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Evo-one & Evostart2 for 2022 Toyota Corolla sedan push start

Please help I did master reset Evo-one on 2022 Toyota sedan push start and did key transfer Dcrypter when put 3 times lock my car start but when using Evostart2 app i get green light flashing then orange light come one but Evo-one not get signal car not start. i just have a question do i need to program evo-one & evostart2 in the car together then return to PC do key transfer Dcrypter, because i did program only Evo-one in the car the return to PC do key transfer after that try 3 times lock it work then program Evostart2 after but doesn't work try do reset Evostar2 & reprogram again still doesn't work. Evo-one SN: 002B04 248953 Thank you very much.


Module not compatible with flashlink

I have purchased a EVO-ALL Module and When trying to connect to program it says module is not compatible. Can this be added to the database if not already there?

Flashlink has firmware version: 4.51-1.1.15

Module is 10/2021 SN:001A07 304791


Do you have an install guide for my 2010 Audi A6 AudT1 system I purchased?

Do you have an install guide for my 2010 Audi A6 AudT1 system I purchased? Youtube only has a 2015 Q5 or a 2010 A3 video someone put up but not sure it applies to my 2010 A6. Clear written instructions would be nice like the MPC kit provided for my Silverado. That had full clear instruction with pictures even.


Reset please

Please reset evo one SN: 002B04 248953 Thank you.


Please help key transfer reached limit

I try so many times and want my car it start then did master reset unit after return to Pc do Dcryptor and get limit has been reached can you reset Please. Evo one SN: 002B04 248953 Thank you very much.


How do I increase my remote start run time?

Hello. I have a Mazda CX-9 2023 using Evo-One to remote start. The serial number is 002B04 215450. It's installed using THAR-ONE-MAZ3 - T-HARNESS. I would like to increase the run time to the maximum after I remote start the vehicle. How can I do that please? If the decryptor needs to be used, please reset it for me please. I may have reached the limit. Thanks


Evo-one with Oem remote

Hi Sir Please help 2022 Toyota Sedan push Start Evo one is connected by THAR-TOY13 for Toyota programmed in car & did key transfer Dcryptor. Evo one has been update. everything was done right, but the cardoes not start remotely.when press the lock 3 times no led light on and yellow loop has been cut. Evo-one SN: 002B04 248953 Thank you very much


Transfer key data

Can you please reset Dcryptor's Limit has been reached for 2022 Toyota corollar push start. Evo one SN: 002B04 248953 Thank you very much.


Evo Start LTE with Fortin Evo All & 2022 RAM 1500!

Dear all, Can someone please share with me what are the 2022 or newers RAM 1500 Evo Start LTE functions are operational? For me I cannot get the Gas guage, roll windows, open trunk or use panic options and I wonder if that is a firmaware update or some other programming issues! Please advise.


5 brake flashes anything besides hood?

Have the same 5 brake lights, red light on module both flashing 5 times when trying to start using both 3x lock and car link app, replaced hood pin, re flashed, re programmed module and telescamatics, set to Fortin 2, don’t believe I’ve turned opt 11off but i shouldn’t have to skirting safety devices seems like something an amateur would do, get his necktie caught in the belts while checking the oil and pocket starts the vehicle…..whatever, new system self installed worked until it didn’t, any ideas? Would be very appreciated!


CX30 GX vs GT

I have a 2023 Mazda CX30 Select... not sure what a GX or GT Push Start is. Trying to figure out which THAR-ONE-MAZ5 is the correct harness for my EVO-ONE


when i activate the remote start it flashes blue 5 times.

i just bought a mitsubishi lancer and it has the fortin ftx84 remote start put into it, when i activate the command start it flashes blue 5 times, i have read that this is the hood latch. how can i fix or figure out what the issue is with the hood latch?


mycar2 wont connect to evo one

installed evo one with toy14 harness into 2021 rav 4 hybrid. cannot get my car2 tellematics to connect to the evo one i have done the steps to learn it to the evo one and after i press the brake side red light flashes and then rapid flash.


Remote start for Aston Martin Rapid 2012

I want to install remote starter to my Aston Martin Rapide 2012. Back on the days Aston Martin used lots of Ford parts on the engine and Volvo parts on the cabin, such as the trunk release system, navigation, audio system and fob remote control. Original electronics of the remote control is a Volvo one. My car has already a push to start button. I want to be able to start the car remotely. Can you please suggest the product that can help me achieve this?