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Can you help program my 2014 Ford Fusion with fort3 t-harness?

2014 Ford Fusion with evo-all and fort3 t-harness wont program as standalone. I turn the key to the on/run position and the light just stays solid blue and never flashes.


Ford Ecosport 1.0L Titanium 2021 MY 2018 - Fortin EVO-FORT3

Hello, My vehicle is Ford Ecosport 1.0L Titanium 2021 MY 2018 - Push-to-Start I tried to program the Evo All with my car but the remote starter function did not work. Lock-Lock-Lock then the card horns twice and I saw the RED light then the YELLOW light turn on. Both lights stays but the car doesn't start. Any solution? Best regards,


Evo FORT3 standalone 1 key with rfkit Fortin 642 not remote starting explorer PIU

Hello, installed EvoFort3 standalone RS with 1 key to 2016 Ford Explorer PIU that is prewired with hood pin switch with no actual hood switched. I jumped the wires at the connector. Installed the harness per the guide with all options on with the Fortin f642 2way kit. Car will lock unlock etc but with the remote start, it does not crank. After the 2 attempts the Red LED flashes 3 times. With the wires jumped it does not show that the hood is open. Do i need to get that changed at the dealer? Assistance greatly appreciated. walter


2019 Ford F-250 Diesel

Is the EVO-FORT3 (EVO-ALL) standalone solution applicable to the 2019 Ford F-250 Diesel w/ keyless? Thanks, Chad


Do these devices void the vehicles factory warranty?

I am curious if installing the EVO-FORT3 in a new 2018 Ford Explorer would void any Ford factory warranties?

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