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remote start doesnt work

Function C1 programmed. 38.1 and 2.1 programmed. but remote start doesnt work.


2011 Corolla wont start with remote start but will start with G key

install a compustar cs800 along with the fortin key override all with firmware 4.06. everything is hooked up and the fortin program correctly with the 10 blinks. When I try the remote start it will attempt to start the car, I hear the starter crank then it cuts out right before it turns over. When I use the key car turns on just like normal. When I unplug the fortin bypass and use the key it will do the same thing, try to start n cut out before turning over. I believe the fortin is install and program correctly. Also before installing the bypass I tried to start it with just the remote start and samething. Car will attempt to start and cut out. Any help would be appericated. I try reprogramming the fortin like 10x already TIA UPDATE So there was 2 IGN wire, hooked it up to IGN 1 and now it will work with the key in the IGN, but when I take the key out it will try and crank but wont turn over, I try to reprogram the fortin again but same thing.


Enabling valet mode using the push button 3X with ignition on, no visual indication.

I was wondering why, when I turn the key to ignition and press the push button 3X for valet mode, there is no visual indication (like parking lights) to verify valet is enabled. When I use the RF642W remote, the parking lights flash once to provide a visual indication. Why not do this with the push button as well ?


Evo One lights up YELLOW when I plug in 20 pin connection on bypass programming

2014 Toyota 4Runner G Key using Toyota 1 T harness and Guide #18251 I'm performing the Key Bypass Programming Procedure and can get the Blue and Red light to come as instructed, but as soon I plug in the 20 pin connector the YELLOW light comes on and i can't get the bypass to program. Thanks, Mike


How do I get the evo one to communicate with the rf kit?

I finally received the new replacement EVO-ONE unit. Updated the software and set the options. I installed it the car and it programmed good. But I am unable to get any response from it using the installed RF kit. The rf kit is an Omega Ultimate 30 EDP. The red led indicator on the rf antenna just blinks constantly. I went through the programming steps to get the evo one programmed to the rf kit but could not get a reaction when pushing the lock button on the remotes. I have the rf kits option set to RFLF and have tried having option 38 set to disable and enable control by OEM remote, but neither way has worked. Its like the evo one unit is not communicating with the rf kit. Is there an option that I need to have set a certain way that I am missing to get them to communicate?


2010 Corolla dot key EVO-ONE programmed but no response from factory remote

Installed evo-one in 2010 toyota corolla with dot key. Module programmed ok but does not appear to receive command from factory remote 3X lock command to start. Do I have all the appropriate options turned on/off for the bypass/remote start? Is there something else I need to check?


EVO-ONE not communicating to SmartStart DSM200 - installed on 2014 Tacoma

I just left a voicemail for assistance.  

I've installed the EVO-ONE using the Fortin THAR-ONE-TOY2 harness and instructions in guide 19621 in my 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 Automatic.  One question I had in that guide is that it appears as though Wire D4 is not supposed to be connected to anything by the scissor cut marks.  Is this correct?  

I got the EVO-ONE installed and got it to program for my key bypass, but since I'm planning on using a SmartStart DMS200, I don't have a way to test the installation of the EVO-ONE to make sure it starts my truck.  It seems the factory remotes aren't supported on Tacoma, so I can't use Lock Lock Lock to start it.

So I have the EVO-ONE connected to a brand new DSM200 module using an EVO-ALL data cable, and the DSM200 initializes to cellular system and lights solid Amber, but the green light which is supposed to come on solid to indicate communication established with the remote start never comes on.

What am I doing wrong?


Evo One bypass settings for DEI DSM250?

Hi - An Evo One is installed on a 2014 Tundra, and being used for remote start (3x lock), works great, awesome product! A DEI DSM250 is being installed as an extenstion onto the Evo One, and we would like to confirm the proper settings via the flash loader. This is what we believe needs to be set on the Evo One... Flash Loader - Bi-Pass Settings (?): #20 - GPS / I/O (the DSM250 is GPS enabled where as the DSM200 is only "RemoteStart") #21 - D2D #23 Supported RF Kits Available - select #4 (DEI Smart Start) Flash Loader - Remote Start Settings (?): It doesn't appear I need to change any of the functions 1-39? Thanks in advance


EVO-ONE showing Solid Red and Yellow, will not show just Red

I have a 1999 Toyota Avalon and I have an EVO-ONE with the TOY-1 T-Harness.

It is programmed for Function 2 Mode 4, as listed on 19201, and Function 20 Mode 2 as listed there as well.

The factory wiring harness is like this:


Factory Function    Factory Color    TOY-1 color   IGN-1                    Black / Yellow    Pink   IGN-2                    Black                Orange   12 Volt +               White / Red       Red   Start                     Red                   Yellow                                (no connection)    White   ( labeled as Start 2 in EVO-ONE manual, but no wire exist in factory harness )                                                        Black   ( Grounded to Frame bolt )     So, the Mode 4 looks to be correct on Function 2, but when I try to program the unit to the car, I get the LED's doing this:   Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue and Red,  Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue and Red, and just kept repeating that.     When I release on Red, Both Red and Yellow light solid, and inserting the key does nothing.   The EVO-ONE has a Crime Stopper remote that is a single button remote, as the factory remote can not operate the remote start feature on this model car.   I was able to program Function 5 to accept the remote, but still the car will not start and I can not get the EVO-ONE to give me just a solid Red light.   I have checked all my connections and everything is correct.   Is there some other setting that needs to set to make this work ?     I saw another Toyota owner that had a problem like this and Function 38 had to be changed, but they were using OEM remote to start, not an aftermarket Crime Stopper RF kit.   Thanks  



C1 & D2, where are these options ?

I am trying to do a full reset on an EVO-ONE, and I can't find where to do it. In the Flash Link Manager, If I click option 23, it sets the options back to factory, and I click save, and it looks like that saves the settings, but I want to fully reset the unit. I also see it says C1 and D2 are supposed to be enabled, but I can't find where these settings are in the software and the version written on the programming note that came with the unit says V79.24. How do I know if that is right, and where do I find this info on the site ? The software says Flash Link Manager 3.52 Is there another software that I need to use? I am using a Crime Stopper Revo-1 and I have the setting for the factory remote set to off, since my car does not support that, but is there another option to set for using the after market antenna unit ? Thanks


2014 Tundra factory alarm goes off when opening door time to time

I have 2014 Toyota Tundra with EVO-ONE w/ remote start working just fine. Also, factory alarm is enabled on the vehicle. Time to time, when I unlock the car with remote and open the door, factory alarm will go off. It is not every time but may be 1 out of 10 times. When the alarm goes off, I just click the unlock button again, it stops. Do you know what may cause this issue?


Toyota Dmas (280Pts.)


2018 Tundra does not lock doors after remote start.

2018 Tundra Evo One installed and programmed, remote starts works with 3x lock button pressings , doors unlocks before it cranks but it does not lock back up after vehicle starts even thou option D5 is set.. firmware 79.45 options C1 D2 D5 setting protection Y Evo One remote start firmware version 1.2.4 options 2.4, 38.2 thanks in advance for the help. Dan


Toyota G-Key Vs H-Key

Friday,I will test the Toyota New Car.(september,2013 L/O) The Car is key system.I remember that the toyota Car have the G-key system and H-key system. Can you tell me the method that distribute G-key and H-key. For Example,there is the mark G in the key of G-key system car.