts of programming flash has reached limit. how to reset it?


MyCar will not start 2013 Toyota sienna! Tried everything!!

I have looked at all the question and answers with no luck. I update the firmware on the Evo-one, re-programmed every way possible with different firmware’s, re-programmed the mycar module, I’ve used with and without the little harness that comes with the mycar module, see if the Evo receives a lock/unlock signal while on (nothing), checked if the module is plugged in the right slot. I send the signal from the mycar app, turns green and then red for every option. The app shows signal, battery voltage, gps location, but it won’t accept any command. Please help!! (Can it be a defective device?) It worked before and all of a sudden stopped working.


Toyota G M (13010Pts.)


2010 camry CAN wires

Hello. For a 2010 Camry (hybrid), where else can find CAN wires other than OBD?


Linkr LT1 not pairing with EVO All

My Linkr LT1 module does not pair with the evo-all. I am able to get into the programming mode and the lights on my Linkr LT1 are solid, but I never get a blink or acknowledgement that the Linker LT1 was programmed to the evo. I've also tried this process after disconnecting them for a long while with no luck as well. Please refer to the video which shows my failed attempt. My veichle is a 2021 Audi Q5. https://youtu.be/4yhramq7ll0


Flash limit reset please


hyundai door lock

Good afternoon. On Hyundai cars, after turning off the engine, the doors will unlock after a couple of seconds... What can be done to ensure that they remain closed at the end?


Linkr-lt2 and Fortin rf kit?

Has this combo ever been fixed to work again? Or is capitalism still keeping the fix from ever happening?


Having a problem deleting history won't delete

My history on the app will not delete and I have tried several times any idea?


Subaru Jim (850Pts.)


2015 Subaru Legacy STD key alarms when opening door after unlock with key fob but not with smart-phone module unlock.

I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy that I have install an EVO-ONE (002B07172969) on with the T-Harness and have an issue with the car alarming when the door is opened after unlocking it with the key fob. If I use the smart-phone module to unlock the car, no alarm sounds when the door is opened. If I disable the alarm feature (change from option 14.2 to 14.1) everything works fine. Any ideas? On another note, the troubleshooting app for android does not exist on the Google Play Store.


FAQ G M (13010Pts.)


3-x lock and aftermarket remote start

How to set up evo-all so that it can be installed together with a purchased remote start device and so that auto-start can be implemented with a triple click on the standard key fob?


2023 Camry Push to Start

I have an Evo-All module flashed for a 2020 Camry, but have a 2023 Camry. I need a new wiring Harness. Would I need the Toy-16 harness. Also would the module being flashed for 2020 and not 2023 work? Thank you


Flashlink4 software update error

Hello. When i connected my flashlink-4 updater (s/n 002504042363) to pc it showed version 4.02 and asked to update to 4.05. I clicked update. Then update started an hour or two it is at 1% and nothing changed. I reconnected module and then flashlink manager says- previus update error. When i click on software version it says- last version. Red light on module is on. I cant understand why it couldn't update?