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Jeep G M (13980Pts.)


2022 wrangler

Hello. I installed evo-all on a 2022 Wrangler. When registering, the decryptor wrote: "DCRYPTORS LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED FOR THIS CAR...What should I do?


2016 jk manual bypass

I have the evo all with the CHRT5 wiring harness hooked to the jeep, and everything is programmed, and we'll start with me in the vehicle in the clutch pressed in. How do I bypass the clutch so it will start with the remote not in the vehicle? thanks


Jeep jk wiring harness

I have a 2016 jeep jk with keyless entry. The T harness that got delivered has no 20 pin connector and I was wondering if I could have some assistance on determining what I received and whether it is the right part for my jeep.


2022 Jeep Wrangler 4XE wont start 3x oem remote EVO ALL chrt7 harness

Good day, I have the Evo-all chrt7 harness. I updated the firmware to 69.06 saved my settings, went to car followed the instructions perfectly, lights did what they should have done, ran the decryption said it was successful, plugged back in to car. It will not remote start. When standing outside looking in the window it says push brake then push to start? I did not install the hood pin since, the jeep already has 2 from the factory, I assume I did not need to. is there a setting Im missing? I have A11 off, A1 on A2 On, A3 On, A4 Off, A5 to A10 On, D1 On, C1 On, D4On, Data protocalls off. Please advise? Thanks, Kevin


I have ignition, but won’t start 20 wrangler

2020 Jeep Wrangler manual transmission. I (think) have everything programmed, but when I do the 3x lock all I get is ignition. I can hear the fuel pump kick in but the starter doesn't hit. I get the factory red led blinking in the dash and the lights flash three times. The evo module responds with the blue led like it's supposed to while I am pressing the lock button, but nothing after that. No red and yellow as the troubleshooting guide suggests. I don't know what to try next.


2016 Jeep Wrangler Viper 4606v evo all

I installed viper 4606v and evo all d2d mode everything working good the problem was the car crank but won't start And start after 2 or three times do you recommend programming tach?




I have Evo-All + RF kit 912 on Jeep Wrangler 2012.

All works fine, very happy, but when Remote start the jeep I have an error on dash.

With obd computer the error is: B2102 - IGNITION RUN/START INPUT CIRCUIT HIGH"

I can clear the error, but at next remoted starts it come back.

With standard key the error dont appear.

Any idea to solve?




Evo ALL - T-harness modify for RF-KIT

Hello, I have Jeep JK 2012, with EVO ALL and T-Harness. I have also Fortin RF KIT (RFK912 2 way). How to modify the harness without RF-A2A cable to work wit RF KIT? Thanks


2017 Jeep Wrangler real parking light wire color. ?

I followed the lead to look under the driver's seat and check the white/purple(found it) wire necessary for the evo one but at the tail light pigtail it looks like this wire is missing. The only wire that comes hot when the lights are on, is the orange/white wire at the tail light pigtail. Any advice?


Flashlink setup 2017 Jeep Wrangler Manual Transmission T harness

I purchased my Evo One prep with linkr from seller and adding a siren option I noticed this settings for remote start: 14 ALARM ON/OFF STARTER ON/OFF selected 14.1 (Alarm disabled. Remote starter enable) instead 14.2 31 SPECIAL APPLICATION PROGRAMMABLE OUTPUT (+) selected (Disable) instead 31.4 Is there any way to know if these settings are correct? Thanks Natalie


Connection of 4 sensor triggers to Evo One Jeep Wrangler manual transmission?

How many ports are available to conect more than one trigger sensor? The installation sheet doesn't have the different pigtail ports name or function. H, I,? Can the Evo One control all 4 sensors: shock, tilt, glass broken, motion. How can the hood switch can be used to trigger the alarm since the regular jeep does not have security while armed to protect battery or any bluetooth relay accessory in the engine compartment. I just ordered the Evo One and the seller wired everything including the linker so the wiring was prep prior to delivery of the components. I am trying to add all these sensors to the unit. Thanks for helping Natalie


Vehicle only starts when GWR is reconnected

i have successfully programmed the EVO-ALL with my 2014 Jeep Wrangler, manual transmission but using a third party Passive keyless entry system. Because the remote starter does not have any ground while running (GWR), i needed to convert the Brown/White hand brake wire to the ground while running, using the flashlink manager. IT FINALLY WORKS!!! GREAT!!!! Now to the problem. The vehicle will start and then shut down but then when i try to restart, the yellow and red light on the EVO turn on. the vehicle will not start. The only way i can get the vehicle to start is by disconnecting the GWR and reconnecting, then i will get only the red led and the vehicle will start (and the yellow turns on). then the vehicle will turn off, and the only way i can get it back on is to disconnect and reconnect the GWR. Any thoughs?? Please help. This has been going on for months.


14 jeep wrangler jk manual

What do I need to install on a 14 jk manual? can I use a t-harness? which one? how do I program it to reserve mode ?