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2021 Ford transit clutch bypass

So still need info on how to bypass the clutch on this using Evo one. I have made a joining harness for it and I have the wiring diagram from ford which has 4 wires: return, vpowr cpp1 and cpp2 which wire do I need to ground and do I need to use a relay and any resistor and or diodes? Thanks


2019 Mazda CX-5 (A/T & PTS) Alarm activating when remote starting (OEM keyfob/ 3xLock)

Sometimes when I try to activate remote start with my OEM key fob by pressing the lock button three times my car alarm will go off and then I press unlock and the car starts


Is there a Fortin EVOStart LTE for USA

Is there a Fortin EVOStart LTE USA version to use cellular in the US?


How to fix RFK 942 to only unlock drivers door?

I recently installed an evo one thar one maz3 harness with the rfk 942 on a 2017 CX-5 push to start. Flashed it with the latest firmware available and recommended settings. Everything works except when I press the unlock button once on the rfk 942 it unlocks all doors. On the bypass side I have B1 turned on for drivers door unlock priority but it still unlock all doors. Any suggestions?


Engine won't shutdown after remote start put in Ready mode

Hi, I have a 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6 with a manual transmission and I'm trying to remote start it with the EVO-ONE I installed on it. I believe I wired everything correctly according to the instructions but the engine is not shutting down after I follow the sequence to enable Ready Mode on the remote starter. The doors lock and unlock confirming that the sequence was done correctly to enable remote starter but when i get out of the vehicle and close the door the engine doesn't turn off and I'm unable to lock the door with the OEM remote. Its as if it doesn't know the status of the doors?


EVO-ONE idle mode?

Is idle mode supported on mazda push to start vehicles? 2015 mazda 6 with automatic transmission. if it's supported how do i go about activating it on the oem key fob?


2019 Miata manual, crank but no start. Getting three flashes after failed attempt.


How to connect Third Party RF Kits to EVO One

Currently using EVO One MAZ3 with THAR One MAZ3 and would like to use a third party 2way LED RF kit like the T13 or T11/12 Compustar or a mobile app. Appreciate any insights on the matter. Is this even possible? Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Cheers! Car model and Make: Mazda CX5 2019 4DR GS Push to start Automatic


How do I keep my parking headlights on when using EVO ONE with THAR-MAZ03

How do I keep my parking headlights on when using the factory remote starter via EVO ONE. Using THAR-MAZ03 for EVO One on Mazda CX5 2019 GS Push to start automatic? Installed remote starter: EVO ONE MAZ3 with THAR ONE MAZ3 Running on latest firmware Car model and Make: Mazda CX5 2019 GS 4DR Push to start Automatic


EVO-MAZT1 and RF Kit

I am buying the EVO-MAZT1 for my Mazda CX5. I would like to get an affordable RF kit that works with the EVO-MAZT1. Would any of the Omega kits work, or would it have to be one of the Fortin kits? Thank you


i can not to update my device 002B02239674


Evo one cranks but no start

CX-5 2016, never starts on first attempt, usually 2nd one is successful but I wonder if there is anything that can fix this behaviour. Transmission is manual. Tried several solutions recommend on this site but still the same.


There is no Red Data key wire in My Mazda 3 2016

I tried connecting the wire to the 8th pin on the 32pin connector but I found out that my mazda doesnot have the red data key wire.I have three other wires in the 10(grey),11(white) and 12(brown) pin. It is a middle east model mazda 3 hatchback. I read one of the answers to the questions about not having a red wire was to use a seperate remote starter or get the Evo one with a T harness for the My mazda 3, I just wanted to ask is it possible that the red data key is a different color and a different pin number than the ones in North Amera on the 32 pin connector in my mazda.



 have the OEM remote control then I have the EVO-ONE SN: 002B07 239663, THAR-ONE-MAZ3.

CAN YOU RESET  : EVO-ONE SN: 002B07 239663 

Please help and thank you.


2019 mx5 rf compatibility and GPIO custom CAN frame questions.

the 2019 mx5 rf ND2 have the newer 2020+ pcm and different software than the previous 2016+ mx5s, but have the older 2016+ small keyfob, not the newer 2020+ big keyfob. Is the 2019 mx5 rf supported? I have built an integrated roof control system with a microcontroller in C++ and would like to build a keyfob remote start/ roof and window control system application. I'm an electrical engineer and have built engine management/ wiring harnesses and have worked with CANbus previuosly and am famillier with the mx5 wiring and multiplex communication. how many GPIOs are available that are not used and are they programable? any ADCs? what are the specs on them max voltage and current? Are custom CAN frames able to be integrated? is possible to get code level access to complie a custom application? or if I help develope the application can the code be brought into the IU? Please email me if we should we take the discussion offline.