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Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Thar-One-Hon8 harness --2 relays and 2 diodes ?

I am looking at Guide #  93381 for Honda Fit/HRV and it does NOT show the two relays or diodes of the THAR-ONE-HON8 harness.

Other car which using the same harness--TLX, ILX, RDX, RLX, Odyssey--, their guides #99801, #93631, #93591, #93601, #97191 are showing in diagram 2 relays, 2 diodes, and 7 cuts.

Is there a better guide for Fit/HRV showing where these two relays connected?

What is their function , what are they switching ON / OFF ?

Are there 2 diodes hiding inside the wire harness ?

Thank You !


EVO-ALL + CM7200 2016 Honda Fit

So I got this unit evo-all, installed with the CM7200. I followed the "beta" install guide for the EVO-ALL. I have the data link connected to the CM7200 "gray" connector. On the CM7200 I only connected the "high current" wires to the ignition harness. So the car starts fine and all. OEM remote seems to work as well. I was expecting the engine to stop one I opened the door as ppl were saying in the FIT forums. However this is not the case. Engine kept running. Also, I remember in the old days, if I stepped on the brake pedal without having the key in the ignition at ON, the engine would stop too since it would disangage the remote starter. But in this case, nothing happens. I could very well drive the car without a key! weird.... Well the doors are locked so no one can go in.... but i'm still confused.... Please comment? Did I do something wrong? Do I need to change some EVO-ALL options?


EVO ONE Honda Fit

Will the EVO-ONE work as both a bypass module, and as a remote starter on a 2011 Honda Fit? Trying to decide if a stand alone remote start is required in addition to the EVO-ONE. Thanks in advance! ~Chris Michalik K&M Auto service Master Technician

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