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2003 Infiniti G35 with Evo One, NIS2 T Harness, and viper 4706

Bought the Evo One and the Nis2 T harness alongside with the Viper 4706, I wanted to add a remote start system to my car, Do I also need the Viper system? Or can i just use the DEI XL202 with the viper remote and antenna?


EVO-ONE and NIST2 T-Harness 2010 Nissan Rogue reg key

Hi, I installed a EVO-ONE with NIS2 T-Harness on a 2010 Nissan Rogue (regular key) along with a REVO ONe RF kit. I was able to program the unit, but upon testing, the fuse in the T-Harness (Red) kept blowing. I narrowed it down to the tap I did to the parking light wire (Cut white wire on power connector in T-Harness and tapped to pink wire with silver dots (wire 71 in wirecolor photos) by driver kickplate). Once I disconnected the tap from the pink/silver dot wire, the autostart worked but parking lights would not go on. The guide states that this is the positve parking light wire and no relay needed. Am I using the wrong wire? Also, the guide stated to connect purple wire in T-Harness (Arm) to red wire in drivers kick panel, and purple/white wire (disarm) to blue wire in drivers kick panel. However the photos of the wires in wirecolor (wires number 104 red w 2 silver dots and 106 blue w 2 silver dots) referenced are the ones I used. I tapped the wires shown in the photos, but when I autostart, it triggers the vehicle alarm. Are these the wrong wires or does this sound like a programming issue?


Programming Firstech/Compustar RF

Can't get my Evo One to program when pushing the valet button with the ignition on. LED does not flash. Can't get into the program mode. I enabled Firstech in flashlink on the remote start settings of the Evo One. I followed the instructions to swap the 4 antenna wires and install the antenna. I can't even get the unit to enter programming mode with the RF kit disconnected. What am I doing wrong? Could my evo one have an internal problem. My vehicle is a 2008 Nissan Frontier and I'm using a NIS2 t harness. I even checked the settings and firmware and also completely reset everything.


Programing help needed 2014 Nissan Frontier

I need help programing my evo-one with T-harness and revo4 rf kit. The truck started once but the the locks cycled like crazy so i attempted to change some settings and now nothing works. since it started once i think my wiring is good can you please tell me what options i need on the bypass and remote start side to get this working? Thank You


2015 Nissan Frontier EVO-ONE/THAR-NIS2 and Parking Lights

The installation guides for the Frontier do not mention hooking up parking lights. Is this controlled by CAN-Bus or is a connection required somewhere?


OEM Remote problems using EVO ONE with T-Harness on 2015 Nissan Frontier SV Automatic with Factory Alarm

I purchased an EVO ONE with a T-Harness for my 2015 Nissan Frontier SV with Automatic Transmission, Factory Alarm and Power Door Locks. I had contacted Fortin by email prior to my purchase to ask what I needed to purchase in order to add Remote Start to my Vehicle in order to still be able to utilize my Factory Alarm with my Factory Keyfob. I had been told to Purchase the EVO ONE with the T-Harness Nissan 2. When I made the purchase, the place I purchased it from said that they programmed it for my application. I installed the EVO ONE yesterday (March 29th) using the T-Harness and making the necessary connections. I was using guide 17743, which had been recommeded to me by Fortin. Upon completing the wiring, I was able to get the Key Bypass programmed with no issues. However, when I tried to start it with the Factory Keyfob, it did not start. So, I sent an email to the place that I purchased it from and explained the situation. In their reply, they are stating that the EVO ONE Unit was programmed correctly, but that my vehicle does not support for OEM Remote 3-times-lock option. They stated that I needed to purchase another remote, of which there are several options, or that I could send everything back for a refund. Is this in fact correct? If my vehicle is in fact supported for OEM Remote 3-times-lock, can you please indicate all fields that should have been progammed, so that I can send it back to them to reprogram. I feel like that they are incorrect, as my original question to Fortin stated that I wanted to use my Factory Keyfobs and retain use of the factory alarm. Thank you!!


EVO-One + Thar-Nis2 standalone, parking light and tumbler connections

I used guide #17763 Rev. 20150121 on a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder with Intelli-Key. I did not make any connections for the parking lights as it is not shown in the guide. The parking lights are not coming on when I remote start with 3x lock. The install guide for the unit without the harness (#17233) shows connections and a relay for the parking lights. Do I have to install the relay and make the connections or are the lights controlled through CAN and just aren't working? Also, in tesiting I have noticed that if someone is in the vehicle when it is remote started they can turn the tumbler to ON and drive away without unlocking any doors or having the Intelli-Key in or near the vehicle. I made the following connections to the tumbler: white/red to red/blue - 12v white/blue with diode to red/blue - key sense another wire with a didoe spliced to white/blue before it's diode and going to red/white - tumbler sense I am not having any problems with it locking up but was wondering if it is normal that the tumbler can be turned without the key being in the vehicle. Could it be a backward or faulty diode or have I made a mistake in the wiring? One more note: the darkblue wire from the EVO that is to be connected to the doorpin wire for the autolight shutdown was causing the engine to shut down when the door was opened. I noticed that after a remote start the door open indicator was on then I cut the dark blue wire and that solved the problem. Function 32-2 was enabled as per the install guide. Not sure if this could be a wiring issue or an issue with the install guide or firmware. Thanks for your help.


evo-one et thar-one-nis2

Dans le guide d'installation 17743 le fil blanc est marqu

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