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remote start works only when im in the car

my audi a3 2018 push to start have the remote start and work just fine for 2 years but last week the remote start works only when im inside of the car … any recommendations I already did the master reset and everything but it seems to work just when I’m inside of the car


Red light flashing at the end of programming

After a few tries and using the forum here, I couldn't get the yellow and red light to come on at the end of programming my diesel sq5 2013. I tried a number of things, including different versions and resets. Always ends up with the red led blinking rather than the yellow and red. Can someone tell me what firmware version I should be on? The wizard goes to 60.8, but the manual says it needs to be 60.10 or higher. So I tried both for the q5 and sq5 versions. Can someone reset my flash limit? I used 7 out 8 at this point. Looks like I'll need more by the looks of it. My car is giving me power steering warning errors? Any ideas why that is happening? SN: 001A07 470303 (module for reset). Assuming that is the serial number required.


Audi a3 2015 not programing

I installed a EVO ALL kit with the thar vw6 in my audi a3 with normal key, i used the R-link for programing but i cannot get the blue led to flash. firmware is 64.06 as recomended in the guide. In the guide it states i should use the 21 pin connector on the steering cullom but ther is no such plug only a 16 pin wich i used. I tried hard resetting it but i can still not get passed step 6. I used this guide for install: sn:001A07 367489 Can you please reset my flash limit? Edit: I have not connect the yellow wire from the harnes as it says: IGNITION OUTPUT FOR CONVENIENT DEVICE. Is that supposed to be connected to a 12v ignition fuse on the car?


2014 AUDI RS5. EVO ALL Remote start works oem fob 3X lock, but will not remote stop the vehicle with OEM FOB

Hi. I've just installed an EVO all with T-harness in standalone mode into my 2014 Audi RS5. Car has PTS and keyport. Everything went without a hitch, with decryptor programming, 3x lock oem keyfob, and works as intended, however I cannot remote shut down the vehicle with 3x lock oem FOB. FOB works to lock and unlock doors while remote started. I've checked flashlink to see if I missed selecting an option but there is nothing that mentions "remote stop" or related. Have I missed something, or is this par for the course for B8.5 Audi vehicles? Thanks. EDIT: I managed to remote shut down. I had to press the lock button on the OEM FOB about five-six times in rapid succession, but it works.


Audi G M (10730Pts.)


Trigger for remote start

Does the trigger for remote start on the evo-one also come from the yellow-black wire? 38.3


Audi G M (10730Pts.)


Audi A6 standalone remote start

GUIDE # 79791 How does this manual provide remote start?.. With an OEM remote control or an aftermarket one? (Not specified 38.2) I want a standalone (as a last resort, an impulse trigger or an aftermarket remote start).


Car alarm going off every few hour, what is the problem?

I was wondering what is the cause for the car to go off. My car is parking at a parking spot in front of my house. The alarm on the car go off every few hours. Not sure why. It never did that before until yesterday. I install EVO-ALL 2 month ago. The issue just started yesterday. What is the cause of it and how can i fix it? Do i have to re-program the device?


Audi Vincc (230Pts.)


Problems with Evo-All in my 2014 Audi S4


I have installed the Evo-All in my 2014 S4 and have some problems with it. 

Basically, remote starting works, but I have to Press the Lock button 5x to start the Car. It doesn't matter If I press the Button fast, wait 1 sec or wait 2 sec between the Button pushes. Needs 5x presses.
Tried already different Firmware.
Any solution for this Problem?

- Another Problem is when I start the Car remotely, the rearview camera isn't working. I need to stop the engine and start it again to get a Picture.
Where is There the Problem? Any Solution?

- Next Problem when I remotely start the Car and unlock the door with the key, I can enter and drive away without the Key?? (leaving the key away from the car) I was thinking this isn't possible?

- When I remotely start the Car, is it possible to unlock the Car with the door Handel? The Car has Keyless Entry/Go.

- Finally, can you reset my Flash Limit on my Evo-All?

S/N: 001A06905491

Thanks for helping me! 


2008 audi A4 standard key 6 speed what kit is needed all in one if possible

can i know what is needed to install a kit to this audi


when using the evostart2, green light flashes and than amber light flashes and car doesn't start.

yellow ignition wire is connected to purple/yellow wire of the evo all. the remote works with 3 buttons. evostart programming has been completed multiple times


2012 Audi A6 key not detected

2012 Audi A6 After I programmed and everything remote start not working because i'm getting massage that key not detected, please help. 002B04264531


2012 audi a7 evo programing successing but car wont romove start

instation and programing done succesing but when try start car pushing button 3 times whit oem key the blue led flashing when pushe lock button and noting happend


Dcryptor's limit needs to reset

Please reset dcryptor's limit on sn# 001A07 041563. I have reached my limit trying to solve the problems I am having. Tried everything and reprogramming is one of them and now my limit is up. Thank you.


Audi Vincc (230Pts.)


Can't complete Step 5 - Blue LED don't Flash. Audi S4 2014

Anyone can help me? I'm Stuck on Step 5 while programming my EVO-ALL with the T-Harness EVO-AUDT1 on My Audi S4 B8 (2014). The BLUE LED doesn't begin flashing. CAN Connections are Good. I Measure round about 3V on the Whit 5 Pin connector between Grey and Grey-Black. Grey-Black goes to Orange-Brown (CAN-Low) and Grey goes to Orange-Green (CAN-High) like in the Guide described. I have connected these Cables at the CAN Connector near the Relays at the left bottom under the Driver footwell. S/N: 001A06905491 Thanks!