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2022 Ford F-550 Key options

When looking for the guide for a 2022 Ford F-550 there is a Keyless and Non-keyless option. When referring to Keyless, are they referring to Keyless entry via the key fob or as in push-to-start with no actual ignition key to turn? We are assuming that it refers to the Keyless entry and not the push-to-start as there is no push-to-start option for a 2022 Ford F-550. The keyless version uses the FORT-3 T-harness and the Non-Keyless option uses the FORT-2 T-harness. We have purchased the FORT-3 T-harnesses as all of our fleet has the Keyless entry via the key fob. Thank you.


Programing evo-all in 2013 Escape

Trying to install an evo-all with the thor-for1 t harness into a 2013 escape with standardkey start. Just want the remote start feature. Evo module came from my sons infiniti g37x. It has been reflashed with flashlink to be installed in the escape. Concerning that the flask status bar never goes over 25% beofore it "comepletes" the flash. The module will not program to the car. With the standard 2 key programing, when I get to step 8 and press and hold the program button, the vehicel never starts and the bule and red leds come back on solid. If I try the Dcryptor medthod, with either key, the red led never goes out and yellow never comes one durring the key cycle steps. if I just plug the module in w/o holdong the program button, all the leds flask as if the module is not programed. As the thor-for1 did not come with a C plug, I took the ones from the infiniti harness. however I do not have a A plug either, but not sure that is needed...?


f150 2016 just start once

hello i installed a evo all for3 for f150 2015. the firmware 4.01 i done the program and everything good but the car just start once when i start it again the car doesnt start just the car alarm start once.

i checked the hood every thing good the car came with hood pin. 

the SN: 001A07 390594


this my customer car i need help please 



EVO-ALL and CarLink CL6 Wiring

I installed EVO-All using THAR-For4. Then i added Carlink CL6 into it. Remote start stop, battery health, and gps features worked right away with no issues but Carlink App also has 4 Auxilary options, heated seats options and lock/unlock options. I read on Fortin that my THAR-For4 shuold be enough to use lock/unlock feature on CL6 but it does'nt work, So I guess I have to open the kick panel and split wires there. I paid $5 for subscription token to see if I can find wiring help but its created by a 5 years old so thats ok. My question here is how to I connect heated seats to EVO-All and is there any way to add climate control to one of those auxilaries showing in the app (add it to evo then use auxialry to control it). If I can get wire colors and location of wires I can work with that. Thanks P.S. I have evo flash tool and I checked my lock/unlock options are on in the Evo-All settings.



the curent device connot be flashed anymore sn 002b04248368


dycriptor not reset after 40 hours

Please reset my module its been 40 hours still wont program sn: 002b04248368


2021 ford transit W/keyless clutch bypass

so ive read most of the Q&A regarding this subject but i just want to confirm weather i need a resistor inline with the A5 wire for my van model or not? also do i need a diode inline before or after the resistor or does it not matter? On a slightly off topic, when programming the key the module finished as planed so i pluged it back into the flashlink and it dcripted ok but when i went to follow the rest of the procedue for ready mode it was going as per the instructions until it asks to turn on the ignition and press the remote lock 3 times .... my remote wouldnt do anything i.e no lock sounds or any form of activity from the key fob buttons or the evo one then when i remove the key i remove the key the engine cuts out. any ideas would be perfect


Evo-One 2018 Ford F150 Programming Issue, Blue LED does not turn OFF on unit

2018 F-150 STD-key w/o keyless. After pressing the program button 8 times red and blue LEDs are solid. Putting key near ignition does nothing, inserting the  key, then removing it, the ignition turns on, then red LED blinks and ready for next step. I cant seem to get the blue light to come off during step 6 without inserting the key, not sure why.  I've tried multiple firmwares but they all do the same. I've also verified my wiring.


unlock evo-all SN: 001A07 437366

Could you please unlock/reset my evo-all? It was on a 2020 F-150 and its going on a 2022 F-250. Thanks in Advance! (evo-all SN: 001A07 437366)


Ford smrick2 (190Pts.)


Why does it only honk now when I remote start

Installed evo all with my car telematics with 944 rf kit and has worked beautifully since 2019 with the occasional horn honking when I remote start but I had to remove module and wiring from dash for some audio upgrades now all it does is honk the horn when I try to remote start. Does not try to crank everything powers up as it should then nothing. Thats on first attempt 2nd attempt does even do that. I have since go in and tried to reprogram module as t


Escape 2014 push-start EVO ALL BYpass Options

Who could explain to me ? Frimware 71.[52] A13 Ignition Lock ? D4 Hybrid Mode ? E4 Feature 1 ? E5 Feature 2 ? standart options of Wizard of problems have been fixed by other options changed. When remote start working time , keyless works but Why does not work unlock button of on the remote and does not open mirrors? Then Why Evo All is waiting active until to press 3X lock button ? ( is draining to battery) Thank for supports


2017 Ford Focus Parking Light Diodes

Guide 72871. 2x 3 Amp Diodes and for L/R parking lights and 10 amp fuse behind glove box. I see these are optional, but what are their intended uses? or recommend use for?


Use Evo-one in a vehicle with no transponders.

We have a 2014 E-250 it was ordered as a commercial build specifically without a transponder. I am interested in installing an Evo-One in it for remote start and security. Will it work without having the bypass programmed as it is not necessary. Would I need to install a different firmware on it?