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Can I change the buttons used to remote start

I know I can change the button sequence to remote start my 2015 Town & Country from "LOCK - LOCK - LOCK" to "LOCK - UNLOCK - LOCK" but I want to use the factory remote start button on my fobik. I'd love to use the "LOCK - REMOTE START" sequence like it was factory. Possible?


How to install the valet switch Evo All Standalone installation.

Please do my a favour. Talk to me like I'm 7 and give me the step by step process of installing the valet switch.


1. connect which side of the wire to A13 (I'm thinking the black wire with grey checks (positive side). 

2. find a metal piece and attach wire that is black to a screw and fasten it.

3. Mount switch (where most people mount this). 

I'm having some recall work done with the air bag inflators on Nov 12th from the dealer. Also curious how to install this thing properly,


The dcryptor has reached maximum limit for this car

I'm getting this message, could you please reset it? S#001A06883428 thank you.


Lock/unlock and start/stop external input wire locations

Lock/unlock and start/stop external input wire locations


Doesn't crank on first or second try, but then does next attempt

Installed EVO ALL on my 2006 Chrysler 300. It will crank on the first attempt, start and then stop; then does the same on the second start. After this cycle when reengaged it will start on the first attempt. Why does it not start the vehicle on either of the two first attempts of the first try, but then does start on the next attempt?


EVO-CHRT4 installed in 2014 t&c, blue light flashes when remote locks but wont remote start

I tried grounding the 20 pin dark blue, and red light does not come on. paper in box says c1 and D1 were enabled


Dodge Charger 2014

Hello Dodge Charger 2014 ignition wire white pink is not available 

I find pink only... Please help


Wire/wires for Valet Switch

EVO-CHART4 Stand Alone / T-Harness.. 2015 Town & Country... For the Hood/Valet Switch - is this a single wire hook up? For the switch should the hood pin wire(A8) go to one terminal on the switch and the other terminal be grounded? OR should the 2nd terminal use the external input wire(A13)? I assume grounded...


chrysler 300 2005

je cherche le chemas pour un chrysler 300 2005 pour quand il nya pas de starter guide 5051


2006 Chrysler 300 srt8 stand alone install

When installing do I need a relay or resistor? I have followed your instructions per the manual. The device has been updated and program to my car. I have both yellow cables from the 20 pin and t-harness connected to each other parking lights connected to the headlight switch and start/stop to the ignition harness. When I click lock 3x all electrical lights up but the car never cranks or turns on. Is that because I need the resistor and relay? Or is my wiring connected wrong? Please help thanks




My chrysler was working fine but now the front left flasher is blinking really fast on the dash but lights not flashing on the outside of car at all. Also I noticed the car alarm going offafte r I pressed the lock button once. Not sure if these events are related. Thanks for helpig finding a solution.

My number is 001 A06  430370


Chrysler Jim (850Pts.)


EVO-CHRT5 in 2005 Chrysler 300 starts after one lock vs 3x lock.

When the unit was first installed, everything seem to be operating as designed. 3x lock and the car starts. No over past week or so, that car starts with one lock. So when the car is exited and the the lock button is pressed, the car locks and then remote starts.


No parking lights

I installed the EVO-ALL with the CHRT5 on a 2006 Chrysler 300C and everything work well---EXCEPT the parking lights do not come on when I remote start. I connected the the wht/brn wire in the headlamp switch harness including a 2.4K ohm resistor. I leave my lights in auto mode and I wonder if that could be the issue.


Chrysler 200 not cranking after textbook programming and installation

When I press lock 3 times the car ignition comes on but the engine does not start. It does this twice before shutting down. Do I need to reprogram ? I do not have the service number at moment.