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2015 Titan Locks

As per wiring instructions, pins 13 and 14 are not empty. Pin 13 has a green wire, labeled DOOR SW (RR) (service manual). What I can find is a positive pulse on pin 65 and 66 (black pin module on BCM). Any suggestions?


dcryptor limit has been reached for this car

please reset my module! my service number is :001A07345269


How to wire 6 pin to 20 pin TharOne-Nis5 T harness

I'm trying to install an Evo One with the Nis5 T-Harness. Wiring diagrams are not my jam. I'm unsure how to connect the lt blue, lt blue/black and purple/yellow on the 6 pin to the yellow/red, yellow/black on 20 pin connector. Page 3 of the guide.




i got 



Could you please reset this limit 

SN:001A07 407878



Hi, again before 5 months i have installed EVO-ALL with NIST1 on Murano 2009. I can start the car wirh OEM FOB (3xLOCK) but can not stopped it or unlock it with the FOB. It can unlock it with the phisical key and when oped the the door the engine stopped. I had done connections to the BCM module(LOCK/UNLOCK pins). Now i have installed Fortin RFK411. I can start and stop the engine but still can not unlock the car when engine is remotely started. I can not lock or unlock the cars when car is NOT started with Fortin remotes. I have one question- if i make connections for LOCK/UNLOCK not to BCM, but directly to the drivers door button for LOCK/UNLOCK. Please make advise!


What's all the accessories I need to connect a Fortin EVO-ALL to 2012 Nissan Pathfinder Standard Key


Interior lights stay on

Altima 2008 coupe lights stay on, even if vehicle is off and locked. Once driving interior lights stay on as well. Evo nist1.


Remote start affecting nearby vehicle?

Installed Fortin evo-all with LinkR-lt2 to a 2015 Nissan Rogue. Ever since the install my sisters 2017 honda fit has been going off(alarm) disconnected the evo- all and LinkR-lt2 and her car alarm still goes off but not as much.


Programming issues

After decryption can only use valet mode


Evo1 will not enter programming for remotes or funcrions

Nothing works past the decryption


programming issues s/n 002B04273087

once decripted, all i get is a solid amber light when reinstalled and the key is on. unit will not let me into any typeof programming. no remote or function. I have no conformation from the antanna or parking lights. it will however make the interior lights blink once i have started it with the key and i push on the brake. I am using the nis2 T harmess and the rf remotes.


Evo 1 will not program after decryption reinstall

Only will allow in/out of valet


Will not start and shuts all functions of vehicle down.

Evo All installed in a 2019 Nissan Kicks was working fine for 6 months or so. Now we push lock button one time and then everything seems to shut down key fob will not function can't unlock doors etc.. enter vehicle with physical key and try to manually start with push button and then nothing happens car wont start at all, we wait 4-6 hours and then we can get in with key fob and push button start..Curios what I can do to solve this problem. Thank You


Nissan XainK (130Pts.)


Brakes light up when remote starting but the 2010 Hybrid Altima does not start

This is a weird one, because the car remote starts pretty much every other remote start session. I'm not sure what's causing that as I checked the wiring and it doesnt seem like anything is wrong. So here it goes, when i try to remote start the car from far I see my brake lights turn on* (as in the brakes are being pressed) but the car does not start. the problem is mainly that the brake lights STAY ON unless I actually go to the car and start it myself, however even when i get to the car nothing pretty much works. I press the brakes myself and when I press the the push to start button it stays on lock (it goes LOCK-ACC-ON) so i pretty much freak out, unlock and lock mulitple times, press and depress the brake while keep hitting the push to start untill it goes off and then I manually start it. INFO: 2010 Hybrid Altima (Push to start) EVO-ALL using RL1 red connector in the module * passanger side brake light does not LIGHT UP, the bulb itself works only when i run the headlights but not when i press the brakes


After dcrypting and back to the car, the red and yellow light keep flashing.. why is that????

2014 Nissan Juke, push button,