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EVO-ONE not communicating to SmartStart DSM200 - installed on 2014 Tacoma

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I just left a voicemail for assistance.  

I've installed the EVO-ONE using the Fortin THAR-ONE-TOY2 harness and instructions in guide 19621 in my 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 Automatic.  One question I had in that guide is that it appears as though Wire D4 is not supposed to be connected to anything by the scissor cut marks.  Is this correct?  

I got the EVO-ONE installed and got it to program for my key bypass, but since I'm planning on using a SmartStart DMS200, I don't have a way to test the installation of the EVO-ONE to make sure it starts my truck.  It seems the factory remotes aren't supported on Tacoma, so I can't use Lock Lock Lock to start it.

So I have the EVO-ONE connected to a brand new DSM200 module using an EVO-ALL data cable, and the DSM200 initializes to cellular system and lights solid Amber, but the green light which is supposed to come on solid to indicate communication established with the remote start never comes on.

What am I doing wrong?

asked Mar 18, 2015 in Toyota by Scott Bergren (130 points)
edited Apr 1, 2015 by Robert T

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As for the Smart Start ,  you need to enable the option XL202  on the REMOTE STARTER side of the Evo One, (connection mode: remote starter) in the unit options, RF Kits Compatible.


The DEI grey wire has to be grounded as shown in the guide number 19901


answered Mar 19, 2015 by JM (61,760 points)

there's a guide available here of what is required to pair both evo-one and smartstart : EVO-ONE & DEI SmartStart


specific to the tacoma, if the vehicle does not have a factory hood pin, you also need to disable the Hood Status option in the bypass options of the evo-one (which is option A11)

I cannot get to the bypass mode programming on my evo-one for some reason now.  I can toggle to remote start, and reconnect and it comes right up, but toggle to bypass, and replug, and it does nothing, still saying "unit disconnected".  Any ideas?  thanks.

With the Evo One disconnected from the Flashlink-2 updater, click on the TOGGLE  button on the FlashLink Manager screen, you should hear a clicking sound coming from the Flashlink Updater-2.


Click it fast a couple of times, then set it to connection mode: bypass then try to connect your Evo One and access the bypass side .

Yep, it clicks every time.  But I never get the software acknowledging that the evo-one is connected.  When in bypass mode, the evo-one has a solid red light on it.  In remote start, no lights, but the software recognizes it and I can change settings.  Is there a way to do a master reset on this and start over?
Good morning, guys!  Any ideas on this?  I can't get my evo-one to connect to the updater via bypass mode to disable the hood pin option.  When connected in bypass mode I just get the red light on solid.  No red light when connected in remote start mode.  Is there a master reset option, as it used to connect in bypass mode when I first got it.


Make sure your Flash Link Manager is TOGGLED  to BYPASS MODE.


Then plug in your Evo One and see if you can access the options, if not, try unplugging the datalink and plugging it in quickly to see if you can connect properly.


The RED led is supposed to be ON when connected in Bypass mode.,
Jesus, I've done that many many times.  The flash link clicks and the software indicates bypass mode, but the evo-one comes on with a solid red light and nothing on the computer.  If put in remote start mode, the flash link updater clicks and the evo-one comes on with NO lights on, but connects to the computer fine.  So I know the flash link updater is clicking and switching fine.  The evo-one is seeing some kind of connection in bypass mode, because the solid red light is on, but it's not connecting to the flash link updater.  What is my next option?
Do not click on the Toggle button while the Evo One is connected to the FlashLink Updater. always disconnect when you want to switch between remote starter and bypass connection modes.


Are you able to access the Evo One options in the REMOTE STARTER side??
Just tried that, no go.  I can connect fine to the remote-start side of the evo-one and access the options there just fine.

I tried disconnecitng evo-one from the flash link, toggling to bypass mode, plugging back in.  Same results.  Tried toggling back and forth many time several times in a row, same thing.  Tried disconnecting and reconnecting evo-one quickly several time, still nothing different.  

The red led on the top lights up (other 2 leds are off)  The red program led by the cut yellow loop is also on.  Computer still says Unit Disconnected in bypass mode.

Try resetting the bypass by hitting TOGGLE to connection mode: remote starter


Hold down programming button.


Plug in datalink connector


Release programming button when RED led lights up


Push and hold programming button until the 3 leds flash in sequence


Reset Done.


Then TOGGLE back to connection mode: Bypass, and try to re-flash your bypass and set necessary options

Okay, so I have a new EVO-ONE installed, and factory reset the bypass side and set remote start side per documentation, and XL202 mode.  Also cut the yellow loop for automatic.

My smartstart was activated by an online installer, and I setup my account.  When I try to program the remote, nothing happens with the EVO-ONE.  I can hear the smartstart module radio buzzing a bit when it gets a signal, and it returns that the function was initiated to my phone.  It just won't communicate with the EVO-ONE.

Other ideas?
Is the brake input on the evo-one connected at all? It's the black wire from the 20-pin connector. It is not oulined in the 19682 installation guide so i am curious as to if you had connected it or not. This would explain why you are having trouble pairing the smartstart and the evo-one.
I'm using guide 19621 for the EVO-ONE THAR-ONE-TOY2 and Tacoma.  I did connect the foot brake and parking brake per the diagrams on wirecolor.com.  They both connected to a harness by the interior fuse panel.

When trying to program the smartstart to the Evo One,


You have to look at the LED on the SIDE of the evo-one unit, where the yellow loop wire comes out of the unit.


TURN KEY TO IGNITION POSITION press and hold the VALET button, the red led on the SIDE of the unit should start to flash, RELEASE  valet switch.


PRESS  and  RELEASE  valet switch 5 TIMES,


Press BRAKE PEDAL red led should turn on when you press on the brake,


Press LOCK on smartstart APP.


Press BRAKE PEDAL again, red led should turn on when you press on the brake.


Turn OFF Ignition.



When I press the brake pedal after putting it into remote programming mode, the red programming led (right next to the programming button), as well as the parking lights flash once after the pedal is released.

When I press lock on my smartstart app, I hear the smartstart module radio buzzing a bit and i get confirmation in the app that the event was executed, but no reaction from the evo-one module or the vehicle lights.

Pressing the brake and releasing it produces no reaction to the parking lights or evo-one lights.

Turning off the ignition makes the parking lights flash several times.
Mind sending us a picture of the connections between the smartstart and the evo-one? Basically, the back side of the evo-one, and another picture of the 4-pin connector at the smartstart. you can send this to support@ifar.ca or post them here.
I've sent you pictures of the connections between the EVO-ONE and the SmartStart.  The grey wire from the SmartStart is grounded, and the RFKit is set to XL202 on the Remote Start side of the EVO-ONE.


Pin outs are not aligned in the connector outlined. Disconnect it, flip it over, then reconnect it.

i.e. Red wire from white female connector (evo-one side), should align with red wire in the black male connector (smartstrt side)


2053459029028363149" style="width: 600px; height: 800px;">

That fixed it!  Thanks!  It isn't the natural way those plugs fit together, so it took some manipulation to make them mate up.  Sure enough, after this, the remote start works.

Are there other steps to make the lock and unlock work with my vehicle, as they don't do anything now except make the parking lights blink.

Thanks again!

I know it's not its natural snug fit. The picture in the setup guide is vague on that part i find so i'll ask to make it a bit clearer.


For your door locks to function, since there are no Can-Bus convenience features we can offer with this vehicle, you will need to connect the lock-unlock outputs of the evo-one to the vehicle lock-unlock wires.


If your vehicle has a factory alarm, wires for Lock/Arm and Unlock/Disarm are

  • Lock/Arm : Purple
  • Unlock/Disarm : Green/Black

And if I don't have a factory alarm, are they different wires?

Use the same wires that Robert told you to connect to, even if you don't have factory alarm.
Another question about SmartStart with the EVO-ONE.  It doesn't seem to be able to read a status from the EVO-ONE.  I expected in the App that when I choose Status, and Refresh, it would tell me if my car was running, locked, unlocked, etc.  Instead I get a message "The response from the server could not be interpreted. If the problem persists, go to mysmartstart.com for help. (31)"
The status section of the mobile app is only functional with DEI products.

The SmartStart in this case is used to start/stop, lock, unlock and pop the trunk (when a trunk exists).