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2012 Prius V trunk release not working

I have installed a EVO-all with EVO start 2 in my 2012 Prius V, SN:001A07018794, stand alone installation.

1. My oem key doesn't have the trunk release button, but it has a electric trunk release button on the hatch door. Is it means  the trunk release function can not work?

2. I didn't connect the autolight wires, is it only for alarm system? 

3. By the way, please remove the A11 from suggested options! My car doesn't have a hood trigger. It cause remote start stop working on the NEXT DAY 

Thank you guys


Automatic lights do not work after install on 2018 RAV4

I've just finished installing the wiring on my 2018 RAV4 XLE Hybrid and now the automatic lights do not work.


NOTE: I've only connected the wires and the EVO-ONE is not connected yet.


I'm using the Fortin THAR-TOY6 harness and I've connected everything exactly as described in the manual:


1) Purple wire to (+) STARTER.  (soldered connection)
2) White/Black wire to (-) START/STOP.  (soldered connection)
3) +12V and GND wired to OBD2 per manual.  (used Posi-Tap connectors;  there is absolutely no way to pull OBD2 connector far enough out to solder wires behind connector)
4) "A" harness/passthrough connected to Main Body ECU.


I do not have an EVO-ONE yet but I wanted to finish the wiring.  All car functions still work properly except the automatic lights.


What can I check to see why they are not working?  I was extremely careful during installation and can't imagine why it's not working except that I don't have the EVO-ONE installed yet.



Is trunk release connection needed and why? 2019 pts rav4

Is trunk release connection needed and why? On 2019 rav4 pts. Auto lights interruption only needed if i want idle mode? What optins do i need to set to use my car telematics? Do you guys recommend soldering or just wrap and tape?




Honda Ed S (130Pts.)


2017 Accord "Auto" headlights, Door lock/unlock. EVO-ONE

i am looking forward to installing the EVO ONE with T-Harness in my 2017 Accord CVT Standard Key. i keep my car's headlights set to "Auto" i know the headlights will turn on automatically if i remote start the car BUT, will the lights automatically turn off if the remote start timed out or if i turned off my car with the remote? 2.can the EVO-ONE be programmed to press unlock once to unlock all doors? 3.will my car's door auto lock/unlock when i turn the key in the ignition ON or OFF? 4.will the EVO-ONE need to be re-programmed if my car battery dies or the car battery gets disconnected?


Installed Evo-gmt4 Everything works except my auto headlights are turning off randomly driving at night Any suggestions?

2011 Chevy Silverado LS. Brown/white a14 is wired to the 2nd white BCM connector lt blue Pin#8. Parking lights come on when remote started and go off as they should when key is put in the run position and brake is depressed. Headlights work completely fine for a couple minutes and then just turn off while driving with them in auto. I have a14 turned on in flashlink manager.


Aftermarket push-to-start connect to evo-all standard installation no auto headlights

I have a few quirks with my new install that I'm hoping to get answers for which I will bring up at the end, but first the installation so that the setup and configuration is known. I installed an EasyGO AM-F150 remote start and promity entry with push to start in my 2012 F150. I previously had an Evo-all setup for 3x remote start with the T-Harness. I reprogrammed the evo all for standard installation and killed the D1 for 3x remote start. I wired the new EasyGo system to the CanBus and Parking lights (+), then all other connections like the door sense, door lock, door unlock, parking light (-), and Ground while Running to the Evo-All. I connected the lock, unlock, and door pin wires from the Evo to the BCM as instructed (after testing for correct wires) The EasyGo also had a T-Harness so I just series it in with the T-Harness from the Evo-All. 

Here is the behavior of the new EasyGO system:

The system locks the truck (only when doors are closed, otherwise does nothing). - Not a big deal 

The system unlocks the truck (but after activating accessory mode for about 2 seconds) - A little annoying but may be necessary to disarm the oem alarm from what I understand

The system remote starts the vehicle (no adverse behavior) - All Good

The push to start button starts the vehicle (but whereas accessories activate, I can shift into gear and drive away, and the headlights turn on when in Drive; the auto headlights don't function and all the interior dash lighting for the radio and AC/Heater controls don't light up) - Biggest issue


2006 G35 coupe intelli-key auto headlights does not turn off

I have a 2006 G35 coupe automatic with intelli-key. I also wired a RS7-G5 to my EVO-ALL. After I remote turn off the car and lock it with the RS7-G5 it doesn't shut down the headlights if I leave them on auto. They simply stay on. If I turn the car off and lock it with my intelli-key the headlights shut off after 40 seconds, as expected when they're set to auto.

I connected the wiring just as in pic below however the 'At Driver Door Pin' I do not have a white cable in my G35 as the diagram shows. I also attached a picture of the connector that I have. So instead of connecting the lt blue/black to a white cable I connected it to my yellow cable however same results, auto lights stay on after remote shut off and lock. If I don't connect the At Driver Door Pin wire to anything same result as well.

Thanks for the help!


2006 Toyota 4runner: Auto headlights not shutting off after remote start (EVO-ONE)

I recently installed an EVO-ONE on a 2006 4Runner Limited. This vehicle has daytime running lights that come on as soon as the vehicle is running, so I elected not to hook up the parking light wire on the EVO-ONE. Additionally, this vehicle is equipped with auto headlights, and the vehicle's owner prefers to leave the headlight switch in the AUTO position. One quirk I've noticed: If the vehicle is remote started but the doors have not been opened, the auto headlights will not shut off after the vehicle has been started. Once a door has been opened, the auto headlights will shut down after 30 seconds or so. The quirk is not limited to remote starts. I've replicated the problem using the vehicle's key. If I start the vehicle up, then shut it down without getting out, the auto headlights remain on. I suspect the auto headlight system is tied into the door switches somehow. Is there a way to hook up the EVO-ONE so that it it can shut down the auto headlights? There is no mention of the auto headlights in the guides I have downloaded for the EVO-ONE and the 2006 4Runner. Thank you, Darren


CHRT6 in 2015 Chrysler 200 Push-to-start service key fob system

I just finished installing the CHRT6 in my 2015 Chrysler 200 that has push to start. It starts fine, but when it does a message comes up in the gauge cluster saying "Service Key Fob System" and then when I get in and put it into gear the head lights, fog lights, and parking lights all flicker on and off twice. Is this normal? If not how can I fix it? Thanks.


2013 toyota highlander auto lights

recently did a 2013 toyota highlander regular key with a evo-all and compustar using data mode. made all connections and everyting worked. customer came back saying auto lights didnt work after takeover, but were fine when started wirth the key. checked settings and turned door status OUTPUT back on and now they come on when the driver door is opened. any idea on why it needs the output turned on?


2007 Avalon PTS w/ EVO-ALL - How to disable auto lights?

Just installed an EVO-ALL on 2007 Toyota Avalon w/ Push-To-Start (Smart Key). Installed in accordance with guide # 57231 REV: 20151023. Added connections for door lock/unlock and hood pinswitch. Remote starting and door locks work properly. Is there a means of disabling the Toyota "Auto Lights" when using the EVO-ALL in this configuration? (Break auto light wire, door pin trigger, etc.?) I tested the second unused set of relay contacts and they apparently aren't enabled for the task as they do not break contact on the N.C. on shutdown. Thank you for your assistance. - Chad


How to hook up auto light shutdown on 2011 Nissan Pathfinder with Intel key

I am using an EVO-ONE. I hooked the Dark blue from pin A8 to the driver door pin listed on wirecolor as the gray wire at pin 7 on the BCM in the white 15 pin plug. If that wire is hooked up the vehicle starts, then immediately shuts off. I left it disconnected until the customer comes back this Sunday so I can try to figure out what is going on. Remote start operates fine with it disconnected, but the lights do not shut off which will cause battery issues. I do not have the service number on hand. How do I hook up the wire to shut off the autolights? Is it possible that the gray is the wrong wire? Also on the wirecolor site it says the autolight shutdown wire is purple at the parking light harness but it is supposed to be cut. The install guide says to hook it up to the door pin.