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Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Thar-One-Hon8 harness --2 relays and 2 diodes ?

I am looking at Guide #  93381 for Honda Fit/HRV and it does NOT show the two relays or diodes of the THAR-ONE-HON8 harness.

Other car which using the same harness--TLX, ILX, RDX, RLX, Odyssey--, their guides #99801, #93631, #93591, #93601, #97191 are showing in diagram 2 relays, 2 diodes, and 7 cuts.

Is there a better guide for Fit/HRV showing where these two relays connected?

What is their function , what are they switching ON / OFF ?

Are there 2 diodes hiding inside the wire harness ?

Thank You !


Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Please select vehicle setup: Remote Start-Remote Start & Alarm-Alarm Only

2019 Honda HRV      Automatic    Push to Start      EVO-ONE   THAR-ONE-HON8    OEM remote 3X start

During setup with Flashlink, in System Setup, this selection shows:

Please select vehicle setup: Remote Start    -Remote Start & Alarm-    Alarm Only

I have selected Remote Start, and  I am using OEM remote with 3X remote start.

I can unlock the car with OEM remote UNLOCK and engine stays on.

However, if I  to use the outside push button on the door handle,  and open door,..engine shuts down !

Maybe I need to select Remote Start with Alarm option during setup ?

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