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2015 Titan horn chirp

I am trying to get the horn to chirp on remote start, as well as locking. 2015 Nissan Titan EVO-ONE Ser 002b04275287. I measured the orange/black for a -ve pulse, and do not see anything. Am I missing an option?



Bought from a ebay seller selling your stuff. I contacted them an they said plug and play so i bought. Well i got it hooked it up tried to program and i get yellow light on and turn key and the red light dont come on to program. I did hook it up to my computer with the flah device and programmed it and flashed it. Still nothing. Ebay seller has been giving me a run around saying its your problem not theres. I just need some troublshooring help toi get it to work. The ebay seller then told me i needed a rf so i got one of them from them and re flashed the device for it installed it back in and still does nothing. Whats best way to get help troublshooting


Nissan 2020 NV2500 20 pin connector location

The purchased wiring plan does not have a location or picture for a 20 pin connector which has the emergency brake, dome light and truck pin, please help with location and any other knowedge. Thanks


2019 Qashqai vehicle has no crank no start when the module is plugged in.

2019 Nissan Qashqai, automatic, key-start. Installed Evo-all with T-harness. Stand alone install. Evo-all programmed fine. Got the correct lights when programming, dcryptor went through fine. Installed the module back in the vehicle after dcryptor, the vehicle will not crank / start. Unplugged module, left the t-harness connected, vehicle starts fine (with a bunch of codes). Cleared the codes, re-installed Evo all module, no crank / no start. Also, the evo-all module does not light up / respond to the vehicle FOB (I.e. no light flashes when pressing lock or unlock) Things I have done so far: checked t-harness (pin location, made sure plugs are seated properly). Removed t-harness, vehicle starts fine, re-installed t-harness, vehicle starts fine, re-installed Evo all module, same issue, no crank / no start. Downgraded firmware to minimum, no changes. SN 001A07 284515 Current firmware loaded - 72.52 I have not tried to replace evo-all with a different one. Could the evo-all module be bad? Thanks.


EVO ALL GUIDE #105331 - Confusing Language

Installing stand-alone on a 2020 Nissan Frontier PTS. The Frontier has a factory hood switch for alarm functions. The config / options section of the guide states to set A11 to OFF if no hood pin. Does this imply to set A11 to ON in this circumstance? And I assume the blue hood pin wire is moot in this situation, or does it require grounding as the full diagram illustrates? A little confused on the intent.


Fortin EVO-ALL 2015 Nissan Rogue - Locking/Unlocking While Driving

Just installed an EVO All with the Nis3 Harness last night. While driving the car the unit unlocks and locks while flashing the turn signals every few seconds. I am curious as to what this could be. I've updated all firmware and enabled all unit options that were in the install manual. What could this be?


R35 GT-R 2015 push to start only lights turn and no engine start ! I have EVO -NIST1 !


We have problems installing EVO-NIST1 on a Nissan GTR 2015 and we have followed what fortin said on the instructions and it dont work and also the the instructions fortin has for finding out whats wrong but i dont work as it should !

Between this 2 instructions there is different diagrams with the 2 instructions and that do not make it easier and when plugging in the box should the button be push down or not ?

When programing folloving the lights and the instructions the lights jumps over steps !?

What flash should be used standalone or the other one !?

when pushing the button 3 times only lights but no engine start it never even try to start !?

When disconecting the box every thing works normal.

EVO-ALL number SN: 001A07 535353

Can any one help us in any way to sort this out !


please reset my flashlink 002505 112508

which version should i be using for my 2020 Nissan Frontier push to start?


Stuck on Step 4

2012 Nissan Rogue Intelli-key using T harness NIS 2. I cannot get passed step 4. The yellow light never flashes it doesn't change at all after pushing button any amount of times. I went through the troubleshooting guide and I don't have power on yellow wire, I also reversed the can-bus wires which didn't help. The fob was placed 40 feet away inside the house next to the spare keys we have for this vehicle.



T-HARNESS was used with an EVO-ALL. After 15min run time the vehicle shuts down and the factory alarm sets off. Is there a setting that can avoid the factory alarm triggering?


hi my dcryptor limit reach on evo all NIST4 SN:001A07 466615 how do i reset ,thanks in advance

my evo one dcryptor limit reached error is showing .please help reset


Does the lock and unlock wires go into the listed empty slots on a 2019 Nissan Armada using the Evo-Nist1?

The guide says that the lock and unlock wires go into an empty slot.


Site states they are "not accepting consumers" so I cannot login after having registered.

Site does not allow me to login after selecting consumer. The harness is installed, but I cannot program now. Thanks, Jim


Need help selecting an alarm for 2019 Nissan NV 200 Cargo Van

Hello Tech Support, I am in need of your help, kindly assist me with select an alarm that will be Plug and Play for my 2019 Nissan NV200 Cargo Van. I would like to have 4 buttons on the remote ( Cargo door, unlock , lock and remote Start/panic), remote start can also be accepted. Thank you in advance. My email is markwilkinson805@hotmail.com