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VW Tiguan 2012 not pass key bypass programing.

2012 VW Tiguan, I installing EVO-ALL, used THAR-VW2 diagram, I start with prograning procedure, 1-6 pass, in stage 7 red light tree times flashing,I reconect wires on OBDII, now it flash twice. this problem in wiring or programing? thanks.


why is a sacrifice key required for 2012-2015 vw standard key installation?

im looking to install the evo-one system with the THAR-vw3 and its showing a sacrifice key wraped to complete the installation... im confused as to what the function is, as i thought the modual would learn and act as a transponder for the key. is there a way around this with a more direct fit system?


2012 TOUAREG standalone

Today I installed a remote start (OEM 3-x lock) on the 2012 Touareg (the key ... not the PTS). After a remote start, the factory remote usually closes and opens the doors. And, it can the engine shut down too (with 3-x lock). Simply, thus, do not flash hazard lights (and parking lights also do not light after start-up, - in the scheme too is not present).       Why does the evo-all instruction say that after remote startup, the OEM does not work?


What do I need for smartphone start

2012 Passat TDI push to start. I want to have smartphone start. That is all I want. Do not want to carry two remotes. I looked on the website and I figure I need an Evo all, VW T harness, bypass module and an Evo start. Will that do what I need?

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