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application evostart 2

4 mars 2023 11h00 L'application ne semble pas fonctionner. As-T-il une probleme avec l'application? merci.


Start air conditioning on remote start mazda 3 2021

Hi, exist some option to start the air conditioned on the car with the remote start o the mazda 3 2021?


Evo All reset

Need my EVO All reset 002505118401, had troubles reprograming for remote time. Also question on 11 Toyota Prius install, with remote start, if i unlock doors via remote and open any doors or hood it shutsdown the motor but if i do with the hatch the motor stays running. Using the recommended settings(except 20 min start and lock unlock lock for start and latest firmware. And one more question, if I was wanting to add the alarm feature for this, i would hook up the extra wires according to alarm guide and settings in firmware and reflash and setup like the remote start? Also looking at wires for the 11 prius, the horn negative is not the light blue at black connector L52 at steering wheel, it is the 8th pin yellow wire, or you can also use the light blue pin 24 at white 40 pin 2C same connector as the Ignition positive. And a wire you dont have listed Parking Positive pin 18 on 36 pin 2D(above 40 pin 2C)


Decryptor reset

Can you please reset Decryptor limit on eco-one. Serial 002B04310952


Adding remote start via app to my EVO RS remote start

If I have the EVO RS installed in my 2020 Audi S6, is there a module that I can add that would allow me to remote start from an app?


2020 Subaru Forester install questions

1. In this thread from a while ago, it was said that enabling 3x lock is not recommended for a 2019. Does this still apply? EDIT: May have been fixed in firmware 1.24 AKA 0.60? 2. Guide 98941, page 7. I'm probably over analyzing this, but I assume for the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green wires, the illustration is saying to connect the respective wires together. Is that correct? I figured there would be a black circle on it if that was a case. I initially thought this was a spliced wire from the factory. 3. Will there be issues if I use an Omega RF kit and have to use firmware 0.44? Thanks all!


I there a t-harness for a 2004 Mazda RX8

Is there a T-harness for a 2004 rx8, I only see for push to start


decryptor limit reached for evo-one sn 002B04 061206

Reset Evo one sn 002b04 061206


Outlander 2022 with Fortin EVO One - remote start does not always work when using RFK942


When pressing the remote start button on the RFK942 key fob, the remote start does not always activate. When this does not happen, the car behaves differently: the marker lights come on along with the low beam headlights for a couple of seconds, then everything goes off. However, when the remote start command is successful, the low beams do not activate, the turn signals come on for half a second, followed by the marker lights. Additionally, there seems to be a door lock click, then the engine starts, which can be seen in the video.

Remote start with the factory key, activated by three presses on the lock button, does not cause any issues with the remote start.

The flash-link 4 has version 5 firmware, vr. 4.08. An additional impact sensor and siren are installed.

There is also an issue where if the car is armed or started with remote start, if the trunk door is opened with a sweeping motion from below (via the sensor), the siren starts making noise. If opened with the button on the door, everything is okay.

Thank you for your help!


Mazda 3 2018 - Evo One - Rear Defrost

I installed a Evo one in a Mazda 3 2018 push to start automatic with the Thar-One-Maz3 Harness with OEM remote (3x lock). I want to activate the rear defrost on remote start. I have activated the option 39. On wirecolor, it says that the rear defrost is "Positive". Two questions : - What option should I take for 25 ? (there are 6). - How I set the A13 wire to send positive signal ? - How do I wire the A13 ? Do I simply tap on the vehicule wire ? Thanks ! How can I activate the rear defrost ? On wirecolor, it says that the rear defrost is "Positive". I have activated the option 39. What


hyundai door lock

Good afternoon. On Hyundai cars, after turning off the engine, the doors will unlock after a couple of seconds... What can be done to ensure that they remain closed at the end?


Audi Mursini (130Pts.)


2015 audi a3, setup and programming complete- no start and no lights on EVO-vwt6

After successfully programming the unit with flash updater and r-link, and a successful d-cryptor session, I reinstalled the unit, and hit the lock button 3 times, and i got nothing. I noted that there are no lights on the unit after all connections are made, with the 4 pin black connector first, and all other connections followed.


Is there an instalation video or instructions?

There are no instructions or video