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2008 chev express van dash lights stay on after remote start is shut off till door is opened. Evo-all

    Evo-all is hooked up wire to wire to a avital remote start, 4103

  i just timed it, when the remote start ends, the dome light comes on, the radio shuts off and the exit illumination activated, about 30 secs later the dome light shuts off, then about a min later the exterior lights shut off. However the dash lights remain on for another nine mins. They time out and turn off then.


Module has no lights, unplug it all, plug factory harness back, truck doesn’t start.

Installed system yesterday on 2011 Chevy Express. Worked when the dash was apart. Tucked it all out of the way and reinstalled lower dash. Then it wouldn’t start. Look at the module and no lights appear. Tried with the key and nothing. Took it all out and replugged the factory harnesses on the ignition switch. Tried with key again and still nothing. Doesn’t crank. Fuel pump primes. Checked fuse box and all fuses are ok. What did this short out?? Desperation as this is my work truck. Please help.


TBGM2 wont work

I have a Chev Express with a EVO-CAN AND A FSA 216 STARTER It will start if I hold the key near the key barrel but not with the TBGM2 near the key barrel I have replaced all three items but still no luck and reprogrammed the new TBGM2 The starter parking lights flash 4 times but the starter is not in valet mode When the truck came in it had a message on the dash Service Detterent System but it doesn't now


Is there any compatibility info for the 2015 Chevy Exppress yet?

Looking for compatibility info for the Chevy Express, 2015. Also....could someone either give the document # for, or email me the manual for the EVOGMT2. I still have some in stock. sales@mypushcart.com Thanks!


When does the Evo-all require programming?

I am installing Evo-all into 2013 express van using standalone mode for lock3 function. I'm also using the FLU2 updated to enable option 15. Will the unit still require programming as shown in the instruction manual?


Is a hoodpin or valet switch required?

I'm installing a GMT4 into a 2013 express in standalone mode for the lock3 mode.  Is a hood pin or valet switch required for the unit to to work?  


What is "start/stop external control" on GMT4 standalone installation manual?

I'm installing a GMT4 into a 2013 express van using the standalone option (connection c) in the instruction manual. The yellow/black wire says it is supposed to connect to the "start/stop external control". The wire diagrams from wirecolor.com do not reference this wire. What is it referring to? Also, is a hood pin or valet switch required for the unit to to work? Last, does the evo-all unit require programming if I'm using the FLU2 to enable option 15? If so, what is the purpose of this programming?

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