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Reset a couple units I never got working

Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to fully reset a couple evo-one units I bought but never finished installs for cars I no longer have. Would like to install in my current vehicle if possible. Unit#1 07/2017 service no. 002B07 183915 Unit#2 04/2017 service no. 002B07 172354 Thank you


Flash limit reached

I have 5 units that I are giving me flash limit reached. I believe 2 of them are supposed to be brand new. 001A06488551 (BRANDNEW IN BOX) 001A06488554 (BRAND NEW IN BOX) 001A06488530 001A02017415(OLD oLD OLD) 001A02017414 (OLD BUT NEW I BELIEVE)


Flash limited reset

Hello sorry for annoying you I have 3 device i want to rest the flash limits 001A07 471062 001A07 356060 001A07 391471 Thank you very much


Thank you

As many run to this forum when issues are present, just as I do, I want to take the time and thank everyone that has taken the time to answer my questions, along with others questions. I absolutely love Fortin products and will use nothing else anymore. Yes, there are solid reputable brands out there, but I have found FORTIN products the easiest and the best backed for DIYers as myself. THANK YOU ALL


Can the FlashLink 2 be updated to the most recent 4?

I have the FlashLink 2. Can it be updated to the 4 or do I have to purchase the 4?


2007 scion TC remote start wire to wire not working


EVONONE wire to wire. 

2007 scion TC key ignition. 

Guide 58481

Remote start box option 

2.4 doesn’t match the 

Wiring diagram in the guide 

 Car programmed successfully but is not remote starting or lock or unlock. 

RFkit 441 was added ok 


Love the new catalog can you get printed version.Nice to show customers different options and remotes

Love the new catalog can you printed version ?Be nice to show customers all the different rf remote packages they can get.


Other RF123 (130Pts.)


Omega OL-RF RF Kit not working with EVO-ALL



I was just wondering if you can help me troubleshoot connecting my Omegalink OL-RF-42-SST to my EVO-ALL. I am using this guide here to help me program it: https://fortin.ca/download/107781/omega-ol-rf-42-sst-install-guide-107781.pdf

I made sure that the Omegalink kit says "Compatible with EVO-ALL" in the big white sticker as previous versions were only compatbile with the EVO-ONE.


I used FLASHLINK to enable H (Supported RF Kits) and H3 (Crimestopper, Omega OL-RF). 


I connected the Omegalink antenna to the blue female connector of my THAR-AUD1 T-Harness. 


Used the programming guide, got the EVO-ALL to the stage where red/blue programming light is on, turned on ACC and got all red/blue/yellow lights on and the unit into programming mode. 

But when I press lock on the OMEGA RF remotes, nothing happens - no lights flash on the EVO-ALL unit. 

I've tried a few times but it's still not going.

I noticed that there is no blue light on the omegalink antenna - it only flashes 6 blue pulses when first plugged into the blue female harness but after that the lights remain off even in programming mode.  


I have also tried toggling on/off B2 Extended unit’s inputs/outputs for RF kit (Datalink Remote starter) in the options list with no success. 

Do you have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Is it possible to get a DCRYPTOR reset on my EVO-ALL as I have also tried resetting the device with no luck and now it says: Dcryptor limit for my EVO-ALL has been reached, the serial is: 001A07470256




EVO-ALL says Ive reached it's flash limit.Service #001A06405904


RFK 942 antenna not recognized by Flashlink 4 and Intermittent key fob operation

I've just installed a Evo All and RFK 942 on my 2015 GMC Sierra. No issues at all during install or programming and the system is working (sort of). The problem I'm having is this: intermittently the unit does not seem to receive commands from the remotes and/or no confirmation is sent back to the remotes. About 1/2 the time when pressing a button on the remote, I get the multiple blue LED flashes followed by the red LED and the beep indicating out of range. Or the vehicle responds but the key fob does not confirm it (no beeps or LED flashes on the key fob). It happens with both key fobs and distance from the vehicle does not matter. I can be 6 feet from the truck or 200 feet - same result (I haven't tried from any further away yet). I was thinking maybe there's an issue with the antenna and then I realized that the antenna firmware can be updated. I connected the antenna to the Flashlink 4 and it does not detect it. Does this confirm that the antenna is bad? Or am I doing something wrong? Just for context, I'm a professional Automotive Technician at a GM dealership and have some experience installing remote start systems. This is the first Fortin system that I've worked with. Edit: I tried again and managed to connect the Flashlink to the antenna. The antenna firmware is already up to date.


2023 Hyundai Tucson Horn Wiring color

Hi i am inestalling Evo one in tucson 2023  with rf kit .just i want to know the location and what horn wire color to use for horn feadback when i press lock in RF remote.


Rfk942 confirm start

I know the rfk942 will "confirm" a remote start. But it does so before the vehicle actually starts. Is there a way to change it so that the green light doesn't come on until the vehicle is actually running?


PLEASE RESET MY FLASH LIMIT Service # 001A06 573942

Hi can you please reset my evo all service # 001A06 573942. thanks


Which fortin remotes will work together?

Which fortin remotes will work together? i.e. rf642 and rf442 or do they only work with the series number? I.e. rf642 and Rf641 will work together and rf442 and rf441 will work together? Is there a guide to which ones work together? thanks jay