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Programming flash memory has reached its limit. Please help me reset it . evo one SN:002B04 656341


2009 rx350 key sense

i have installed EVO-ONE-942 and INT-SL+. The car lock, unlock, remote starts. Everytime i remote start the alarm set off. i follow Guide # 90081. i did hook up the key sense wire. but i didint see any 2 pin white connector shown in the guide. when i remote start the alarm set off so i have unlock and lock and the car stay running. if i cant find the key sense wire. can i change the setting to unlock before start then lock after?


Lexus DMPNJ (210Pts.)


2009 Lexus IS250 Evo One Install Help

I installed a Fortin Evo One in a 2009 Lexus IS250. I’m pretty confident that I have connnected all the right wires. The unit seemed to program right with the red light flashes and then blue flashes..etc.

So my concern is if I really need to use the optional module for the door locks? My plan was to use the OEM remote, but the remote starter is not activating with 3x lock. Do I really need the additional door lock module for this to work? Also, on the programming side, if I go to “wizard” mode it only shows “no oem remote” and can only pick an RF kit. If I go to “pro” mode, I’m able to pick 3x lock….etc. I’m worried that this is causing me an issue also. Can someone please help? Thanks!


Solid Red Light even after using dcryptor/adapter

After installing, as per instructions provided, there was only a solid red light on my module. I notified tech support, and the person sent an dcryptor adapter. I followed the instructions in that video as well, but the program states: "the module was not able to sample the vehicles immobilizer data. Reconnect the module to the vehicle and follow the programming instructions from STEP 1 to sample the immobilizer data." Now I feel stuck, because it seems as though the module doesn't connect to my car. Please advise.


What do I need to do to make the EVO-START app work with a previously EVO-TOY6 installed on a Lexus ES350 2016?

The already installed EVO-TOY6 is currently used with the OEM fog.


2010 Lexus RX 350 – EVO-ALL Stand Alone with ASCL6 CARLINK: Remote Start Not Working ( NO IGNITION, NO CRANK)

Issue: Remote start does not work when initiating the remote start command via factory remote (3X lock) and/or CARLINK App.

A few things that I noticed when trying to remote start the car:

    The transmitter and CARLINK app are communicating with the EVO-ALL - when the remote start is initiated, the blue LED on the EVO flashes once and a solid red light illuminates after.  During this time, no lights on the cluster/dash turns on and there is no crank.The EVO attempts this process again with the same results. After the second failed attempt, the red LED on the module and the car’s parking lights flashed 3 times.  Next, I tried remote starting the vehicle using the idle mode. 
      I started the car by stepping on the foot brake and pushing the START/STOP button.  Once the car was running, I activated the remote start with the CARLINK app.The remote start count-down timer appeared on the CARLINK app which tells me that the command was sent, and the module is in the remote start mode.I stepped out of the vehicle and the dash screen notified me there was no key (car remained idling)CARLINK app still showed the count-down timer for the run time.I deactivated the remote start using the CARLINK app and the vehicle turned off.

I also checked to see if all the other commands were working properly by using the CARLINK app.

    Lock/unlock doors – good.Open/close back trunk/door – goodParking lights – goodVehicle lock and unlock status - good, shows on the app when the doors are locked or unlocked. Battery voltage shows on app, (13V)

I’ve doubled and TRIPLE checked the wiring, making sure they were terminated as shown in the installation guide (GUIDE # 77041) and that all connections were secured.

I don’t know if I am having issues with the installation or programing. I tried resetting the evo and re-flashing it and also down-grading the firmware to 79.66 to match the firmware on the guide. I think I might have tried a different firmware version as well (in between 79.70 and 79.66) with no luck. I eventually got locked out of the EVO-ALL because the flash limit was reached. I ended up ordering a second EVO-ALL to started from scratch again and I encountered the same problem.

I confirmed that the car does not have a factory remote starter by pressing the factory remote Lock button 2X and holding it after;  the car did not start. Furthermore, I removed the glove box to check if a factory remote start was present, and as far as I can tell, I did not see one. The location of the factory remote starter was referenced from an Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (FLCAN and ALCA TL2) installation guide. If you have more details about where else this might be, please let me know and I can check again.

Please HELP! What should I check next?

Here are some details about the EVO-All that is currently installed.

     Manf Date: 04/2023  SN: 001A07499141Firmware Flashed: 79.70Hardware Inside 7.0 Setup Configuration
         *** SETTING PROTECTION = OFFA1-A11 = ONA12-A14 = OFF B1-B3 = OFFC1 = OND1 = ON
          D1.8 = ON D1.10 = ONAll other D1.X = OFF D2-D5 = OFF (Guide shows D4, Hybrid Mode- do I need to turn this on?)
    Wire Connection (connected according to diagram):
      A8: Not connected - vehicle is equipped with factory hood pin so that status is provided via can bus, correct?


2007 Lexus GS350 - Issues with INT-SL+ recognizing door locks

I just wired up my EVO-ONE to my 2007 Lexus GS350. I followed the guide and ended up having to go through all the wiring diagrams to confirm which wires were correct. Just a heads up if you wanted to update the instructions as all the wiring is correct from the photos but most of the colours didn't match the vehicle and wiring diagrams. The photo shows an Avalon interior so that might possibly be why they are different. I updated the EVO-ONE and INT-SL+ to the latest firmware and chose the correct year/make/model. I was able to program my key to the EVO-ONE with no issues, but I am unable to get the INT-SL+ to recognize when I press lock on the driver door. I've connected it to the same wire shown in the instructions (~door lock data) however mine is red in colour. Is this the correct wire to use or is there something else I can try? Thanks!


Lexus NX300 - Fortin EVO one with EVO start LTE cannot remote start with app

My EVO Start LTE can only see the status of the car but cannot control it. The remote control works for the EVO ONE with 3x lock, but using the app for EVO start cannot remote control my car. One thing I notice is when flashing the firmware, there is no option to select EVO start LTE but only EVO start 2. Could this be the problem?


Please Reset Flash Limit on SN 001A07 014690

Hello, i am trying to master/factory reset and light is always solid red on my evo all. I am hoping all i need is a "flash" limit reset? SN 001A07 014690


I am unable to factory reset my evo all

I am unable to factory reset (via instruction). Always stays solid red. Any ideas? Its a BRAND NEW UNIT and updated/reflashed/etc with no master reset lock. NO IDEA!


2007 Lexus GS450h EVO ONE with INT-SL+ OEM Key doesn't work

I have EVO ONE Bypass firmware 0.20, Remote Start firmware 1.26 + INT-SL+ with 0.17 firmware. After programming my OEM remote it accepts it and I can see that on INT-SL+ module red LED flashs when I lock/unlock doors with my OEM remote conrtol, byt while car is remote started it is no action, I can use only my app to unlock doors. What can be the issue? what settings I need to enable on EVO ONE for my car and this set up to get it done?


2010 Lexus rx 350. Not starting with locklocklock. Has No factory remote start.

Push Lock/3x's and parking lights come on. No dash lights. No crank. Verified TX/RX connections. Verified Steering lock IGN and Ground. Measured voltage at the module connector. Verifed ground at module connector will light a bulb. Read the other customer with a 2014 Lexus with a similar problem. So I looked at TX/RX again. Ohm connections. And decided to ohm all connections with Evo all disconnected. Everything checks. What am I doing wrong? I have installed your product in other vehicles. I like the product. sn# 001a07 283629 Current firmware is 79.69.


Do D6 and D3 only read ignition?

On the evo one are d6 and d3 only for starting the car with key? The immobilizer amplifier is fried and it seems they go on the ignition side after the cut wire so im wondering if they are necessary or if i can get away with putting them blank. Any information or thoughts would be awesome.