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D1 options grayed out after running decrypter

001a07197935 also when plugging into decrypt I have a solid red light I got everything to work except I can't get it to turn off with remote or phone app


Please reset Evo All Service# 001A04 069253

I want to use the Evo All for a 2006 Dodge Charger. Please see if the limit can be reset.


Flash reset

n 001a07197935 flash limit reached


Flash limit reached SN 001A07 363152

Can you please assist with the flash reset. Have had issues programming it with my RF kit and it's keeps coming un-synched with my tach.


Will it unlock/lock if I use a smartphone add on?

Eco-chrt4 on a 2011 grand caravan. If I use a smartphone add on module will I be able to lock/unlock the vehicle using the app? Asking since I noticed that it's only connect to can-low can-high through the ignition using the T-harness


Evo one CHR4 dodge challenger 2010 no any action only security light flashing

2010 Dodge challenger SRT with stander key and manual transmition Module programming okay blue light flash every press lock Remote start red light one and give 2 sound then off dashboard securty light flashing Evo one with Chr 4 T-Harness please help


connecting the wires A1 and A16

I have ordered evo-all unit and connected it as stated at the guide Guide # 97611 page 5/13 (wire-to-wire). After I finished the connections and the programing, and finally connected the unit to the flashlike lite for CRYPTUR. Everything was going-on according to the steps in the guide without any problem. Then I connected the unit back to my car, and I remotly started my car by pressing the lock botton three times, and everthing was good until now, but then I noticed the following:

1- the secondary ligths and the tail ligths of the car become on even thought the ligth switch was on (off state), and the head lights never work when I dial the switch to the low beam and high beam state.

2-After I started the car remotely and I get inside the car and I press the push-to-start button of the car to shut the engin off, it shuts off then re-start again without any action from me, but if I open the door after that it shut the engin off.

3- If I press the lock button of the keyfob three times after I was started the car remotely, it shut engine off normally without re-starting again like what happened with me when I shut it off by the push-to-start button of the car.

4- I followed the wiring connection step by step, but I didn't connect only A1 and A16 wires to any where they still lose, do I need to connect them and where?



Evo-All will not program

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram. I hooked up the evo-all with the t harness and made the 4 connections at the ignition switch, I have triple checked all the connections they are hooked up to the correct wires and have verified that they are getting connection but when I start to program the module I hold down the button while pluging in the data connector and stop on the blue light, I then connect the other connectors but when I do the next step which is turning the key on the blue light goes out, when i turn the key back off the blue light comes back on. I have used the flash link and verified that everything is set up correctly and has the latest firmware. I think this is the step that is supposed to be programming thru the can bus, Any ideas would be very helpful


2005 Dodge Dakota ABS, Traction Control And Check Engine Lights After Install

ABS, traction control and check engine light come on every time you remote start it. Everything works fine when you start it normally. Code is U1120 - Lost Wheel Distance Message.


Change Connection location of CAN high and CAN low

Is it ok to change the location of connection for the CAN high and CAN low wires from where I should connect them as shown in the guide to the OBD II


No response from OEM Lock on EVO All with all T-harness

2014 Dodge challenger After successful Programing including DCryptor process. EVO-ALL does not respond to OEM Lock and doesn't start engine. Installed with T-harnesses for ODB2 and Push Start Button. Any help is appricated.


Unable to get passed step 7, All LEDS lit expecting yellow only

I am programing a EVO All for a 2014 Doge Charger. I was able to program once and was unsuccessful Dcryptor process. So I have been trying to re-program but I am allways stuck at step 7, Once the Unlock button on the fob is pressed all LED light(Blue,Yellow,Red) but expecting just yellow. I have tryed multiple times. Any help is appricated Thanks


All leds light up on step 7, Expecting just yellow

I am unable to get passed step 7 for a 2015 Dodge Charger. I was able to run through it once but faild runing the Dycripter. So I am attempting to re-program again. Every time I try I always get all three leds lit steady (Blue,Yellow,Red). Any help is appricated.


My EVO ALL unit never reachs to step-6- of the programming steps in FORTIN guide #97611

I connected my evo all unit according to the wiring diagram that I already downloaded from the website, then when I started the programming procedure, also according to the steps in the guide #97611, everything was going on normally until step-5-, then the unit never move to step-6- ( after I press and release programming button (in step-5-) the blue LED goes off and never return back flashing). I repeated the procedure one more time but I reached the same step and the unit never moves to the next step. My unit SN:001A07 283796


2008 dodge ram 3500 diesel standard transmission

2008 dodge ram 3500 6.7 cummins with a manual transmission, I've installed the evo one with a t harness. The module programs properly, but when I press the lock button 3 times to start the module clicks a few times but does nothing.