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Can't find door locks on a 2006 Tundra

hi i called about 2006 tundra for door locks i dont know if guys can keep looking into it i need to figure this out customer wants the door locks please let me know


2010 Toyota Matrix non-G key with EVO-ONE

I have a dot stamped on my OEM key fob that I want to use to remote start my car. After some research online, the EVO-ONE is an ideal solution. Before making the purchase the compatable list to use the 3x lock has G-types only. I really do not want to add another remote to my key chain, its already bulky as it is. Will this not work for my 2010 Toyota Matrix?


EVO-ALL Standalone Remote Start not working on 2014 PTS Highlander

Got a 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE (non-Hybrid) push to start (PTS). I have installed an EVO-ALL (HW version 6), re-flashed to firmware 79.20 (beta). I have installed it exactly as described in guide #23771, rev 20141106 (no-key takeover). I am trying to use EVO-ALL as a stand alone remote starter (options C1 & D1 enabled) but it will not work. For what it's worth, I have also tried the key-take over solution, without any success. The module programmed sucessfully (rapid blue flashes to off after ignition turned off). Manually starting the car yields a solid yellow light. Grounding the yellow/black wire (( -) external start/stop input) results in solid red light on evo-all module along with a couple of blue flashes, then the dash reads "Check Smart Key System" and nothing happens. Pressing Lock button on remote 3X yields no response. I'm at a loss here and checked everything possible that I know to check. Anyone have any suggestions of what to check next?


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


Avalon of miracle.

3 days ago one module did not work on 2013 Avalon. Today the 2015 Avalon arrived and neither that module nor the other module worked for this one either... Then CAN transferred the wires to a 30-wire connector and both modules started working (???). Maybe they have a standard autostart and it interferes or what?


No Solution for 2022 4Runner PTS?

Why no guide for 2022 4runner?, i just did one today with no steering lock, standalone using the evo-all and tharness Thar-Toy6 following the 2021 guide,

  The only difference is i cut the steering lock connector off and directly wired the red to 12v yellow to Ignition and blk to gnd  blue wire not used, found these right at ecu. Everything worked great programmed no prob


Radio display stay On

I have a Toyota sequoia with an aftermarket kenwood + maestro rr and since i installed the evo one the radio display (not the audio) stays on and i can find a way to get it to shut down automatically. Any idea?


2006 Toyota 4runner: Auto headlights not shutting off after remote start (EVO-ONE)

I recently installed an EVO-ONE on a 2006 4Runner Limited. This vehicle has daytime running lights that come on as soon as the vehicle is running, so I elected not to hook up the parking light wire on the EVO-ONE. Additionally, this vehicle is equipped with auto headlights, and the vehicle's owner prefers to leave the headlight switch in the AUTO position. One quirk I've noticed: If the vehicle is remote started but the doors have not been opened, the auto headlights will not shut off after the vehicle has been started. Once a door has been opened, the auto headlights will shut down after 30 seconds or so. The quirk is not limited to remote starts. I've replicated the problem using the vehicle's key. If I start the vehicle up, then shut it down without getting out, the auto headlights remain on. I suspect the auto headlight system is tied into the door switches somehow. Is there a way to hook up the EVO-ONE so that it it can shut down the auto headlights? There is no mention of the auto headlights in the guides I have downloaded for the EVO-ONE and the 2006 4Runner. Thank you, Darren


2014 Toyota Tundra Step 4 flash once and lights cut off.

toyota tundra 2014 steps 1-3 work stops a step 4. When the program button is pressed 2x blue/red lights flash once then no lights. Try to turn the key to on and no lights still. Try pressing the program lights on again and no lights.


Remote starter is affecting the memory seats in my 2014 Rav4

Just bought a resale 2014 Rav4 from a previous owner. It has the E400-C remote starter installed and the memory seats don't work. Went to a Toyota dealership, ran my car through their computer and says that it's the remote starter than is affecting the memory seats. Also, the remote starter doesn't even work as well. If I remove the E400-C completely and install another remote starter, will my memory seats work?


FTX64-2W Rremote batteries failing after a few weeks

Hello, I have a 2011 Toyota Coralla (G-key) with a FORTIN EVO-ALL (Dealer Install). Stating with the origanl batteries, these remotes seem to drain their batteries within a few weeks. I have been trough 6 pairs of batteries with both remotes. I was told me that these types of remotes have had problems and FORTIN reccomends swapping them for "R9" or "R10" remotes. The dealer claims no knowlede have this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Toyota "H" key crank/no start. Possible solution.

I'm mentioning this here as I've seen others post similar questions about the H key and a crank/no start situation. I've run into this now, for the second time on a 2015 Rav4. I've been doing some testing on this particular car, and when following your guide #31741, it shows no accessory hookup needed. And in this fashion, I get the crank but no start with repeatable results. After connecting the accessory from the r.s. to the red accessory wire at pin #7 at the ign. switch, the car starts, with repeatable results. I was told it was due to a timing issue previously between the starter and the vehicle. Don't know if there's anything to this, but passing along the info. I've called and talked with someone there in the past about this situation, and just thought I'd post to hear your thoughts since I'm time limited today.


H Key bypass

Idatalink just released a new version dl-tl9 that dont required a key or a tb-rav4, are you coming soon with the same thing?? thanks


Evo-One for 2014 Toyota Tundra. Horn/Siren output not working

I am trying to use the Horn/Siren output (-) on Evo-One for after market siren. It is pink/black wire accoring to the manual. I am running 79.24 and 1.15 on my Evo-One. I tried different combination of option for #12 but I am not getting any voltage detected on orange/black wire. Can you check the option on my Evo-One and let me know whether I have the options right per my service number? I would like to have a after market siren to give me a chirp when I am clicking the lock button on the remote whether I am locking the car or unlocking the car or what so ever. I set option 11.2 to cofirmation on LOCK/UNLOCK always.


programmed 2009 camry hrbrid successfully when i click lock 3x engine does not start

i installed evo all on camry hybrid 2009 , it progammed successfully. evo service number 001a06-322969 i did all connections right evo all seems to be programed but doesnt start engine nothing lights up after clicking 3x lock on remote. i would appreciate any solutions. im doing remote start on camry