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Fortin EVO-ALL 2015 Nissan Rogue - Locking/Unlocking While Driving

Just installed an EVO All with the Nis3 Harness last night. While driving the car the unit unlocks and locks while flashing the turn signals every few seconds. I am curious as to what this could be. I've updated all firmware and enabled all unit options that were in the install manual. What could this be?


2022 Nissan Rogue remote start push start

I am installing a remote start to a 2022 Nissan Rogue, the installation guide says that 1 key will be sacrificed in the installation and the key in a box, I don't understand what that means, nor about sacrificing the key, nor about the key in the box, I need if someone could help me with that, thank you very much


2013 Rogue with standard key will not remote start

I bought this Rogue used with the the Evo-All and Pursuit Pro9776C remote starter installed. It worked perfectly for a week or so then stopped. Now when locked, remote starting will trigger the alarm. If it is unlocked with the remote, it starts the start sequence and all lights on the dash light up and the doors do an unlock sequence, but then nothing. I can leave key in the barrel and disconnect all but red connector on the Evo-All and it will go through the start sequence 3 times and it will start for a secord or so and shut down. I have successfully made sure that the tach sense is working properly. What other connections should I take a look at?


fuse size for 12v | Nissan rogue 2023

the wiring diagram shows a fuse on 12v green wire. the fuse is written in a lime green box on the diagram. does that mean a 20amp fuse is to be used? that sounds odd for low current wiring. can someone advice what size fuse is to be used


Nissan rogue 2021

Bonjour, j'ai installé dans un nissan rogue 2021 push un EvoOne avec l'application Cellulaire MS3G et mon client m'avise que le démarreur ne fonctionne presque jamais et que lorsqu'il fonctionne il à rarement une confirmation de retour. J'ai utilisé la sortie inition auxiliaire du EVOONE comme indiqué sur le plan Est-ce que j'aurais due allé me branché sur un inition directement dans la voiture?


2015 Nissan Rogue- EVO-NIST3 Won't program

Just installed today and when I plug in the unit all 3 lights continue to flash. What now? 2015 Key system


2014 Nissan Rogue EVO-ALL Parasitic Drain

I installed and programmed an EVO-NIST3 on a 2014 Nissan Rogue SL.

The remote start functionality works on the car, and it doesn't bring up any errors, but after installing the system, the car battery keeps going dead within hours.

A parasitic draw test reveled the EVO to be the culprit, adding 600-750mA of load on the battery even after the car has been sitting for 15-20 minutes, locked with all doors closed.

The problem seemed to be fixed after unplugging each harness connector from the BCM and replugging them, as the current was reduced to under 50mA total, and the battery survived nearly 8 hours without losing charge, but the next morning the battery was dead, and after charging, the battery had a parasitic load of nearly 800mA (again confirmed to be mostly from the EVO)


2009 nissan rogue, Do I need to hook up wire A8, if i don't have auto-lights.


2012 Nissan Rogue Standard key. EVO-1- NIS2

Can i use this standalone to remote start the vehicle? or do i need an external starter also, and if so what would you reccomend


I need your help. Nissan Rogue 2013 intelligent remote start Installation

Hello Fortin Support, I have a Nissan Rogue 2013 with Intellegent key. I have the following questions A. is it possible to do stand alone installation using evo all? B. I already programmed my evo all using flash link to do 3x start, and I fully programmed it in my vehicle but the car won`t start!!! .Would you please provide me with a link for evo all stand alone installation? C. I do not have any diaods. would it be okay to do my instalation without a diaod? D. Is it neccessay to install PARKING LIGHTS, and DRIVER DOOR PIN or it is optional? E. I`m lost I don`t know what diagram to use for stand alone installation. I`v been trying to install my remote starter for two weeks :(


Yellow light stays solid 2008 Nissan Rogue

I installed this Fortin one kit on my wifes Rogue as per the instructions and it is hung on the 4th step of the programing instructions. AS I dig into the troubleshooting manual it keeps going back to make sure tx and rx are hooked properly. Well everything has been installed per the instructions so what have I missed. Also the guide number that was sent with thi kit is a #79451 which does not show up doing any search for this vehicle. I already regret my purchase of a fortin remote start kit.


2011 Nissan Rogue Diode and Relay

Evo-One for 2011 Nissan Rogue Intelligent Key without T-Harness calls for "2x Diodes" and "1x Relay (Parking Lights (+))" but does not mention any specifics on the type of diodes and relay required. I am looking for the amperage and voltage for both pieces.


Nissan Rogue 2014 Push to start - Blue light does not flash when start pushed

Following the steps. Program button pressed when data plug in. Stop on blue. Blue stays solid. Plug in rest of plugs. Press start once (no brake pedal) and all Evo-all module lights turn off. Nothing else happens. This is where the blue LED should flash three times, but it does not. When I press stop again (after waiting a bit) blue light goes on solid. Testing remote start (press 3 t