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1-) I have two black car keys, one of which is a 3-button remote. Without transponder  Toyota Yaris 2007. Which module should I install? with keyless or without keyless?

2-) Is there a manual on how exactly I should do the wiring since there is no transponder in this vehicle?


Without transponder Toyota Yaris 2007

Hello, I need assistance. I don't have a transponder in my Toyota Yaris 2007. I have two black car keys, one of which is a 3-button remote. I selected Function 2-4 and Function 20-2. I installed the "without keyless" 2007 Yaris mod. I disconnected the yellow wires and connected the white one to the start input. During programming, I used the 3-button key, but the red light remains steady. The car isn't working; it only activates the any lights, and the lights flash irregularly. The device is "Evo One 2016" Ftx64-2w.


2005 Toyota Tacoma without Transponder key amplifier

I have a 2005 toyota tacoma without a transponder key amplifier, the installation guide said that I should connect the A10 terminal to Rx and the T20 terminal to Tx, but I do not have these cables, because I do not have the 7-pin connector of the transponder, where I should connect them ? What I see is that the guide for a 2010 Toyota Tacoma with type G key is very similar to the 2005 that I have, even down to the ignition cable colors. what should I do? With which diagram should I connect my remote starter?


Nissan Versa 2019 Standard Key Installation Help

Hi there, I am wanting to install a remote starter into my vehicle and want to confirm that it would be possible for me to do so. I looked at the vehicle finder and saw that the Versa wasn't avaible in the year 2019 so i was just going to flash the modular for a 2018 instead. Since there is no connection diagram for the 2020 standard key to reference to from the 2018. I looked at the diagram for a 2019 nissan versa note and 2018 Nissan Versa both standard key. My car doesn't have a transponder and i would assume that during the programming i would insert the white big 8 pin connector while pressing the program button, letting go on blue. Insert all remaining connectors, put the key to the run postion let the blue leds flash and once it stops flashing remove they key. 2018 Nissan Versa Install Diagram https://fortin.ca/download/79341/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_nis5-versa-sedan_2012_key_a_79341.pdf 2019 Nissan Versa Note Install Diagram https://fortin.ca/download/79331/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_nis5-versa-note_2014_key_a_79331.pdf


2008 Toyota Yaris without transponder

Hi guys. As you can see, I am trying to install an EVO ONE with KIT RFK411. I already have all the installation done but I have not been able to carry out the programming since this car does not have a TRANSPONDER. I am using this schematic: evo-one_ig_reg_bi_toy-yaris_2006_wokl_a_104141.pdf

Can you tell me what I should modify in the firmware, what programming should I do and what do I do with the TRANSPONDER connections? Thank you very much in advance.   https://ibb.co/phW8t2P https://ibb.co/tqhYCdM https://ibb.co/rfqFyW2 https://ibb.co/jM3xqSf https://ibb.co/MfkFq51 https://ibb.co/gzd5rTH https://ibb.co/3rGV5KZ https://ibb.co/k69KrmV



2019 Nissan Versa Note no transponder

Hi, My problem is related to both of these forms and i cant seem to get the car to start i have followed both of these guids and im still not being able to get the car to start I have the option A3 turned off. I am using the RFK 912 remotes to start the car in which they are both programmed. I have tried holding the program button until the blue lights come on. Plugging all the harness in, in both instances either pressing the program button and not pressing the program button. Either way I'm still not being able to actually get the car to start. The remotes are sending a signal and confirming but no status lights no dash lights nothing from the evo. The big connector is plugged into the back of the ignition barrel it's the giant plug with those 8 giant silver contacts The obd is plugged in. There is no transponder for the car so I didn't use that harness. In the flash Manager under pro mode in the remote starter tab I have tried options 2.1-2.4 to see if that makes a difference. None of them have made a differenceAm I missing a step?Update: After changing setting C1 I was able to remote start the car via the OEM remotes but not the fobs. The remotes are the rfk912 they are acknowledging the antenna by demonstrating a green light both on the remotes and on the antenna but they are not starting the carHere's is the serial number: SN 002B04252984 https://fortin.ca/en/qa/94079/2013-nissan-versa-standard-key-no-transponder-evo-one?show=94079#q94079https://fortin.ca/en/qa/93425/2016-versa-note-std-key-no-transponder-unable-to-program-evo-one?show=93425#q93425


2019 Nissan Versa Note Transponder wire

Hi, I have spent countless hours trying to find the white 4 pin connector that is shown in the diagram that is shown to be connected to the ignition barrel. There seems to be no connector of anytype except for the one on the back. I am referecning to the image shown on page page 2 step 2 https://fortin.ca/download/79331/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_nis5-versa-note_2014_key_a_79331.pdf


2016 nissan versa, can't find a guide for a non transponder key.



This 2016 Nissan Versa Note doesn't seem to have a transponder. Transpoder connector isn't located at the key cylinder as shown in install diagram. Wired everything up as shown for install diagram, but didn't connect the RX or TX connections as the transponder wires aren't there. I can't get it to program. Getting stuck on the 5th step of programming. The 5th step starts with the yellow LED solid and you turn key to ON/RUN and the red LED should light alongside the yellow. I'm not getting that red LED lit.

I went into the settings and turned off the transponder for the Evo-One but still having the same issues. Super basic install. Any help would be much appreciated.

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