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Does evo start 2 not work anymore?

I have two vehicles that have this evo start 2 installed and worked well but I’ve noticed that recently nothing on the app itself connects to them. The remotes will start no problem. It’s just through the phone app


RF912 Remote on existing RFK942

Hi I have an Evo One with a RFK942 kit and remote in the 2019 VW Golf, can I pair a spare RF912 remote to this kit as it is smaller, as it doesn’t currently seem to pair.


Linkr-lt2 and Fortin rf kit?

Has this combo ever been fixed to work again? Or is capitalism still keeping the fix from ever happening?


FAQ G M (13980Pts.)


3-x lock and aftermarket remote start

How to set up evo-all so that it can be installed together with a purchased remote start device and so that auto-start can be implemented with a triple click on the standard key fob?


Help with Omega RF install

I bought two of these.  One for an EVO-ONE, one for EVO-ALL.  I managed to get the EVO-ONE working on a 2020 Hyundai Kona.  I cannot get it  to work on EVO-ALL with multiple vehicles (2010 Ford Fusion, 7.71.52 and 2014 Chrysler Town and Country, 7.58.01)

The instructions both in the box and on the Fortin website did not work.  Here is what I figured out to get the antenna into pairing mode:

Unplug antenna if you already connected it

Unplug data link (black connector) from EVO-ALL

Hold programming button

Insert data link

Release button when lights are blue and red

Connect antenna (On this antenna, it flashes once.  If I hook up the antenna from the EVO-ONE install, it flashes 6 times)

Ignition on

Ignition off

Ignition on

Antenna is lit up solid

Within 5ish seconds, press the brake pedal 4 times (antenna should flash with each press)

After the 4th press, it should be flashing rapidly

At this point I was hoping I could program the remotes but they still did not respond.

So far, when I asked Omega support they responded with "Was the evo-all set for Omegalink/Crimstopper rf kit and did the box for the olrf15sst have the white label stating it was compatible?" which is Yes and Yes.  They then followed up with "Just the RF kit protocol and the adapter should be fine. Try holding the start button for 3-5 seconds when you program it."

I get the same behavior with either their adapter or the RF-A2A

Any other ideas from Fortin?  Hopefully my new steps will help.  I reached out to Omega also for clarification about the antenna blinks

EDIT: Omega has been more responsive but no luck so far.  I did try updating the firmware on the Chrysler to 7.74.39 with no luck.  I flashed back to 7.58.02.  Now I no longer get 1 blink when I plug in the antenna in any scenario, only 6 blinks.  (5 blinks is a 1 way antenna, 6 blinks is 2-way according to Omega).  I also am no longer able to replicate my steps above because of this.  One thing is they were not sure if the antenna is supposed to light up when programming an EVO-ALL.  It sometimes does for the EVO-ONE.


application evostart 2

4 mars 2023 11h00 L'application ne semble pas fonctionner. As-T-il une probleme avec l'application? merci.


FAQ Stack316 (290Pts.)


Does the viper DSM550 work with EVO ONE in the USA

is the viper dsm550 still working with the evo one in the United States?

Is there a link to the FD Data cable that is needed to connect the evo one to the viper dsm550?



FAQ Stack316 (290Pts.)


RFK442 evo one only able to connect 1 of the 2 remotes

I have been able to setup one RFk442 remote but when I try to program the 2nd one it does not work and get red flashing lights. Anything special to get both programmed?


How can I flash EVO-ALL to work datalink/d2d with Viper 4806v?

I have an EVO-ALL. When using Flashlink software, I don't see Viper listed as an option for datalink/d2d. What option should I select? It is strange that Viper's sister companies are listed (Clifford, Avital, Python, etc) but NOT Viper. Vehicles: 2007 Ford F150 and 2013 Toyota Tacoma


Device Flash Limit Reached RESET PLEASE

Can i get my Flash limit reset SN# 001A06503683


Will the APP work for remote start in the UK?

Hi Will the App work for remote start in the UK? Thanks


FAQ Ark :D (130Pts.)


Possible to install an EVO-ALL module for transponder bypass, with no remote start unit?

Hello, A more complete version of my question is; I am looking to purchase a Fortin EVO-ALL unit to install in my car and I have no need or want for remote starting functionality; I ONLY need the key transponder bypass functionality. Is it possible to install the Fortin EVO-ALL unit alone, with no remote starter unit connected, to simply store and emulate the transponder key? Background: a couple years ago, I built a tube-frame kit car using a Chevy with PK3+ donor car, and I would like to add a push-button starter to the car now. One of my requirements for this project is that the factory ignition switch is to be removed. I have a custom PCB in my possession that handles the ignition switch side, but now I need to handle emulation of the key transponder/immobilizer bypass side. I understand that there's plenty of other products available to do this, but I need one that will not rely on a resistance loop around the transponder ring, since the factory ignition will be removed. Thanks in advance!


2016 Hybrid Camry PTS Installed Evo-All with Harness, 4 red flashes which means Ignition before start error

2016 Hybrid Camry PTS Installed Evo-All with T-Harness, 4 red flashes on module which means Ignition before start error. What is wrong? Last firmware installed and SN: 001A07 484579 Thanks Previously did the same installation of Evo-All on 2014, works fine.


FAQ ReLyt (180Pts.)


Is remote compatibility changing over time?

I notice there are several guides for various compatible remotes on the website - thank you for those detailed guides! However, reading through Q&A and looking through available firmware on FlashLink Manager, I notice there are several firmware options that people have had success with other remotes - 0.44 for OmegaLink, 0.50 "test drone", 0.83 SmartStart 2.0 (for DSM550), 0.96 "Test Firstech...", and some reports of 1.24 being used for compustar/idatastart while others saying iDatastart remotes are not supported. I understand things won't be perfect and am not expecting fully backed solutions by Fortin as there is competition, but are there any general guidelines for firmware/wiring options to attempt to make Evo-One work with other remotes? Any "generally universal" firmware, maybe some pinouts that need to change on the 4pin connections, or at least what to do to prevent damage? I am really looking forward to using Evo-One for manual transmission installs, but my customers have preferences on other remotes they've had in the past. Most prominent cases: Python, Viper, and iDatastart remotes Any insight is greatly appreciated! Cheers