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Subaru ReLyt (210Pts.)


2009 Subaru Manual unable to Lock/Unlock during remote start

Good evening, I am trying to get a 2009 Subaru Forester manual transmission functioning with an EVO-ONE and an Excaliber RF kit (listed under compatible remotes). Reference: First of all, the option for RFLF remote within Unit Options does not exist on any of the remote start firmware options (tried 0.44, 1.26, 1.16 and several others to check). I did attempt to pair the remotes and had mild success with the default RF kit setting. Lock and Unlock seem to work intermittently depending on the state of the vehicle, remote start does work with reserve mode for the manual transmission as long as a lock command is accepted to turn off the engine (configured option to keep engine running until door lock). Currently running remote start firmware 1.16, but had similar results with 1.26 and 0.44 as well. Primary issues: 1) Unable to use factory or Excaliber remotes to lock or unlock the vehicle after a remote start command was sent from Excaliber remotes (regardless if the vehicle was able to successfully remote start or not). What options exist to resolve this? What firmware should be used? Are there any option settings to adjust? 2) Flash limit was reached while trying to test different remote start firmware versions. Can this please be reset? (EVO-ONE, 04/2022, SN: 002B04 271047) Secondary issue: 3) Sometimes when a door is opened after an unlock command, the alarm is triggered and can only reset when unlock is pressed twice on the factory fob (not tested with Excaliber remotes). This was not tested thoroughly so I do not have clear steps to reproduce this case. It did seem to happen more often after any action was made relative to remote-starting (either attempting to enter reserve mode with engine running or after attempting remote-start).


Reset please

Please reset evo one SN: 002B04 248953 Thank you.


How do I increase my remote start run time?

Hello. I have a Mazda CX-9 2023 using Evo-One to remote start. The serial number is 002B04 215450. It's installed using THAR-ONE-MAZ3 - T-HARNESS. I would like to increase the run time to the maximum after I remote start the vehicle. How can I do that please? If the decryptor needs to be used, please reset it for me please. I may have reached the limit. Thanks


mycar2 wont connect to evo one

installed evo one with toy14 harness into 2021 rav 4 hybrid. cannot get my car2 tellematics to connect to the evo one i have done the steps to learn it to the evo one and after i press the brake side red light flashes and then rapid flash.


Reset a couple units I never got working

Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to fully reset a couple evo-one units I bought but never finished installs for cars I no longer have. Would like to install in my current vehicle if possible. Unit#1 07/2017 service no. 002B07 183915 Unit#2 04/2017 service no. 002B07 172354 Thank you


Factory reset of the unit

When I wanted to start the car remotely, it doesn't respond, so I think the unit needs an update, but unfortunately I got a slogan that it reaches the maximum. Please reset it for me. Model/ evo-one Date/ 2023/11 SN/ 002B04650350


2015 Titan horn chirp

I am trying to get the horn to chirp on remote start, as well as locking. 2015 Nissan Titan EVO-ONE Ser 002b04275287. I measured the orange/black for a -ve pulse, and do not see anything. Am I missing an option?


Honda G M (14080Pts.)


honda fit and evo-one

Hello. I put Evo-One on the fit. Sometimes the position lights start flashing. What will be the fault?


Evo one can't function product

Hi sir I have install evo-one in my Kia sportage 2014 can't function all try ready u key bypass programming ready same no function


EVO-ONE: car starts, then stops, hazard lights flash 3x, then starts, then stops finally

Hey everyone! I'm using an EVO-ONE with T-Harness for the 2020 Kia Sorento PTS. When I do the 3x lock, the car turns on, then stops after a few seconds, flashes the hazard lights 3x, then turns back on, then stops after a few seconds with no hazard lights flashing. Any help would be great, thanks!


Toyota G M (14080Pts.)


2014 4runner (key)

Hello. With evo-one, can I start a 2014 4Runner with an OEM key fob? 3x lock



My evo one dcryptor limit reached error is showing .please help reset

sn 002B04 237806


RF912 Remote on existing RFK942

Hi I have an Evo One with a RFK942 kit and remote in the 2019 VW Golf, can I pair a spare RF912 remote to this kit as it is smaller, as it doesn’t currently seem to pair.


Evo one 05 jeep liberty

I have a evo one, and an 05 jeep liberty but i dont see it as compatible. Is that for all functions or i can i use it for the remote starter? Other than software issues i dont see why i couldnt use the remote start as long as the remotes are programmed