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Driver door unlocks after engine starts Subaru outback

Just installed t harness on 2016 Subaru outback and after engine starts it unlocks the driver door


Camry 2011 Driver Door unlocks itself after remote start activated 1 minute

I have a Camry 2011 with keyless entry (standard key). I am having an issue with my driver door keeps unlock itself after remote start activated 1 minute. I have EVO-One (SN: 002B0147175) firmware 79.59 installed with T-Harness. I have spent 5 hours to look for a soluation to fix this problem, but no luck yet. Please help me. Any suggestions, it would be helpful. for firmware flashing, I have reached to the limit :(


After market push button install


I am planning to install Smart Entry and Push start system from Advancedkeys.com for 2013 Toyota Camry

I currently installed Fortin Evo one in this car.

Smart entry, push start system from advancedkeys.com states that they support Fortin for immbolizr bypass.

Please refer https://advancedkeys.com/Prod_AK105B.html in that scroll to bottom of the page and look for bypass device enable output..


1) After market push start system (AK105B) can output negative ground out while running, can I can take this ground out from this module and activate my fortin evo one for immobilizer bypass.

2) Just incase if you want to know the Manual of after market push start system. Please refer to https://advancedkeys.com/Prod_AK105B.html and in that look for details/manuals section click that tab and scroww down to download AK-105 Smart Key Installation Guide

3) Do you guys plan to sell something similar in future or is this in your pipeline.

4) Please note this unit is capable of doing remote start but i am planning to use fortin evo one for remote start and strictly using other one for push to strat and smart entry.


Thanks in advance.


2016Q5 with push start

I got evo-one, when I finally made the setting as recommended by the installation guide: c1, D6 and d2 and 32.6 38.2 now it attempts to start and it unlocks the car but it doesn't starts the remote won't work locking and unlocking doesn't work, the lights (blinkers) flash twice every one minute and the blue light stays on. When I flashed with the latest version 75 something I couldn't get to program on the car the blue light never flash rapidly and it only worked on version 60 any help would be great. Thanks

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