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2012 Ford Explorer EVO-ALL The engine won't start.

I installed EVO-ALL on a 2012 Ford Explorer.

The wiring diagram is on page 3 of #94851 (WIRING CONNECTION) and I have completed the wiring and key programming.

When I press the lock button on the key 3 times the ignition turns on but the engine does not start.Nor does the cell.The cell won't turn either.





best regards


2012 ford fusion Module won't program

I just installed evo all for1 on a 2012 ford fusion . Connected can high/ can low, immobilizer, and ignition t harness. Flashed module, followed the program instructions and can't get it to program.


2012 Fusion Hybrid Evo All Thar-For1- Alarms and will not start

The Alarm went off the 1st 3 times I started the vehicle with the RS. Standalone OEM Remote Standard key. Vehicle is fine but RS will not even try to start the car. Tried Reflash and toggling A5 to no avail. Are the diodes essential for this install? This unit came prewired/ preprogrammed and had the Alarm/ unlock wires cut and taped into the T harness. Seems to be a question in other areas if the 2010- 2012 Hybrid is compatible?


What kind of rf remote can I use with the evo all


2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid Compatibility

I've purchased an Evo about a year ago, installed everything and could never get it to work. It would set off the alarm instead of starting. Unfortunately, I had to return it. I would like to try again but I cannot get a clear answer. Is the system even compatible with a 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid? There is no mention of the Hybrid on the site, just the standard. I would like to get a clear answer and purchase it again if I find out it should for sure work.


2012 Ford Fusion SEL Question

I am programming the Fortin EVO-ALL and using the Flashk link dcryptor because I only have a single key. When I get to the last step where I am to wait for the flashing blue lights to turn off the key, my unit flashes blue rapidly and then alternates red/ yellow with the key still on befor I turn off the key. I took the EVO back in to the flash link and plugged it in to run the dcryptor. Tried the dcryptor both Monday and Tuesday. It ran for over an hour and never completed the decription process. What could be wrong?


2012 Ford Fusion won't remote Start

I have completed the EVO programming with the dcryptor and it says it successfully programs. When I plug the EVO back into the vehicle and prss the lock button x3 it will not start the vehicle. I can see on the EVO the lights flash when I hit the lock buttons, but that is all it does. I have the options set in the module for 3x lock to start it. Any thoughts on how to get this to remote start my 2012 Fusion.


2012 F150 Parking light wire location and colour and connector pls .

I cant find the wire for parking light for 2012 F150 xlt 5L engine 4*4 . I cant find the connector on pass kik panel


2012 Ford Fusion Quesions

I have several questions regarding the  Fortin EVO-FORT1:

    Is the Fortin EVO-FORT1 compatible with 2012 Ford Fusion HYBRID?  I ask because I don't see the Hybrid option listed for 2012 on the Fortin web site product selection lists. CAN High/Low Taps -- Can these connections be made with T-Taps or must they only be wrapped and taped or soldered? Driver Door Pin -- Is is pin 9 as listed in the install guide or 14 as listed in another quesion asked in this forum? Parking Light -- Is this connection required?  If so, can the incoming 12V to relay pins 86 and 87 be fused at 10A rather than from relay pin 30 to the parking light wire? Options -- I have the following options enabled.  Are they correct/am I missing anything?
      A1-A11 enabled EXCEPT A5 as listed in the installation guide B1 enabled C1 enabled D1+D1.6 enabled D4 enabled D5 enabled

Thank you for the help!



Is EVO-FORT1 compatible with any smartphone modules in the usa?

I like evo start app and would like to use it in WA state, US. It it not possble, can i use any other smartphone module with your device?

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