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Proper modules for 2013 VW GTI std key manual trans

I want to make sure I purchase the correct devices for a smooth install. My understanding is that because I have a manual transmission, I need the Evo-One, TB VW transponder bypass, Flashlink Updater 2, 7.5amp fuse, and relay. Can anyone confirm the Flashlink Updater 2 is needed as opposed to the latest Flashlink Updater 4? No T-Harness available for 2013 VW GTI standard key yet? Is it compatible with the Prestige PE2LCDZ 2-way remote transmitter kit key fob flashlogic RF start 1 mile? If not, is there any adapter that would enable compatiblity with the prestige RF kit? Thank you for your help!!


Horn blowing constantly when Evo-All data link is disconnected

Installed an Evo-All + Prestige APS-57E system on a 2015 Corolla S. I also enabled the Evo-Alarm function. Everything works perfectly. But I accidently noticed what I believe could be a bad unit issue...


If I disconnect the datalink connector of the Evo-All, the horn constanly blows.


I even disconnected ALL connectors from the Evo-All and connected just the Evo-All by itself to the 20-pin harness and the horn started blowing again?? I have never seen this happen before and am worried that if the vehicles battery was ever disconnected, the client's horn would just start blowing? 


Somehow, the Evo-All has an internal ground signal inside itself? I tried reseting it as well. I also disconneted the horn connector from the steering wheel column and the Evo-All would still send a ground signal to the horn wire and blow it.


Conencting the data-link conector stops this from happening the the Evo works fine again. Is this just a bad unit?


Evo-All reseting itself -- and options

This is the same vehicle -- 2015 Corolla S. I have an Evo-All + Prestige APS-57E. Recently the client took the vehicle to the dealer and the battery was disconnected. After which the remote start no longer worked. I took a look under the dash and the Evo-All's red LED was constantly on. Trying to reset it didn't work as the red LED was always on.


I then connected the Evo to the Fortin program and upon selecting the "Evo-All Options" tab, Setting protection was turned ON (which I never did nor ever use) and once I turned that off to see the current settings, some options I had never selected where turned ON. Specifically, A1 --> A11 where now OFF and D2 --> E2 where now ON, as well as G3, G4, & H2.


Also, with out making any changes to the Evo-All nor flashing it, once I disconnected it from the Fortin program and went back to the vehicle to attempt a reset, the reset worked fine and the red LED wasn't constantly ON.


Any help appreciated. 


Ground while running wire has a constant 12v reading

After installing a Prestige APS787E alarm w/ my Evo-All bypass module on my 2012 Nissan Rogue (Non-Push2Start), my lock, unlock & trunk buttone on the aftermarket keyfob work but the remote start doesn't work. I updated my Evo-All to the latest firmware & hardware available & flashed it to D2D protocol.

I also programmed the Prestige alarm using the install guide to get the Tach signal via D2D mode. But when I attempt to follow the "Tach rate progarmming" section of the manual, it is clear the alarm might not be getting a tach signal.

Is it possible to hardwire the tach signal to my alarm while using data mode w/ the Evo-All?

Secondly, I test the "ground while running" wire connection btw the Evo-all & Prestige alarm with a multimeter and I get a constant 12V even when trying to remote start. Is this normal? I thought it would/should give me a 0V or ground signal when I attempy to remote start the car.

Lastly, also just noticed that my Prestige key fob arms the aftermarket alarm but locking my doors w/ the OEM Nissan keyfob doesn't. Thus when I arm the car w/ the Prestige keyfob & unlock & open the doors w/ my Nissan key, the siren goes off. Is this normal? 

Thanks in advance


Lock & unlock buttons work but no remote start (Evo-All)

I just completed an install & am attempting to remote start my 2012 Nissan Rogue (base model with standard key) with the Prestige APS787E alarm and it isn't starting. I have the Forting EVO-ALL bypass hooked up along side it in D2D (data to data) mode. I can confirm that my lock, unlock & trunk buttons work perfectly on my Prestige remote but once I attempt to do a remote start, my amber parking lights flash exactly seven times.    Also when I attempt to do a remote start, I notice no lights flash on the Evo-All, is this normal?   Moreover, I didn't hook up the hood pin switch that came w/ my alarm kit. Could that be the issue? Does the Prestige require the hood pin switch to be connected for the remote start to function? said my Nissan has a hoodpin switch but I physically couldn't find one under the hood.   Thanks & happy holidays

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