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for a acura integra is only available for the 2023 one can i use for a 2024??

i need one remote start that works on 2024 acura integra ,


how much parisitic drain does the EVO-START LTE add to Evo All or Evo One and does it goe into sleep mode to minimize it

2019 gmc savana 2500 standard key


Dcryptor limit reached 003606001304

limit for the car has been reached needs reset


Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Thar-One-Hon8 harness --2 relays and 2 diodes ?

I am looking at Guide #  93381 for Honda Fit/HRV and it does NOT show the two relays or diodes of the THAR-ONE-HON8 harness.

Other car which using the same harness--TLX, ILX, RDX, RLX, Odyssey--, their guides #99801, #93631, #93591, #93601, #97191 are showing in diagram 2 relays, 2 diodes, and 7 cuts.

Is there a better guide for Fit/HRV showing where these two relays connected?

What is their function , what are they switching ON / OFF ?

Are there 2 diodes hiding inside the wire harness ?

Thank You !


Reset a couple units I never got working

Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to fully reset a couple evo-one units I bought but never finished installs for cars I no longer have. Would like to install in my current vehicle if possible. Unit#1 07/2017 service no. 002B07 183915 Unit#2 04/2017 service no. 002B07 172354 Thank you


Factory reset of the unit

When I wanted to start the car remotely, it doesn't respond, so I think the unit needs an update, but unfortunately I got a slogan that it reaches the maximum. Please reset it for me. Model/ evo-one Date/ 2023/11 SN/ 002B04650350


After following procedure for bypass on Evo-all correctly decryptor says empty key data?

Tried multiple times and every time after getting the rapidly flashing blue light and after the alternating red and yellow when I go to decrypt it says key data is empty?


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


windows toyota prius

Hello. Will Evo-All be able to lift the windows on a 2017 Toyota Prius?


Flash limit reached

Good afternoon, I installed my Evo One last year. Flashed a few times figuring things out. Everything worked great for a while. Remote start stopped working. I pulled the unit to reflash and the software says I've reached the flash limit. Can I get a reset? Evo-One 12/2021 Thanks, Sean Badger SN 002B04 246507 2019 Toyota Tundra


2015 Titan horn chirp

I am trying to get the horn to chirp on remote start, as well as locking. 2015 Nissan Titan EVO-ONE Ser 002b04275287. I measured the orange/black for a -ve pulse, and do not see anything. Am I missing an option?


Please reset the DCryptor's Limit. Model: EVO-ALL, Date: 12/2021, SN: 001A07 333332

Please reset the DCryptor's Limit. Model: EVO-ALL, Date: 12/2021, SN: 001A07 333332 I cannot program the module when the limit reached.


Honda G M (13980Pts.)


honda fit and evo-one

Hello. I put Evo-One on the fit. Sometimes the position lights start flashing. What will be the fault?


Evo one can't function product

Hi sir I have install evo-one in my Kia sportage 2014 can't function all try ready u key bypass programming ready same no function


Ford G M (13980Pts.)


2023 Ford Raptor (for reference)

For reference...On the 2023 Raptor, the CAN wires were in the left threshold, under the large black connector. The rest are all like the F-250...