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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2008/11 Smart-Pass with Evo Key fw v1.07

Hello! I've connected the Evo-Key v1.07 as in your cheme, progammed it succesfully (the yellow indicator blinked). But the autostart works only 1 of 3 times. The other 2 times the starter runs, but the engine doesn't start. While starting, both of indicators (red & yellow) constantly glow. Maybe the new firmware will help? Or shorten the length of original wires? Could you send me the correct firmware? Please, help!


Does EVO-ALL need Flashed after programing?



Hi, I have an EVO-ALL service #001A06278574 I'm installing in a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi. with an Audiovov Prestige APS901C Remote Starter. The Blue light is blinking slow on the Fortin. The car will crank over with the remote start but will not start. The dash displays accessory not ignition on when it is trying to start. The Fortin has version 6 hardware and 4.18 firmware. does this meet the requirements that I need for this car or does it need flashed after I program it? The dealer flashed the Fortin for the car when I purchased it but when I downloaded the installation instructions it says to Flash it after I program it. Any Help would be appreciated.





using Evo one standalone generic installation signal for doors closed

2003 suzuki aerio manual transmission, evo one genaric installation, when activating ready mode your suposed to get out and close the door to shutdown. how is this door sence wired in? im thinking the hood pin wire (a15-pink/black) is used as door input rather than hood pin?


Suzuki Grand Vitara 2010, Evo all doesn’t program

hi, I just installed an evo all with a remote start crimestopper rs4-g5 on a regular key 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara, the problem is that when I am doing the programming, it never goes beyond the fixed yellow light, (step 5) when I put the key in on position, the bypass never changes from the yellow light, I never get to program it. (bypass Evo all 2020) I tried programming with both keys (2 keys) and with neither function. Sn: 001A07 129726


do you have a t-harness for a suzuki sx4 2008

do you have a T-harness for a Suzuki sx4 2008 wiyh smartkey EVO-Key


2011 Grand Vitara smartpass will not start consistently

Evo one with a RF642W 2way RF kit. I flashed unit and installed as per instructions. Worked perfectly first time. Then the third time it would turn over the engine but would not start unless you had the smart key near the car. I installed the unit again as per instructions. Again it started the first , second and third time. But now it randomly does not start(it turns the engine over but won't start) unless you have the smartkey close to the car. Also when it does not start the remote is flashing green as if it has started.


2016 suzuki swift alarm installation diagrams

hello i want to ask if i can get the installation guide for a 2016 suzuki swift with a immobilizer (alarm/ remote start)


Problem programming oem fob key to Evo one

I've just installed the Evo one to my 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara smart pass and now trying to program my oem remote to the fortin but it doesn't detect my remote to confirm. My fob only have lock and unlock button. What can I do to program my keys?


Sequence of operation

Hello support group, I am intending to buy your product EVO ONE for my 2010 Suzuki Kizashi SE and I have some questions I would like to clarify prior purchase: - Which model remote starter you are requiring for my car? Is EVO ONE is the most contpatable? - Can I use original fob or the system required factory remote control? - Do you provide a guide of installation including car's panels disassembling? - Does the kit include comparable harnessing cable or need to be purchased separately? - Does the kit include all nesessary components to complete installation or additional parts need to be purchased separately. If so, what are name and model numbers? - What is sequence of operation / procedure of turning engine on to put the car in normal running operation? Thank you very much for your help. Emil Tsonev


suzuki swift sport 2014 manual push start from japan. Euro version remote start is compatible?

I own a suzuki swift 2014 from japan (push to start and immobilizer) and i want to install a remote start. Do you have any compatible one? You have for the euro version but i dont know if its the same.


2012 Suziki Kizashi(PTS) Remote engine start key can not use

Today I testd the Vehicle of Kizashi 2012(PTS). Using the Guide from the Fortin Homepage,I can Remotely start the Engine. But because your guide simulate the key is the status of power off. After the engine is started remotely,the function of Door unlock and lock of the key is not used. If the customer want to get into the car,,you must be remotely turn off the engine. So your method about Kizashi can not be used. About Suziki Kizashi,do you have the other method that similar Chinese Nissan Teana. (EVO is used only bypass,STARTER will control to start the engine.)