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evo-all guides

Hello. Where can I find installation instructions for Evo-All as a bypass?


dcryptor limit has been reached for this car

please reset my module! my service number is :001A07345269


CAN wire for 2023 Subaru Ascent Keystart

Where is the CAN wire located for the 2023 Subaru Ascent Keystart? There is no can wire at the 20 pin grey connector as mention in the Guide #111451.


Mobile Remote Control and Telematic System ring

Hello everyone, I installed it evo all with the 441 long-range remote, but unfortunately the distance is half the original remote, and I would like to install operation through the Mobile app, but I would like to know how it works in order to confirm the distance it covers before purchasing it. Does it work via the Internet or via Bluetooth because the vehicle is 150 meters away from my residence? I am from the Middle East, as I read. It works in Canada via the network from long distances. I do not know how it supports the Middle East. My car is a 2020 Camry and the engine stops when the door is opened, but there are some vehicles that do not turn off just the Push to Start button! They call it the Canadian developed device! I don't know if it is from Fortin or another company


Toyota Camry, 2022

What feature will I benefit from when connecting the purple and purple/white wires? Can I close and open the doors while the engine is running, 

and can I open the door after starting the vehicle with the remote without stopping the engine when connecting the yellow/black wires?


is there an advanced Evo

Hello, is there an advanced Evo with which I can open the door of a 2020 Camry without stopping the engine after starting the vehicle using the remote?


Evo all with Start 2 For Corolla 2022 Push Start

I havs install evo all with start 2 for mobile support. The module is programmed when i press lock key on remote the blue led indicates with each click and after red led turned on same is with remote start app but my car is not starting. is anyone here help me to troubleshoot pls?


the range is very bad RFK441

Installing RFK441, but the range is very bad. The factory remote control for the car has a better range. I placed the antenna everywhere and even placed it outside the vehicle to no avail. Please, I need a solution and advice. Is there a way to solve the issue or a guaranteed replacement device? The range is all I need: 150 meters to 200 meters only.

Please see the video attached to the link


1-way RF kit with 2 4-button remotes very short range

RF kit 441 was programmed on Camry 2020. It was successful, but it is very short range, only 25 meters. What is the reason?


2020 Camry Hybrid engine not starting via remote start



Hello everyone, I have a 2020 Grande Camry Hybrid, and I bought a long range remote start device with one all evo and THAR-TOY13, and I connected plug to plug without cutting any cable with a flashing, but the remote start did not work

Please see the attached picture, there are signs I have put for inquiries


Programing evo-all in 2013 Escape

Trying to install an evo-all with the thor-for1 t harness into a 2013 escape with standardkey start. Just want the remote start feature. Evo module came from my sons infiniti g37x. It has been reflashed with flashlink to be installed in the escape. Concerning that the flask status bar never goes over 25% beofore it "comepletes" the flash. The module will not program to the car. With the standard 2 key programing, when I get to step 8 and press and hold the program button, the vehicel never starts and the bule and red leds come back on solid. If I try the Dcryptor medthod, with either key, the red led never goes out and yellow never comes one durring the key cycle steps. if I just plug the module in w/o holdong the program button, all the leds flask as if the module is not programed. As the thor-for1 did not come with a C plug, I took the ones from the infiniti harness. however I do not have a A plug either, but not sure that is needed...?


toyota highlander 2023 telematics wire not as show in the diagram.

dear sir my car is a Toyota Highlander hybrid  2023 I got evo all with thar-toy 13 All connection is good except one connection for the telematics black wire I can not find this wire as you see in the picture what can I do now



Can you reset the device please 

Can you reset the device please











I buy FORTIN EVO ONE ALL + THAR-TOY13 + FORTIN RFK441+ fortin flashlink tools

For long range remote start installation on Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 plug to plug without cutting any cable


I followed the installation instructions, but it didn't work I installed the device and made a flash, and when opening or closing the door, it flashed in blue, but when pressing 3 times to close, the remote start did not work I tried to flash the device again but it stuck in (DCRYPTOR'S LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED FOR THIS CAR)