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Door locks

Installed an evoall and tbvw in 2016 Golf. door locks don't lock or unlock while car is running. Factory remote will shut off the car via lock unlock lock. Can evoall unlock the doors without adding a complete starter unit? Or can a relay be added and hardwire unlock? Thanx in advance Michael


Door lock and unlock does not work on RF942

Jetta 2016 standard key With the RF942 remote: Remote Start & Stop works fine Door lock, module clicking once but nothing happens Door unlock, module clicking twice but nothing happens Also tried trigger wires, purple a2, purple/white a3 with same results as the rf remote, clicking but nothing. A5 is turned off and Green/Red wire(A18) is connected to Mux Lock/Unlock Blue/Red wire at BCM connector A (black) pin 24. Evo-vwt3 (evo-all, t-harness, vw-tb)


2010 CC Sport factory alarm triggers when unlocking from viper 5704 remote- using evo all

Remote start and door lock-unlock works properly. Door locks-unlock through can bus using Evo All. External relay to pulse ignition using viper door unlock to "energize" can bus. Unlocking with viper remote after car sets for an hour or so, factory alarm triggers


2011 VW Tiguan - EVO ALL Stand Alone Remote Start w/ OEM Key COMPATIBLE?

I see some conflicting info out here that has me concerned an EVO-ALL will not work properly for a stand alone remote start install on a 2011 VW Tiguan.  

1)  My 2011 Tiguan is technically "push to start" with a transponder chip FOB to allow a start without a true keyed ignition. The install guides reference a STANDARD KEY install, but do show the key FOB wire looping to bypass the transponder.  I just want to be sure upon entering the vehicle after a remote start I would do what... "push the start button and brake" to confirm I had entered the vehicle to simulate turning a manual ignition key to ON? Or is this a dealbreaker?

2)  One of your techs stated that on a 2011 VW Tiguan NO REMOTE UNLOCK is possible with the OEM FOB after a remote start.  Is this true? And if YES, how the heck would I get into the vehicle after a remote start locked the doors and fired up the ignition?  The manual emergency key? Here is the thread...

Also, turn OFF D1 in the bypass options.

 commented Dec 24, 2014 by Robb  


Ok thanks a lot , now it starts , one more question how do I get the remote to unlock while the vehicle is on , the remote won't function while the car is on , thanks

 commented Dec 24, 2014 by Ivan Flores  


By factory, the remote does not work while the vehicle is started. It's written in the guide and the website that the remote will not function on remote start. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

 commented Dec 24, 2014 by Robb


Thank you for the support!  Great forum and websitre you have here!


When pressing unlock button vehicle locks instead of unlocking

EVO-VWT1 with RF642W, 2017 Jetta push to start. When pressing unlock button vehicle locks instead of unlocking Lock, start, aux buttons do nothing, although i see visual led confirmation on antena. OEM remote 3x lock start works fine. Firmware up to date, install was done over a year ago and everything worked fine untill recently. Antena cable has no visual damage.


2014 VW Tiguan w/ EVO ALL remote starts, but the OEM keyfob is not detected when approaching the car.

Installed an EVO All in a 2014 tiguan using guide #65501 and a T Harness. The car remote starts fine, but when the driver approaches the vehicle with the smart key it is not detected. They have to use the physical buttons on the fob to unlock the doors. Is this the way it is supposed to work, or should it receive the signal as it does when not under RS? thanks

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