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TPMS Light after EVO-ONE install; lots of Communication Lost codes

Hi, so after my remote install, the TPMS light is on all the time. I understand during remote start this is normal, but this is all the time. I have checked all my tires, they are within normal range. So I ran a code pull on all CANBUS systems, and the result was CURRENT/HISTORY lost communications codes on several modules, one being the TPMS system. It is system code B1247, Main Body ECU Lost Communication... however there are several others too, a dozen or so, to other systems. I thought perhaps they were historical from when I disconnected everything to connect the T harness, but I cleared them and all came back, after I tried clearing just the TPMS code unsuccessfully. I attempted clearing the current/history lost communication code. The light went out for about half a second, and it came back quickly. Checked codes again, it was back. Not sure if that screen shot is visible, all I can see is a placeholder symbol. I will place a share link in my google drive to the code list. VIN removed, but it is a 2018 Toyota Corolla H-Key using THAR-T18 (think the kit i bought was EVO-ONE-T18?, I'll reference and update, but it was the EVO-ONE kit containing the T18 harness) I am presuming this is possibly a programming issue with the EVO-ONE module since the OBD2 port passes thru, but not sure. This is my first experience with Fortin products and do not want to start messing randomly with settings I do not fully understand yet. I've done remote starts before but this is my first Fortin system, switched because of the quality level; I do have a EVO-FLASH unit and have the ability to flash/reprogram everything myself, I have all tools and interfaces needed to make it work, thanks in advance. Details are below: 2018 Toyota Corolla H-key, EVO-ONE, THAR-3 / THAR-18, RF442 installed, TPMS-hijack installed to allow OEM remote start (working OK since installed) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wVWxhNDwFs4chpdfGXHE7lqC3UKpKHwd/view?usp=sharing


2021 Tundra TPMS Not Working

Everything is currently working as it should. However, after tapping into the TMPS wire, now my TPMS flashes and the truck no longer reads the tire pressure. Is there a workaround for this, or is this normal?


Evo One, 2019 Mazda CX5 Concerns

I just installed the Evo One in my 2019 CX5. I should be on the latest FW but can't recall the version number at this time. Couple of things I noticed: 1) The TPMS light is ON when remote start is activated; it goes away once I do the take over. Im ok with that but is there a fix for that. 2) "Mazda cruise control disabled under 20mph" I just learned, in forums, that this is a "known" issue. Itwas suggested to update to FW ver 85.11, does this address the issue with the error? 3) Hood open and remote start concern. I did not install the hood pin switch, but considering that I should. Just learned last night that the car DOES allow to autostart with the hood open. On my other vehicles, with Evo One, it won't autostart with the hood open. Thoughts?


2021 Toyota Corolla TPMS

After starting the car remotely with the OEM key. The TPMS signal begins to link. Once it starts up, the TPMS signal goes off, but it leaves a warning on the car that the TPMS sensor is not working properly and I need to go to the dealer. Used module, Fortin Evo One 2021. How could I solve this problem? Thank you very much in advance. Installation method, wire to wire.


TPMS light on when remote started.

My 2020 sportage has the Tpms light on when remote starting. Is there a way to prevent this?


Toyota camry TPMS cable

I have a 2020 toyota camry, installed an evo-one and t harness, I interrupted TPMS cable as per installation but, the car starts fine, unlock the doors with oem remote but I have tpms light on, when tried to configure it by manual dealer instruction it shows "tpms malfunction visit your dealer" any ideas? Thanks


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


tpms on toyota

I set evo-one to 2018 camry and 2019 rav4. On both I made a tpms connection. On both, the tire symbol flashes when remote start with 3-lock. How to find out whether or not this vehicle has a TPMS?


EVO-ALL - OEM Fob not working to unlock after remote started. TPMS is cut and works.

I flashed EVO-ONE to latest firmware, used the wizard to set my settings, then went into pro mode and followed the steps in documentation to select XL202 RF kit, and installed in the vehicle. The SmartStart module is not yet installed. 3x lock works with OEM fob but once started, the OEM fobs no longer work to lock/unlock the doors. I did cut the TPMS wire and does not flash when started with key or after key is in ignition and turned to ON. I did test alternating the D6 and D4 wires on the cut TPMS wire but still had no unlock from fob after remote start. My suspicion is that since the TPMS light doesn't flash in standard operation, enabling the RF kit might have something to do with this but since I didn't test the install before I enabled that, I'm not sure. Is there something else I might be missing?


EVO one and THAR MAZ3

i instaled for 2017 Mazda CX 5 GT automatic -EVO ONE and THAR MAZ3. Remote starter with Mazda keys Lock-unloc -lock. Remote starter works fine , but when doors is opened TPMS light blinkig ,when i press START button TPMS light goes off.EVO ONE service #002B07 214690 .Software 71.47--Jerry

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