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2012 Lincoln MKS Step 7 programming issue, red light goes out when both red and blue lights are to be lit

Upon pressing the brake for step 7, the red light and blue lights are lit, but the red goes out prior to pressing the ignition button. It seems the bypass won't program. When finsihed, and trying to remote start, the car says no key detected. Ideas>


EVO-ONE after 1,5 years stopped

After just over a year and half, and just less than a week ago it was working fine, my remote start no longer works. It acts like the vehicle battery is dead. I have checked the module, red led comes on, then yellow, then everything off like dead battery. If I pop the hood, it says not ready. Door open, not ready. So it tries but fails. Vehicle battery is fine, and vehicle starts fine with the key. Do I need to reflash the module? Defective module? Vehicle battery to low? 2004 Chevy Suburban 2LT Standard Key. Lock, unlock, panic all work. I also have RFK4411 remotes. Same issue no matter which remote is used. This is a video:



Hi guys. I am having these problem with this box. Could you help me please?
Dcryptor's limit has been reached for this car Honda Accord 2010, EVO ONE box S/N: 002B04 625619
Please and thanks you in advanced. See less


The configuration in the laptop does not end

When making the configuration on the laptop, the configuration does not end and does not give me the option to choose the connection via Tharnees


How to I flash Evo One with RFK441 and Evo Start LTE?

Just purchased an Evo Start LTE all in one kit. I'm installing in a 2008 Cadillac CTS, and ran into trouble when setting it up with FlashLink. Stepping through the steps for an initial flash, I come to "RF Kits" and it asks me to select a RF Kit or a smartphone app. I plan to use both the Start LTE and an RFK441 setup, but the software only allows one selection. What should I select and flash? The instructions for the start say to program the RF Kit first, disconnect, then do the Start LTE, but no mention of what to select in FlashLink. Thanks in advance for your help!


is there an advanced Evo

Hello, is there an advanced Evo with which I can open the door of a 2020 Camry without stopping the engine after starting the vehicle using the remote?


Toyota akm (820Pts.)


2019 Rav4 push start not following the step to start

Yesterday i followed the steps and car was able to start with factory remote 3 lock on my 2019 RAV4 PUSH START using Toy13 Harness. Today i was planning to add Evo start and it is not following even key start option nor Evo start 2. Light is yellow/amber on evo one module. Please let me know what i am missing. Evo one serial number is 002B04 248000. Thanks for help.


Evo One w/ Linkr LT2 - Transfer to New Car

The time has come to let the 2015 Honda Odyssey go, . I have the Evo One with Linkr LT2 for several years now and works flawlessly. As a matter of fact, I have the same set-up in 2 of my other vehicles. GREAT PRODUCT! Question, do I have to do a complete "hard" reset prior to installing the Evo One or can I use the flashlink to make the changes (new vehicle, key, etc) and update the Evo One. And would you know if I have to "reset" the Linkr LT2? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. FYI, I'm going from a 2015 Odyssey to a 2019 CX5 (I have the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 already on order).


Is there a Fortin EVOStart LTE for USA

Is there a Fortin EVOStart LTE USA version to use cellular in the US?


How to fix RFK 942 to only unlock drivers door?

I recently installed an evo one thar one maz3 harness with the rfk 942 on a 2017 CX-5 push to start. Flashed it with the latest firmware available and recommended settings. Everything works except when I press the unlock button once on the rfk 942 it unlocks all doors. On the bypass side I have B1 turned on for drivers door unlock priority but it still unlock all doors. Any suggestions?


How to wire 6 pin to 20 pin TharOne-Nis5 T harness

I'm trying to install an Evo One with the Nis5 T-Harness. Wiring diagrams are not my jam. I'm unsure how to connect the lt blue, lt blue/black and purple/yellow on the 6 pin to the yellow/red, yellow/black on 20 pin connector. Page 3 of the guide.


2012 tundra g key evo one rfk942 stopped working

2012 tundra. Been in service for a year with evo one and rfk942 kit. Suddenly stopped remote starting. no parking light flashes. locks and unlocks. blue led flashes on evoall. when remote starting, red led comes on, then yellow. instrument cluster illuminates. half second later red turns off. one second later yellow turns off. No parking light flashes. no reattempts. new brake switch was installed just as a precautionary. hood switch was bypassed as a precautionary. verified firmware and options are still in module. any ideas?


2021 ford transit W/keyless clutch bypass

so ive read most of the Q&A regarding this subject but i just want to confirm weather i need a resistor inline with the A5 wire for my van model or not? also do i need a diode inline before or after the resistor or does it not matter? On a slightly off topic, when programming the key the module finished as planed so i pluged it back into the flashlink and it dcripted ok but when i went to follow the rest of the procedue for ready mode it was going as per the instructions until it asks to turn on the ignition and press the remote lock 3 times .... my remote wouldnt do anything i.e no lock sounds or any form of activity from the key fob buttons or the evo one then when i remove the key i remove the key the engine cuts out. any ideas would be perfect