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Audi Sean (750Pts.)


After remote start can press brake and drive vehicle for remote start run time without key

2013 Audi q5 with Keyport and no push to start Evo all module with t harness. Works flawlessly otherwise latest firmware is 60.08 but install guide says 60.02. I assume it's just a matter of pulling the module back out and selecting an option I just don't know which one.


OEM alarm challenges - EVO -ONE on 2010 Audi S5

I have an EVO-ONE installed in my 2010 Audi S5. I am using it as an alarm and a remote-start w/ bypass. Most everything works fine. However, when we open a door via the exterior door handle, while having the OEM remote/proximity unit on our person, the alarm sounds when we open the door. But, if we disarm the system using a remote control before opening the door, the alarm of course does not go off. Is there a setting in the EVO-ONE that we need to change in order for the alarm to turn-off when we use the OEM function of unlocking and disarming by pulling the door handle while the OEM remote on our person? Or is this not possible? Thank you, Sean


Audi Greg V (140Pts.)


No flashing blue on Step 5 - 2013 Q5

Trying to program my 2013 Audi Q5 with EVO-ALL or AUDT1 or EVO RS. I really don’t know because all three of those are on the box that it came in, which is confusing in itself. I’m using the T harness that came with it, and I spliced into the brake switch connector and the CAN hi and lo wires. T plugged into the key port. I flashed the EVO using the software and FlashLink. I can get through steps 1-4, but at step 5, I push key in to power on vehicle, the blue light comes on, I press and release the programming button on the EVO, the light goes out, but never comes back on to flash repeatedly as the instructions say it should.


2021 Audi A5 remote starter keyless entry

After installing remote starter for 2021 Audi A5 Coupe, should I get EVO ALL or EVO ONE? Also, would keyless entry still work?



This is a 2012 Audi Q5 with key slot.

EVO AUDT1   Module S/N 001A07152594

flashlink programming was updated and the latest software is installed. version 4.51 firmware 60.08 hardware 7.0

Wiring to the can bus and brake was connected.

Performed all wiring installation as intructions stated.

Programmed the module SEVERAL TIMES.

Upon installation into the t harness, I have No lights on the module.

Now the Key will not start the car.  Remote key will only lock/unlock car

removed the T harness from the vehicle and the car will still not start.

Acts as thou the vehicle does not recognize the key.


Evo One reset

I forgot to do DCryptor / acquire data from Audi A5 2011 with key-port and the module is already updated. I am trying to rest the evo one via the Flash link updater software but i cant find it how.


2015 A8 Door Handle Sensor won't work after remote start

I recently installed and programmed the EVO-ALL on a 2015 Audi A8 successfully. However, the door handle sensor does not work after remote starting and have to unlock by using the key fob. When the car is off, the door handle sensors does work. So is there a setting that I'm missing?


Stop working Audi A3 2011

I install evo-all and a remote starter in a 2011 Audi a3. It works fine. 2 days after the remote doesn't work anymore. I tried it and manage to make it works with the key near the cylinder. Can the evo-all loose its key programation ? Can i see what is wrong looking at the colored led on the EVO-ALL. Should i reset it and reprogrammed it? Do i need to plug it back to the flash-link programmer? Thank you


Audi A3 Yellow Ignition + Airbag

Hello, following the instructions through the Fortin & wire-colour sites, the yellow ignition wire connection is under the steering column. The picture on wire-colour shows the airbag controller dissasembled. The airbag module on the A3 is sealed with a caution sticker suggesting that the airbag must be disabled before disasembling - I can't find instructions on your site or wire-colour for disabling the airbag, and neither site specify that work is required around the airbag controller. I'm aware that airbag capacitors carry a charge even after the battery is disconnected, and I attempted to disconnect the ingition harnes and gain access to the yellow wire without messing with the airbag controller, but since the ignition wires pass through behind it, it seems impossible to access the wire and make that connection without dissasembling the airbag controller - I abandoned installation at this point as I could not find a safe way to proceed. Even without disassembling the airbag controller, the air bag warning is now lit in the dash and will need to be cleared - it must have sensed that I was poking around. Since airbags are both expensive and critical for safety, can you provide more detail on steps to access the yellow ignition wire, and how to disable the airbag without risking firing it, or accidentaly breaking it/permanently disabling it? Thanks, Rob


Audi david t (190Pts.)


2014 audi a5 with push start. is the evo one the only piece i need to install remote start?

In the directions it looks like I need to leave a key attached inside the car to the unit. will the car start if someone breaks in considering it is push button? I am concerned if someone breaks into the car, it will be able to be started because there will be a key inside at all times.


Audi A3, ignition wires and key sense wire

Hello again Which one is the key sense wire on the back of the ignition cylinder? And is negative or positive and at what stages of ignition? Thanks Peter


Do you have an install guide for my 2010 Audi A6 AudT1 system I purchased?

Do you have an install guide for my 2010 Audi A6 AudT1 system I purchased? Youtube only has a 2015 Q5 or a 2010 A3 video someone put up but not sure it applies to my 2010 A6. Clear written instructions would be nice like the MPC kit provided for my Silverado. That had full clear instruction with pictures even.


Linkr LT1 not pairing with EVO All

My Linkr LT1 module does not pair with the evo-all. I am able to get into the programming mode and the lights on my Linkr LT1 are solid, but I never get a blink or acknowledgement that the Linker LT1 was programmed to the evo. I've also tried this process after disconnecting them for a long while with no luck as well. Please refer to the video which shows my failed attempt. My veichle is a 2021 Audi Q5. https://youtu.be/4yhramq7ll0


2013 Audi A7 Wont Start, key not recognised

I'm currently using an evo one SN: 002B04 079929 I'm trying to program this for an audi a7 2013. I've upgraded the correct firmware as per the manual however i'm getting an issue when attempting to remote start. It shows on the dash key not detected every time. I've done this 3 times now and the 3rd time the Decryptor limit has been reached. Can you advise and then reset please? The programming went fine, all the lights appeared as shown. If i leave the key in the car and remote start it, its fine. but if i do it outside the vehicle it displays key not recognised. Thanks