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1-) I have two black car keys, one of which is a 3-button remote. Without transponder  Toyota Yaris 2007. Which module should I install? with keyless or without keyless?

2-) Is there a manual on how exactly I should do the wiring since there is no transponder in this vehicle?


RAV4 2005 Connector exist but no transponder at ignition key

I am doing a RAV4 2005, Regular Key, Regular EVO One instlation,wire t wire. I founf the connector for the transponder hanging under the steering colum but there is no transponder at the ignition switch. I looked everywhere no transponder only a key sense. The car is stock and no modifiction done on it. I pluged the tx/rx pink/red-blue on the connector but the connector dosent go any where just connected to the harness. Is it possiple this car has no transponder but the diagram is wrong. when I programed the module I get the solid red instead of the rapidly flashing one. I tried 3 evo ones product same problem. Could somebody explain how to make remote start on this car?


Cracking but not starting 2016 Hyundai Sonata standard key - EVO-ONE will T-Harness THAR-ONE-KHY2

Hi i want to ask ask about EMC COM wire it's missing from my car there is nothing in it's place the car cracking but not starting because the device cannot decrypt the Security code for the car to start it I clicked lock 3X and but the key on its place the remote starting succeeded But without the key normal remot starting cracking but not starting I think the ems com it's there but not on the same place I need help

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