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Audi Vincc (230Pts.)


Problems with Evo-All in my 2014 Audi S4


I have installed the Evo-All in my 2014 S4 and have some problems with it. 

Basically, remote starting works, but I have to Press the Lock button 5x to start the Car. It doesn't matter If I press the Button fast, wait 1 sec or wait 2 sec between the Button pushes. Needs 5x presses.
Tried already different Firmware.
Any solution for this Problem?

- Another Problem is when I start the Car remotely, the rearview camera isn't working. I need to stop the engine and start it again to get a Picture.
Where is There the Problem? Any Solution?

- Next Problem when I remotely start the Car and unlock the door with the key, I can enter and drive away without the Key?? (leaving the key away from the car) I was thinking this isn't possible?

- When I remotely start the Car, is it possible to unlock the Car with the door Handel? The Car has Keyless Entry/Go.

- Finally, can you reset my Flash Limit on my Evo-All?

S/N: 001A06905491

Thanks for helping me! 


4x Lock Required to start Audi 2012 S4 with EVO-ALL+THAR-AUD1

2012 Audi S4 with Push button start, automatic trans, Installed EVO-ALL+THAR AUD1. (latest firmware confirmed with flashlink)

If the canbus is alive, the car will start on 3x lock of oem fob.

If the car is asleep, as in it sits overnight then "4x" lock is required to start the engine.

Something I've also noticed is 3x lock does not stop the engine when it has been started by the EVO-ALL module..so if engine is started with fortin module, no amount of fob lock button pressed will not stop the engine.

The system was updated with flashlink during the install process and only setting changed was the start run time length from 5mins to 30mins.

All the wiring that is required with the THAR-AUD1 has ben double checked and as mentioend, if canbus is live it'll start perfectly fine on 3x lock, it's just when the vehcle is asleep it's like you need to press the remote 1x to wake up the canbus and then 3x to start the engine. 

The 3x lock to shut off engine after start with fortin system, I'm not sure if this is possible or correct so I'm not 100% this is a concern.

Is any of the above normal operation?


2010 Audi S4 Evo-All fails to start unless key is slightly inside the keyport.

2010 Audi S4. Wires soldered and tested. Programming completed successfully with recommended options and firmware installed. Failure to start and three flashes of red led after failure. Also brake lights never come on. I found that if I insert the fob into the keyport slightly, (not all the way in) the engine will start after pressing the lock button three times. I've tried two different modules and T-harnesses with the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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