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Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Thar-One-Hon8 harness --2 relays and 2 diodes ?

I am looking at Guide #  93381 for Honda Fit/HRV and it does NOT show the two relays or diodes of the THAR-ONE-HON8 harness.

Other car which using the same harness--TLX, ILX, RDX, RLX, Odyssey--, their guides #99801, #93631, #93591, #93601, #97191 are showing in diagram 2 relays, 2 diodes, and 7 cuts.

Is there a better guide for Fit/HRV showing where these two relays connected?

What is their function , what are they switching ON / OFF ?

Are there 2 diodes hiding inside the wire harness ?

Thank You !


Honda jenom (280Pts.)


2019 Honda HRV Push-To-Start EVO-ONE Thar-One-Hon8 "Keyless entry System Problem" message

Installed an EVO-ONE with Thar-One-Hon8 harness and a 3x Lock Start on a 2019 Honda HR-V Push Start with/ Steering Lock. As per Guide #93381, using C1, D6, D2, 38-2 options. Car starts OK with 3x Lock, however dash shows "keyless entry system problem" message. I am opening door with remote Unlock button, then push START button 1 time, then push brake. Also tried to open door by just by touching the handle, but getting the same error message. When no remote start is used, there is no any error message. Any suggestion ?


2018 Honda HRV (push to start) cannot locate steering lock module for a connection on the T-harness

Hello, We were installing our EVO-ONE unit in a 2018 Honda HRV (push to start) vehicle and could not locate the silver box in the instructions depicting the steering lock module. A portion of the T-harness is supposed to plug into the back of it. We found a plug in the same general area, but it only had 10 pins while our T-harness plug has 12.


honda hrv 2022 push to start, evo all takeover

hi... i have installed a evo all with a crimestopper remote start in a honda hrv 2022 push to start (takeover mode) I have flashed multiple evo all trying to understand the problem as I have checked all the connections and they are perfect as indicated by the installation guide. The problem is that when I enter the vehicle and press once the button turns off (taking into account that it does recognize the smart key) but if I press it twice in a row it does not turn off and I can drive it normally, but a message comes out that says Keyless Start System Problem, And if I turn the vehicle off and turn it on normally, the message still appears. Any solution for this problem or a special software version for it. Thank you for your help.


Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Please select vehicle setup: Remote Start-Remote Start & Alarm-Alarm Only

2019 Honda HRV      Automatic    Push to Start      EVO-ONE   THAR-ONE-HON8    OEM remote 3X start

During setup with Flashlink, in System Setup, this selection shows:

Please select vehicle setup: Remote Start    -Remote Start & Alarm-    Alarm Only

I have selected Remote Start, and  I am using OEM remote with 3X remote start.

I can unlock the car with OEM remote UNLOCK and engine stays on.

However, if I  to use the outside push button on the door handle,  and open door,..engine shuts down !

Maybe I need to select Remote Start with Alarm option during setup ?


EVO One 2020 Push To Start Honda HRV starts, shuts down, starts, then shuts down again

Using the thar-one-hon8 harness. Vehicle does not have a steering lock module so that is not connected. Updated to firmware stated in the guide and programmed Dcryptor. We are using the OEM remote with lock unlock lock to start. The vehicle will start and run for a few seconds before it shuts off. It then starts again, runs for a few seconds, and shuts off again. It does not attempt to start again after that.


Evo One Locks keys (and infant) in car

Evo One, 2016 Honda HR-V, Manual transmission, Push button start I have an infant who is in an infant seat and is unable to get out of the seat themselves, let alone open a car door. The following situation has occured a couple of times, and luckily we have been at home near a spare set of keys to unlock the car before any excessive overheating in the car. The steps to reproduce the issue are: Car running Put car in neutral Activate parking brake Take foot off pedal, wait for "click" sound after a couple of seconds Leave keys in car Exit car Car turns off, and 2 seconds later all doors are locked with keys (and infant) in car The same issue occurs with this other set of steps: Car running Put car in neutral Activate parking brake Take foot off pedal, wait for "click" sound after a couple of seconds Put foot back on brake, and press start/stop to stop the car Leave keys in car Exit car Car turns off, and 2 seconds later all doors are locked with keys (and infant) in car We have friends who sadly recently lost their toddler due to overheating in their car and we would be heartbroken if this happened to anyone else due to something as simple as a remote starter. The easy answer would be to say don't leave your keys in the car, or don't leave your car running, but the reality is people forget their keys all the time, and sometimes you need to leave the car running because it's too hot and you need A/C or in the cold, you need the heater while you grab something. We would never leave our kid in the car during one of these situations but it still means your keys would get locked in the car if you ever wanted to leave it running (because it won't run with the keys out of the car). Either way, it scares us to think that our remote starter could possibly lock our kid in the car, with the keys in there as well. Please advise if this is intended behavior (and what the fix is) or if it was installed incorrectly, or if there is a way to turn off the auto lock feature when the keys are in the car.  Thanks!

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