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06 Ram evo-all park light wire colors

Installing a evo-all on my 06 Ram diesel. The instructions indicate that the brown/white wire from the evo-all is for the parking light output but the instructions on wire color say that that wire is for the parking brake. Not sure which to go with. Also for the parking light output I assume that they just want a 1.1k resistor connected from the truck to the park light output on the evo-all? Thanks


Does diesel option D1.3 generate any tach data or is it only a start delay?

I have a customer with a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee turbo diesel. We want to use an EVOCHR5 along with a CoolStart LC7 2-way remote start. The LC7 does have a tachless mode which I'm pretty sure will work fine, but is there any way to get tach data from the EVO? It looks like the only EVO setting that has anything to do with the diesel is D1.3, but that is only enabled when using the EVO as a stand alone, so I suspect it's only a start delay. Thanks!


Do I have to splice into wires on 2007 PT Cruiser?

I purchased the EVO-CHR5 combo to put a remote start option on a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser. And I assumed that the combo was a plug and play like the one on my 2014 Chrysler Minivan. But in the instructions on pg F... that for a 2007 PT Cruiser i Have to splice into 4 wires on another module underneath the steering column. Is this true? and what is the module that Im splicing into. Thanks Pete jones


Do I need to connect everthing to the Prostart 6 button unit to have it work with my EVO-CHR5?

I connected the CT-3471 TW to the Evo as it shows on page 6 of the installation guide with a direct connection to the battery. I cut the red 12 volt battery wire on the data-link 4 pin and put in a direct line to the battery for 12 volts. Ignition wires were joined and a line out to the parking lights made. When connected, the prostart would click 4 times and do nothing else. still able to use the EVO remote start.


Jeep (Pts.)


is there any way to wire a proximity/motiom sensor into the evo unit to trigger the oem alarm

EVO-CHR-THAR5, works great. Not very technical but think there must be a wire in this mess I can trigger to set off alarm


Dodge (Pts.)


Are doors suppose to unlock then lock before starting?

After pressing the lock on oem 3x lights flash while door unlock then locks then starts,is this suppose to happen. And when pressing brake to shut off the doors lock again even if there open.

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