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Flash limit

Please reset my flash limit on 001A06 290503. I wanted to update and change a few items and was not alowed to. Thank you in advance, Bob



About this error Dcryptor limit reached for this car, please help me to reset,

The serial number 001A07 332292

model evo-all

date 12/2021

the flash manager shows 3/8 flash limit


what's all the accessories i need to connect a fortin evo-all to 2013 JEEP CHEROKEE ( standard key )

what's all the accessories i need to connect a fortin evo-all to 2013 JEEP CHEROKEE ( standard key )


How temporary disable EVO-ALL Remote Start

Hi, I'm considering to install EVO-ALL resp. EVO-CHRT5 to my Jeep Wrangler JK 2018 to get Remote Start possibility by the standard FOB.

My question, which options do I have to temporary disable the Remote Start function by FOB when I have to bring my car to a Jeep shop for an extended inspection? During the inspection, the Remote Start function by the FOB have to be disabled, after the inspection I'd like to reactivate the Remote Start function easy.

Which options do I have with the EVO-CHRT5?






2016 jk manual bypass

I have the evo all with the CHRT5 wiring harness hooked to the jeep, and everything is programmed, and we'll start with me in the vehicle in the clutch pressed in. How do I bypass the clutch so it will start with the remote not in the vehicle? thanks


Jeep jk wiring harness

I have a 2016 jeep jk with keyless entry. The T harness that got delivered has no 20 pin connector and I was wondering if I could have some assistance on determining what I received and whether it is the right part for my jeep.


Is therea way to program with only 1 key

Chrysler Pats 04 + , requires two keys to program, customer only has 1 key . Am I able to program with only 1 key?


Jeep Munito (1350Pts.)



Hi guys. I am having these problem with this box. Could you help me please? S/N: 001A07350177 Please and thanks you in advanced.


reset Limit Evo-all SN: 001A07 417318

need Limit reset, Also instructions says fob sequence is lock 100 unlock 1000 lock, But i seen some other place it says Lock, lock, lock... which one should i be using. Thank you!


Jeep Nev (130Pts.)


Jeep has power but does not crank?

I have programmed the unit sn: 001A07 415854 Evo All. Installed with wiring harness THAR-CHR4 (Both Yellow wires on the harness are connected together). Programmed the unit. All these went according to the documentation, correct leds and all.

My vehicle is a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD Limited with Start Button

I do the 3x Lock Blue Led comes on every time I press the lock button. Then all power comes on, a few seconds later the red and yellow led is solid and the radio shuts off just like it does while it cranks but no crank??

What could I be doing wrong?

Many Thanks!!


Reset evo all SN: 001A06 244516

Hello, I got the unit from marketplace. Please reset the flash limit as I am not able to flash new firmware on it. SN: 001A06 244516


What harness for evo all to connect to compustar g15 rf kit. It didnt come with one

No harness was provided not sure what one to get


remote start quit working

Been using my remote start for 4 years now all of a sudden it quit working, when I press the remote start button on the remote the jeep lights flash 5 times and the vehicle will not start.


Intalled and everything appears to be connected correctly but wont start when I click the locks 3 x.

In insalled the B-4942-304-1 in a 2015 jeep grand cherokee. All the lights are correct but the engine doesnt turn over.


2013 jeep patriot ,when command started only taillights come on. no taillights when key is in the run position

vehicle remote starts okay, but only tail lights come on, when key is in the ignition and in the run position, there is no