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How to get to dcryptor page?

I programmed Evo all in my 2019 ram1500 classic. I hooked it up to laptop for dcrytor process led turns white, green and lastly red. The dcrytor page doesn't appear. I've tried multiple times. Even uninstalled-installed file to redo it and still the same.


Why am I having trouble with GWR wire?

I am running an Evo-All with T-harness for 2012 Ram 1500 connected to Easyguard EC002 and am having an issue with the GWR wire not able to consistently activate the Evo-All without disconnecting the GWR wire each time I want to start the vehicle. Why is the Evo-All not responding to the input without disconnecting and reconnecting?


Evo-Can remote start

I have a Evo-Can module that has never been used is it possible to use this as a standalone remote start on a 2009 Dodge Ram Sport gas engine? I have searched endlessly for information which little to no information I also have the THAR-CHR4 harness that is supposed to work with the module . When I search for wiring diagrams they all show the Evo-All or Evo-One module any assistance would be greatly appreciated if the Evo-Can module can be used,is it possible to still flash the module with required data?


Does Fortin EVO-ALL work with Easyguard PKE systems

I see that the EVO-ALL works with many aftermarket alarm and PKE systems but does it work with the Easyguard systems?


Will the Evo-All work with easyguard EC002 in a 2012 Ram 1500?

I have been using the EVO-ALL for remote start, on my 2012 Ram 1500, but wanted to add the Easyguard EC002-F02-NS, are these compatible and if so can I get the required wiring to connect the two?


Ram G M (13640Pts.)


dodge ram

Hello. I want to install fortin on a 2023 Dodge Ram. Can I use the instructions from Ram?


Lte upgrade

I already have the Evo all in my 2016 ram. Wondering if it's just another module to add for lte or if it's a whole new setup. Thank you


Is evo-one compatible with gasoline 2023 Ram 2500?

Install instructions only list diesel pushbutton start.


2012 Ram 2500 Diesel Manual Transmission Remote Start

I have a 2012 Ram 2500 Diesel that I want to intall a remote start in using 3X lock function. Im going to use an evo one but I saw on the forum there is an additional clutch wire that needs to be installed? also it has to be programmed to manual mode and a sequence has to be followed in order to put it in ready mode. Is there any documenation covering the additional clutch bypass wiring because it is not mentioned in the installation manual of the truck. Will putting it in ready mode need me to press the lock button 3x instead of just one because I wont have an rf kit installed? Any other relevant information that is different from a automatic transmission install would be helpful as well. Thank you


2014 ram chart 7 problems

When programming when I get to step 7 when I turn the key the blue light goes out. When I turn the key off blue comes back on solid. I've verified the yellow ignition wire has power and the network is working.


evo-all reset flash limit

service number - 001A06537303 can i have this reset? the date on it is 09/15 need to be on 74.39


Is EVOALL compatible with Viper 5105v D2D or should I go W2W

2012 Ram 1500 Standard Key. I have the Viper 5105v and EVOALL and tried connecting them D2D. Nothing is working. Are there any other wires that need connecting? Is this setup D2D compatible?


2014 ram 3500 will not remote start. Manual transmission

I followed the instructions for the thar-chr7 what else am I missing? flash link does not have an option for manual transmission I did not cut the yellow wire


Key programming

2015 doge ram 1500 key. Module will not go to ste 7 of programming key. ie the blue light will not turn on. key programming