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Does EVO-ONE Support Kia's New Anti-Theft Update

Hey guys,

So Kia has released a new firmware update for their cars in order to deal with the rise in car thefts. The update is applied at the dealership. I've been thinking about getting the update, but I need to make sure my Evo-One will still remote start the engine after the changes are made.

I have a 2020 Kia Forte with a push-button fob. From what I've gathered, after the update, the BMS must receive the unlock command from the KeyFob in order for the engine to start. If the car isn't unlocked and I were to try to start it, it would end up panicing for 60 seconds.

I know the EVO-One already unlocks the doors over CanBus, but does it support the update Kia is applying to our cars? Will it still remote start the car after changes are made?


peut on reprogrammer un evo-one 2015 pour une kia sorento 2021 push to start ?

Bonjour est ce qu un module evo-one 2015 peut etre re programmé pour une kia sorento 2021 push to start ? merci


Stuck on step 5, all 3 lights flashing Kia Niro

I am using a t-harness for install. Verified continuity on all my electrical connections. Soldered connections. During programming, I turn ignition on and red lights blink 10x as expected. Then short pause and the three LEDs all blink instead of the blue blinking indicating I'm not getting canbus communication. The COM wire was present and I verified I have the connections on the correct side of the cut. I flashed it with the most recent version of firmware and the recovered firmware, same result either way. Double checked my settings and everything kind like I'd expect it to buy correctly somethings amiss. SN-002B04 310063 This morning the car battery was dead as well


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Key fobs won't program evo one installed in a 2013 kia soul

2013 kia soul, automatic w/o immobilizer. When entering programming I get the flashing blue light on the antenna but can not get the solid confirm light.


Kia n h (230Pts.)


cant get can bus communication nor get the module to program without can bus signal

I cant get communication on can bus so I tried to go engine monitorless and still can not get passed programming.


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Can't program keys or enter valet mode

Evo One won't program key fob or enter valet mode on my 2013 Kia Soul Standard Key Aoutomatic car.


Problem with EVO-ONE

Problem with EVO-ONE Hello everyone I buy and connect my evo-one this instruction and programming But i have some problems and questions with this product. I used this instruction 1. On Flashlink manager show recommended firmware 76.31 but on pdf instruction 76.60 (only works 76.31 on 76.60 not programming) 2. On my car i select diesel mode and 6 minutes running but only work 4 minutes 3. Diesel mode function 18, Delay between ignition power up and starter mode not working. ( Work without delay ) 4. My big problem. When the remote started after 4 minutes engine shut down and open my car trunk. Car: Kia Sorento 2011 Push to Start Diesel Firmware version: 76.31 and 1.26 Evo One Serial number: 002B04 138126Problem with EVO-ONE


Aftet shutdown engine evo one open car trunk

Kia Sorento 2011 pus to star diesel i connect all from instruction everything is ok but after shutdown engine evo one open my can trunk


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Why won't my Evo-One move past step 4 on programming?

I have verified the correct firmware, proper voltage on yellow wire A1, and correct can-bus wiring.I have constant 12v with a good ground. When I turn the ignition to run the blue led that is supposed to flash 10x's turns off. I installed accordind to the install guide provided through fortin's website.I have followed the troubleshooting guide and get stuck after confirming all 5  steps

The first 3 steps in the programming are very straight forward. If you cannot pass these steps verify the following:
1- Firmware: Ensure you have flashed the correct firmware to the module as indicated in the installation guide.
2- Power & Ground: Verify the module is receiving a constant 12 volts and has a good ground.
3- Yellow Wire (A1): Verify this wire is on the correct ignition wire. Their should be 0 Volts present during the first 3 steps.

If the Blue led does not flash common issues would be the following:

1- Yellow wire (A1): Not connected to correct ignition source.
2- Can Bus Wires: If these are reversed or connected to the wrong can bus wires the module will not program.


What size fuse for 12v postive wire on EVO-ONE-2021 Kia Sportage push start?

Wiring diagram shows a fuse on the 12v+ wire coming from the 34 pin connector on the fuse box and going into pin E3 on the EVO, but does not specify what the fuse rating should be. What size fuse should be used?


Kia ryk (220Pts.)


2013 kia soul Evo-All push-to-start; no CAN bus LED on lock?

Installed an Evo-All on a 2013 Kia Soul. The 3x lock sequence isn't starting the vehicle. Updated firmware to 76.31. Checked the 3x lock sequence in Flashlink Manager and the push-to-start option is turned on. Programming to vehicle seemed to complete OK, but instead of a quickly flashing blue LED, I have a quickly flashing blue with a solid red. I also get no indication of fob lock on the blue led. It does fast flash twice when unlocking the car but no response on locking. I do get the yellow LED when ignition is turned on from the PTS button. All manual functions seem ok, just no remote response. Also, I understood that the fob buttons wouldn't function after a remote start but does that include the proximity functions? With the engine started, I can't open the locked doors using the outside door handle buttons (detects fob nearby). Only way to enter the vehicle with the engine running is using a manual key. Kinda kills the logic behind installing a remote start system. ================= Corrected swapped CAN wires at obd connector, now unit seems to program fine. No red led on completion, just rapid flashing blue led. But still no response from unit with 3x lock. Blue led still doesn't give any flash upon lock signal but does flash twice on unlock. Troubleshooting guide says to ground GWR and try to start with and without brake pedal. That all seems to work normally. Double checked brake wire (white/red) for 12v when brake pressed and 12v feed (white/blue) and both wires are connected correctly, voltages OK. Tried grounding purple wire (external lock control) 3x also. No response from unit either manually or with fob. =============== Ok, just got off the phone with tech support. My wiring is ok, grounding yellow/black wire will start the car, just no detection of lock signal from key fob. TS let me know that this car will need an RF kit to operate, there is no way to detect the lock signal. That means a completely new fob and functions, not an option here. I wouldn't recommend this kit for this Kia Soul. Does anyone know if i can use this Evo-All with another vehicle? Can I reflash it for something else?....or am I just stuck with this $100 brick?


could you please reset my fortin evo all flash limit for sn: 001A07423569

Please reset my flash limit SN: 001A07423569 Thanks


Kia rio 2021

Bonjour, J'ai fait l'installation d'un EvoOne dans un kia rio 2021 démarrage à clé il y a 1 an. L'an dernier aucuns problèmes mais depuis le début décembre ma cliente m'avise que sont auto ne démarre pas lorsqu'il fait un peu froid. Je me pose des questions puisqu'il na pas fait si froid que ca. Est-ce qu'il y à un moyen que la durée du démarrage soit augmenté ou bien est-ce qu'il y aurait une option pour que je branche un fil de tach analogiquement? J'attends vos suggestions. Un énorme merci à tous.


7 secondes de démarrage

Avec l'application ou avec la clef (barre-débarre-barre) l'auto démarre 7 secondes et s'arrête et flash les lumières 3 fois. Il y a une 2e tentative et même résultat. Ça fait 3 ans que le démarreur fonctionne sans problème. Merci.