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Factory key fob is stop working while vehicle is started with evo remote.

2017 VW Touareg with (push button) with evo-all 442. Remote start is working, but I can't unlock the vehicle with factory key fob while vehicle running and can't start it with 3x press factory remote. Evo remote cant unlock the vehicle as well. Before it was not an issue. Thank you!


Golf 2015 M/T evo one, start with oem remote. What settings to use

Cant get it to work with golf 2015. Using standard reccomend setting. Wire to wire, module programs but it wount go to ready mode. I want to use oem remote 3x lock to start. What settings to use on bybass and remote starter, any extra wire needed to connect?


RF741W remote has solid red light when batteries are in & antenna is flashing blue

I’ve had my vw for 4 years now, when I bought it the remote starter was already installed . I’ve never had a problem up until recently this winter, my remote batteries seemed like they were dying quicker than ever. And after the last time I replaced the batteries the red led on the remote comes on and doesn’t allow any function to be done. The remote starter is useless right now if i can’t start it


How long does it take for the flashlink to dcrypt the immobilizer?

How long does it take for the flashlink to dcrypt?



Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter une VW Golf Alltrack 2019 chez le concessionnaire Lauzon a Blainville. La voiture a le système de démarrage à distance EVO. De quelle façon puis-je l’utiliser? Il n'avait pas de manette dans l'auto. Merci Robert Desrosiers r.desrosiers@mac.com 514-975-6223


What to buy

Hi there I have a 2008 vw rabbit 2.5lt , automatic, no push start, would like to buy the remote start system that's plug and play but I would like to know which model should I buy, just need something on the oem remote, nothing special as long as my car starts, is fortin evo-vwt1 plug and play fit the vehicle, or is there cheaper ones that does what need, please let me know Thank you


can remote start be fitted to my car

Hi I live in the UK and have a UK spec 2019 VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi DSG 4Motion with STD key entry and start.To start the car I must have my foot on the brake pedal if I don't the car wont start.Can remote start be fitted to this car?


Options for 2015 MK7 TDI 6M/T

Do you support 2015 MK7 Golf TDI with 6M/T? If so, what components would you recommend. Thank you for your time.


I ordered Evo-all, but I received one without T-harness, does someone know an email I can contact about this problem?

I received wrong order, what should I do?


Dcryptor limit reached on brand new EVOALL

Hello can someone please reset the limit on this EVOALL? SN is 001A07375157. It is brand new and somehow reached the limit even though it says 1/8 flashes. Thank You


2012 VW Jetta would not start from any of the remotes and OEM remote after successful programming

I just installed the EVO-ALL with the VWT3 harness, programming went good but the vehicle doesn't start from any of the remotes, the module lights up ( red then yellow and both stay on ) and never get ignition or accessory turned on. The wiring is connected properly, I double-checked everything and tried different coding but still no result and it does not recognize the OEM remote 3 lock clicks or Lock-Unlock-Lock. I am out of ideas, only thing that comes to my mind is that my ignition switch has a different pinout, also after loading the recommended coding it started to give me a 4 RED LED blinks. I am out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated. SN: 001A07 367259


Compatibility with 2016 Volkswagen GTI

I'm confused with compatibility regarding the 2016 VW GTI. I see options listed for the standard MK7 Golf and Golf R, as well as the MK6-generation GTI. Would the systems for the MK7 Golf or Golf R work with my GTI?


Volkswagen Jetta gli 2014 doesn’t start

Hello, I just installed an evo one on a Volkswagen gli push to start 2014, with a TB-VW. Everything went perfect from connection to programming, without any problems. only until I wanted to turn it on (lock 3 times) because it does the process and turns on the dashboard lights but never gives starter. I tried to do it with the key inside the car to see if it was the immobilizer but it didn't start either. Evo one 05/2022 Sn 002b04274931


2007 City Golf evo one 411 install

I am going to be installing an evo one 441 into a 2007 City Golf manual, for the handbrake reading another question I am on my own for the clutch bypass which is easy enough, however the guide says that lock/unlock/arm/disarm/foot brake are not supported, I was under the impression this car is electrically identical to a 2002-04 mk4 Golf which has those features supported. I don't mind making the extra connections if need be however obviously rather have it all done via CAN So does the City Golf support lock/unlock/arm/disarm via CAN like the earlier 02-04 Golf or no? Thanks